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  6. An Occasional Verse is Poetry for the Everyday Poet. A website devoted to enabling poets easy access to publishing their occasional verse, poetry collections, poems, lyrics, odes, songs and sonnets.  We give poets the ability to instantly publish their poems.  This feed is generated from our home page's Daily Poem section.  Every day a new poem is posted.
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  14.    <title>In Between</title>
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  18.    <pubDate>Tue, 28 Mar 2017 00:00:00 CDT</pubDate>
  19. <category>Poetry</category>
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  22.    <description>Written By: David Devaney&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;January 01, 2003&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Am I somewhere in between,&lt;br&gt;Or must I here remain?&lt;br&gt;Has the sun now set for me,&lt;br&gt;Or will I new hope gain?&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Have I reached the mountaintop,&lt;br&gt;Of life as it is known?&lt;br&gt;Are horizons only dreams,&lt;br&gt;Or will new seeds be sewn?&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Will I to the canyon fall,&lt;br&gt;Nevermore to climb?&lt;br&gt;Is this day my destiny,&lt;br&gt;Or will there be more time?&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Did I talents recognize,&lt;br&gt;Or all of them ignore?&lt;br&gt;Can I reach beyond myself,&lt;br&gt;Not knowing what's in store?&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Will I face my consequence,&lt;br&gt;And in my thoughts confide?&lt;br&gt;Do I know the answer yet,&lt;br&gt;Or will I from it hide?&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Will I wash the tears away,&lt;br&gt;That stain and taint my eart?&lt;br&gt;Is their hope that I can see,&lt;br&gt;When better days will start?&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;These are questions for me now,&lt;br&gt;The answer is but one.&lt;br&gt;If only I can be myself,&lt;br&gt;Will life have here begun.&lt;br&gt;</description>
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  27.    <title>A Bloody Mary Morning</title>
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  31.    <pubDate>Tue, 28 Mar 2017 00:00:00 CDT</pubDate>
  32. <category>Poetry</category>
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  35.    <description>Written By: David Devaney&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;January 01, 2003&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Salt and celery fill each glass&lt;br&gt;with juice and vodka clear.&lt;br&gt;The bloody Mary afterglow&lt;br&gt;helps headaches disappear.&lt;br&gt;Of every age they come in droves&lt;br&gt;to seaside ocean grills.&lt;br&gt;Where shrimp and catfish menu fare&lt;br&gt;help satiate their wills.&lt;br&gt;To piers extending o'er the sea&lt;br&gt;so many folks do come.&lt;br&gt;To end the aches from yester-eve&lt;br&gt;that beat now like a drum.&lt;br&gt;So if my friend you elbows bend&lt;br&gt;with dance and song and cheer.&lt;br&gt;Know the feelings of this joy&lt;br&gt;in mornings reappear.</description>
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  40.    <title>A Future Time</title>
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  44.    <pubDate>Tue, 28 Mar 2017 00:00:00 CDT</pubDate>
  45. <category>Poetry</category>
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  48.    <description>Written By: David Devaney&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;May 09, 2002&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Though there is a future time, it seems to matter not,&lt;br&gt; as the ever-changing present brings forth&lt;br&gt; the morning tide of my serenity.&lt;br&gt;For buried deep within the salinity of my joy, &lt;br&gt;is the experience of an uncontrolled history.&lt;br&gt;Present moments lost within the abyss that is my yesterday.&lt;br&gt;Learned references giving guidance and not control.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;I am continually aware of the always present beauty of my time,&lt;br&gt;Its energy and its warming fragrance.&lt;br&gt;The love of life that transcends in its magnitude all else, &lt;br&gt;As I share with it the essence of all life.  I am alive,&lt;br&gt; not in the tomorrow of my imagination,&lt;br&gt;but in the momentary joy of each silent beat of my heart.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;There, just beyond the jetty, the tide flows endlessly &lt;br&gt;and timeless across the universe of my understanding. &lt;br&gt;There is an integrity, a truth, a beauty, &lt;br&gt;and a certain recognition, absent of all fear and turmoil. &lt;br&gt;Forevermore present is this joy,  &lt;br&gt;for I am a certainty in my own reality,&lt;br&gt;cognizant and aware.</description>
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  53.    <title>Tag You're It</title>
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  57.    <pubDate>Tue, 28 Mar 2017 00:00:00 CDT</pubDate>
  58. <category>Poetry</category>
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  61.    <description>Written By: David Devaney&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;November 03, 2003&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Barehanded I did try to catch&lt;br&gt;a monarch butterfly.&lt;br&gt;I ran along the ocean's rim&lt;br&gt;beneath a cloudless sky.&lt;br&gt;The sun did sparkle through its wings &lt;br&gt;and golden was its hue.&lt;br&gt;Its beauty caught me by surprise&lt;br&gt;against the ocean blue.&lt;br&gt;Then quick I stopped to here reflect&lt;br&gt;midst flowers on the shore.&lt;br&gt;Why chase and capture spirit's free&lt;br&gt;living life so pure.&lt;br&gt;I watched as it did playful climb&lt;br&gt;along the dunes of grass.&lt;br&gt;"Tag You're It" it seemed to say&lt;br&gt;to blossoms lad and lass.&lt;br&gt;I wondered why I ever thought &lt;br&gt;its freedom I would take.&lt;br&gt;The beauty of this insect friend&lt;br&gt;that rainbow sky's does make.&lt;br&gt;For it was meant to live its life&lt;br&gt;for all the world to see.&lt;br&gt;Flying softly on the wind,&lt;br&gt;so lovely and so free.</description>
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  66.    <title>White Rhinoceros</title>
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  70.    <pubDate>Tue, 28 Mar 2017 00:00:00 CDT</pubDate>
  71. <category>Poetry</category>
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  74.    <description>Written By: David Devaney&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;November 22, 2003&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Here's to the white rhinoceros,&lt;br&gt;so strong and beautiful.&lt;br&gt;Why in the mud do you now play,&lt;br&gt;it must feel wonderful.&lt;br&gt;You lie behind the daisy bed,&lt;br&gt;one hundred bees in sight&lt;br&gt;Your tail does swing into the wind,&lt;br&gt;your size does cause a fright.&lt;br&gt;For in this park of creatures rare,&lt;br&gt;you are a special treat.&lt;br&gt;As dreams and fantasies come true,&lt;br&gt;when finally we meet.</description>
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  79.    <title>Cat - A Woman of Intrigue</title>
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  83.    <pubDate>Tue, 28 Mar 2017 00:00:00 CDT</pubDate>
  84. <category>Poetry</category>
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  87.    <description>Written By: David Devaney&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;January 01, 2001&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;I have, to infrequently experienced,&lt;br&gt;the beauty of a woman&lt;br&gt;full with the understanding, &lt;br&gt;of her own perfection.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Preconceived, not through an uncertain imagination.&lt;br&gt;She touches the stars in her dreams,&lt;br&gt;revealing there the truth&lt;br&gt; of tomorrows experience.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Cognizant of the strength of her understanding,&lt;br&gt;She is truly a beauty of this universe.&lt;br&gt;For she shares, through her inspiration,&lt;br&gt;the wonderment of this truth. &lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;She steps beyond the present moment&lt;br&gt;with a controlled infatuation &lt;br&gt;for all that is real, dynamic,&lt;br&gt;happy, joyful and exciting.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;She is life's destiny,&lt;br&gt;Sweet, fragrant, alluring and always certain &lt;br&gt;of herself and the challenges of each moment.&lt;br&gt;For she is always filled with the laughter,&lt;br&gt;of her own inner peace.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;--Written in New Orleans--</description>
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  92.    <title>Before The Dawn</title>
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  96.    <pubDate>Tue, 28 Mar 2017 00:00:00 CDT</pubDate>
  97. <category>Poetry</category>
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  100.    <description>Written By: David Devaney&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;April 04, 2004&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;There is a silence blessing&lt;br&gt;that comes before the dawn.&lt;br&gt;The bats, they scurry to their caves,&lt;br&gt;the night will soon be gone.&lt;br&gt;The crickets all more silent grow,&lt;br&gt;the sun will soon arise.&lt;br&gt;The moon does catch its final glimpse&lt;br&gt;across the cloudless skies.&lt;br&gt;The night does whisper morning songs&lt;br&gt;awakening the trees.&lt;br&gt;The blossoms shed their night time dew&lt;br&gt;to hummingbirds and bees.&lt;br&gt;The sun from east and south and north&lt;br&gt;does through the mountains peer.&lt;br&gt;The prophet of serenity,&lt;br&gt;we need no other seer.&lt;br&gt;The birds on wind do silent soar&lt;br&gt;all seeking breakfast fare.&lt;br&gt;As night worms slide into the earth&lt;br&gt;no noise comes from their lair.&lt;br&gt;Ten thousand ants then raise the roof&lt;br&gt;another day begun.&lt;br&gt;No single sound is ever heard&lt;br&gt;before their day is done.&lt;br&gt;Then, come at last the trumpet winds,&lt;br&gt;to herald in the day.&lt;br&gt;When daylight creatures do appear&lt;br&gt;it's beauty on display.</description>
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  105.    <title>That Only You Can Bring</title>
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  109.    <pubDate>Tue, 28 Mar 2017 00:00:00 CDT</pubDate>
  110. <category>Poetry</category>
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  113.    <description>Written By: David Devaney&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;April 08, 2004&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;The beauty of a special soul&lt;br&gt;is found behind their eyes.&lt;br&gt;The glimmer, with a sense of hope,&lt;br&gt;is never a disguise.&lt;br&gt;Extending downward to their lips,&lt;br&gt;it turns into a smile.&lt;br&gt;The love that's seen on every face&lt;br&gt;can truly hearts beguile.&lt;br&gt;It's found within their actions too,&lt;br&gt;they always seem to care.&lt;br&gt;Ending woe and misery,&lt;br&gt;with love there's no despair.&lt;br&gt;They too possess a special gift&lt;br&gt;to every day exchange.&lt;br&gt;Renewing hopes for those distressed,&lt;br&gt;they problems rearrange.&lt;br&gt;Not worried what the world might think&lt;br&gt;their focus is the heart.&lt;br&gt;To be, as they, a special gift&lt;br&gt;with many hopes to chart.&lt;br&gt;So if someday you see their smile&lt;br&gt;or feel the warmth they bring.&lt;br&gt;Know that giving is a choice,&lt;br&gt;that only you can bring.</description>
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