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  2. <rss version="2.0" xmlns:geo="">
  3. <channel>
  4. <title>Navel of Aage</title>
  5. <link></link>
  7. <description>Updates of the blog and changes to the web site (or just plain hommages to earlier accidents)</description>
  9. <lastBuildDate>Wed, 05 Nov 2008 14:44:10 GMT</lastBuildDate>
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  12. <language>en-gb</language>
  13. <managingEditor>[email protected] (Aage No)</managingEditor>
  14. <copyright>Copyright: See</copyright>
  15. <generator>Notepad</generator>
  17. <item>
  18. <title>4th of November 2008: Black Landslide to CHANGE CAN HAPPEN in the USA?</title>
  19. <category>Election Day</category>
  20. <description>An electional surprise from beyond. The great monster may have come a long way since the Battle of Seattle. But we haven&#8217;t seen much but visionary rhetorics yet, an American president is still an American, and The White House will be a pigpen for at least two more months...</description>
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  22. <link></link>
  23. </item>
  25. </channel>
  26. </rss>

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