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  6. <title>AFREPREN/FWD News</title>
  7. <subtitle>Latest Energy News</subtitle>
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  16.     <title>Nigeria: Nigeria to Generate Power to Increase Productivity</title>    
  17.      <content>Concerned about the low productivity at all levels of the economy, President Umar Musa Yar’ Adua has promised to improve on power generation to industries to enhance productivity, </content>
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  25.     <title>Kenya: Wind Power Firm Seeks Tenders </title>    
  26.      <content>A firm putting up a wind farm in North Western Kenya said it was seeking construction tenders for a 428 Km power line and four substations to connect the renewable power to the national grid.</content>
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  34.     <title>Nigeria: Power Generation Now 5000 MW, Says FG</title>    
  35.      <content>Nigeria has moved closer to its December target of 6,000 MW as the current power generation has hit 5,000 MW.</content>
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  43.      <title>Tunisia: Domestic Production of Energy </title>    
  44.      <content>Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas (STEG) has announced the launch of a project called "Solar Roofs", which allows individuals to produce and sell their own electricity from solar photovoltaic panels.</content>
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  52.      <title>South Africa: Another 125-Turbine Wind Farm in the Pipeline for SA</title>
  53.      <content>An environmental impact assessment (EIA) is currently being conducted for a new wind farm in South Africa that could see the installation of 125 wind turbines in the Western Cape region. </content>
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  61.      <title>Uganda: Tower Resources to Drill More Oil Wells in Uganda</title>
  62.      <content>Tower Resources, one of the firms exploring oil in the Albertine valley, is to drill more oil wells next month.</content>
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  70.      <title>South Africa: SA Achieved Power Savings of 800 MW in 2008/9</title>
  71.      <content>South Africa, which is battling chronic power shortages and low spare capacity, saved about 800 MW in the 2008/09 financial year.</content>
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  80.      <title>Kenya: KenGen to Focus on Geothermal to Boost Power</title>
  81.      <content>Kenya's leading Power Producer is seeking a total of USD5 Billion over the next 10 years to develop the largely untapped geothermal potential in east Africa's biggest economy to boost power supply.</content>
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  89.      <title>Ghana: Ghana Gets USD600m Power Plant</title>
  90.      <content>Ghana’s struggle to attain energy sufficiency has been given a big boost following the completion of the first phase of an estimated USD600 Million</content>
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  98.      <title>Uganda: Rural Power Gets USD13b</title>
  99.      <content>Power supply lines have been extended to Kagadi in Kibale district to supply electricity which will enable the processing of agricultural products.</content>
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  107.      <title>Rwanda: World Bank to Loan Rwanda $70 Million</title>
  108.      <content>The World Bank plans to loan $70 million to Rwanda to help expand the Central African Nation's electricity grid, the bank has said.</content>
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  116.      <title>South Africa: New Feed-In Tariffs to Inspire Renewables Projects</title>
  117.      <content>Energy regulator the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) has approved the Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff (Refit) guidelines.</content>
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  125.      <title>Nigeria: Legislator Aides USD 2M Electrification Project</title>
  126.      <content>A member of the House of Representatives, representing Bursari/Geidam/Yunusari Federal Constituency of Yobe state, Alhaji Lawan, </content>
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  134.      <title>Uganda: Bunyoro Hopes of Oil Wealth Rise as Colonial Treaty is found</title>
  135.      <content>The Bunyoro region’s hopes of getting a lion’s share of the oil wealth from recent discoveries in the region now hinge on a 54-year-old colonial era agreement that assigned the kingdom a substantial share of proceeds from any mineral wealth exploited on its territory. </content>
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  142.      <id>,_Allowing_Songas_to_Increase_Its_Tariffs</id>
  143.      <title>Tanzania: Ministers Join Intense Lobbying to Evict Ewura, Allowing Songas to Increase Its Tariffs</title>
  144.      <content>Internal lobbying by powerful figures is currently underway to allow Songas to increase its gas tariffs to finance drilling of more wells in Kilwa.</content>
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  146.      <author><name>[email protected] (Nicholas Owino)</name></author>
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  152.      <title>Algeria: New Discovery Confirms Algeria Major Potential</title>
  153.      <content>Repsol has made a new gas find in Algeria, in an area considered of strategic importance for the company. </content>
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  155.      <author><name>[email protected] (Nicholas Owino)</name></author>
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  161.      <title>Kenya: Communities to Sell Power to National Grid</title>
  162.      <content>Communities producing hydro-power will start selling excess electricity to the national grid. </content>
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  164.      <author><name>[email protected] (Nicholas Owino)</name></author>
  165.  <updated>2009-05-07T09:30:02Z</updated>
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  169.      <id>$126m_for_Nigerian_Oil_Project_</id>
  170.      <title>Nigeria: AFREN Raises $126m for Nigerian Oil Project</title>
  171.      <content>Oil and gas company AFREN Plc has raised 84.8 Million pounds ($126 Million), </content>
  172.      <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href="$126m_for_Nigerian_Oil_Project_"/>
  173.      <author><name>[email protected] (Nicholas Owino)</name></author>
  174.  <updated>2009-05-07T09:30:02Z</updated>
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  179.      <title>South Africa: South Africa Introduces Feed-In Tariff for Renewable Energies</title>
  180.      <content>The Energy Regulator of South Africa has approved the Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff guidelines for the country.</content>
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  182.      <author><name>[email protected] (Nicholas Owino)</name></author>
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