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  22.      <title>Server replacement</title>
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  24.      <description>&lt;p class="img_left">&lt;a href="/news/img/new_server">
  25. &lt;img alt="New server picture" src="/news/img/new_server" width="250" title="New server" />
  26. &lt;/a>&lt;/p>
  27. &lt;p>Today, between 18:40 and 20:00 &lt;abbr title="Eastern European Summer Time">EEST&lt;/abbr>
  28. the server was not accessible, because I was finally able to move the system
  29. to the new machine (&lt;a href="">Dell
  30. PowerEdge R340&lt;/a>). The operation took so long, because I wanted to copy
  31. the bootable &lt;abbr title="Solid State Drive">SSD&lt;/abbr> disk to the new drive
  32. that came with the server, but I was not able to install it - a special
  33. bracket is required to fit 2.5'' &lt;abbr title="Solid State Drive">SSD&lt;/abbr>s
  34. into Dell's 14&lt;sup>th&lt;/sup> generation 3.5'' carriers.&lt;/p>
  35. &lt;p>After I moved all the drives I got myself into cabling, which took me some
  36. more time although my new rack is well organized. I first chose patch cables
  37. with the wrong length and then I had to reorganize some existing cables, so
  38. I could fit around the new ones.&lt;/p>
  39. &lt;p>The first boot was smooth as expected with the default kernel, but I forgot
  40. to comment out the persistent interface rules of udev for the network adapters
  41. of the previous machine, so the server was without network. After fixing it I
  42. decided to reboot once again to test that everything would get up properly.&lt;/p>
  43. &lt;p>I had to tune several other things after the server was up, but nothing
  44. that would disrupt its normal work. The server is now ready to serve its
  45. purpose.&lt;/p>
  46. &lt;p>Cheers!&lt;/p></description>
  47.      <author>[email protected] (Georgi Sotirov)</author>
  48.      <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  49.      <pubDate>Wed, 17 Jun 2020 20:50:44 GMT</pubDate>
  50.    </item>
  51.    <item>
  52.      <title>Downtime for equipment movement</title>
  53.      <link></link>
  54.      <description>&lt;p class="img_left">&lt;a href="/news/img/new_rack">
  55. &lt;img alt="New rack picture" src="/news/img/new_rack" width="250" title="New rack" />
  56. &lt;/a>&lt;/p>
  57. &lt;p>Today between 10:40 &lt;abbr title="Eastern European Summer Time">EEST&lt;/abbr>
  58. and 11:40 &lt;abbr title="Eastern European Summer Time">EEST&lt;/abbr> the server
  59. was unavailable as I was moving my equipment to a new server rack. I could
  60. have done this faster and in future I plan less downtime, but the important
  61. thing is that now all my equipment except the server itself is into the rack.
  62. I'm now waiting for the new server to arrive in about 10 days, so I could
  63. move the current tower server into the rack.&lt;/p>
  64. &lt;p>Earlier this year I noticed that the server is shutting down even though
  65. the &lt;abbr title="Uninterruptible Power Supply">UPS&lt;/abbr> still has power to
  66. support it. So, three weeks ago I changed the batteries, but as everything is
  67. connected to it, currently the expected runtime is about 40 minutes at best.
  68. However, I had some troubles with the power recently and in one of the cases
  69. there was no line power for about 2 hours (due to accident). I'm now
  70. considering increasing the runtime of my systems on batters or in other words
  71. buying a new and more powerful &lt;abbr title="Uninterruptible Power Supply">UPS&lt;/abbr>.
  72. I'll need more than one to sustain my two servers and network devices for at
  73. least 2 hours that is the power interruption I could expect from time to
  74. time.&lt;/p>
  75. &lt;p>Cheers until I have better news!&lt;/p></description>
  76.      <author>[email protected] (Georgi Sotirov)</author>
  77.      <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  78.      <pubDate>Sat, 30 May 2020 17:52:46 GMT</pubDate>
  79.    </item>
  80.    <item>
  81.      <title>Memory upgrade</title>
  82.      <link></link>
  83.      <description>&lt;p>An hour ago I upgraded the memory of the server to 16 &lt;abbr
  84. title="Giga Bytes">GB&lt;/abbr>. And the server was not accessible for
  85. half an hour between 19:30 and 20:00 &lt;abbr title="Eastern European Summer Time">EEST&lt;/abbr>,
  86. because I accidentally loose the &lt;abbr title="Serial AT Attachment">SATA&lt;/abbr>
  87. connector of one of the hard drives :-(&lt;/p>
  88. &lt;p>After I added a new 8 &lt;abbr title="Giga Bytes">GB&lt;/abbr> &lt;abbr
  89. title="Double Data Rate">DDR&lt;/abbr>3 module the server started normally.
  90. I thought everything is OK and left it, but then I tried to connect
  91. and wasn't able. So, I went back to check the server and on the
  92. console there were many &lt;abbr title="Fourth extended filesystem">EXT4&lt;/abbr>
  93. error messages. I had to stop the machine again, check the devices in
  94. &lt;abbr title="Basic Input/Output System">BIOS&lt;/abbr>. Since one of the
  95. hard drives was missing I immediately checked the connectors and solved
  96. the problem.&lt;/p>
  97. &lt;p>I should have done this upgrade long ago, but until recently I
  98. though the memory is enough for all the services running. Anyway,
  99. the server has enough memory now.&lt;/p></description>
  100.      <author>[email protected] (Georgi Sotirov)</author>
  101.      <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  102.      <pubDate>Thu, 16 Apr 2020 17:29:55 GMT</pubDate>
  103.    </item>
  104.    <item>
  105.      <title>Inaccessibility due to router replacement</title>
  106.      <link></link>
  107.      <description>&lt;p>Today between 12:30 &lt;a href="">
  108. &lt;abbr title="Eastern European Time">EET&lt;/abbr>&lt;/a> and 14:30 &lt;a
  109. href="">&lt;abbr
  110. title="Eastern European Time">EET&lt;/abbr>&lt;/a> the server was not accessible
  111. due to router replacement and change of &lt;abbr title="Internet Protocol">IP&lt;/abbr>
  112. addresses. Although, the replacement was planned and prepared previously, some
  113. unforeseen circumstances occurred with the configuration of the device itself
  114. as well as with the server.&lt;/p>
  115. &lt;p>The expected change with the replacement is better network performance for
  116. the increasing outer and inner traffic.&lt;/p></description>
  117.      <author>[email protected] (Georgi Sotirov)</author>
  118.      <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  119.      <pubDate>Sun, 17 Dec 2017 20:10:15 GMT</pubDate>
  120.    </item>
  121.    <item>
  122.      <title>Downtime for disk replace</title>
  123.      <link></link>
  124.      <description>&lt;p>Last night while &lt;a hreflang="bg" href="">all
  125. students were celebrating&lt;/a>, I spent replacing a failing &lt;a
  126. href="">Samsung
  127. 830&lt;/a>&amp;nbsp;&lt;abbr title="Solid State Drive">SSD&lt;/abbr> on the server.
  128. The disk was so rotten that it's copy with &lt;code>dd&lt;/code> took about 5 hours,
  129. which is why the server was offline somewhere between 2017-12-08 22:00 &lt;a
  130. href="">&lt;abbr
  131. title="Eastern European Time">EET&lt;/abbr>&lt;/a> and 2017-12-09 05:00 &lt;a
  132. href="">&lt;abbr
  133. title="Eastern European Time">EET&lt;/abbr>&lt;/a>. The disk started failing in
  134. beginning of September, but recently the number of reallocated sectors become
  135. extremely high and I started detecting bad sectors on some system files. The
  136. read performance had also dropped and during the copy it fell to 5 &lt;abbr
  137. title="Mega Bytes per second">MB/s&lt;/abbr> (!), which explains the fore
  138. mentioned slow copy of just 64 &lt;abbr title="Giga Bytes">GB&lt;/abbr> between
  139. the old and new &lt;abbr title="Solid State Drive">SSD&lt;/abbr>. The disk
  140. failed only after about 24 000 power on hours (i.e. about 2 years and 9 months),
  141. which is rather strange, but maybe this is the normal life span of consumer
  142. &lt;abbr title="Solid State Drive">SSD&lt;/abbr>s?&lt;/p>
  143. &lt;p>Anyway, the drive is now replaced with a brand new &lt;a href="">ADATA SU800&lt;/a>
  144. 128 &lt;abbr title="Giga Bytes">GB&lt;/abbr>, which unfortunately is not yet in
  145. &lt;code>smartctl&lt;/code> database (see &lt;a href="">ticket 954&lt;/a>).
  146. The server is back online and fully operational.&lt;/p></description>
  147.      <author>[email protected] (Georgi Sotirov)</author>
  148.      <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  149.      <pubDate>Sat, 09 Dec 2017 04:01:15 GMT</pubDate>
  150.    </item>
  151.    <item>
  152.      <title>Upgrade to Slackware 14.2</title>
  153.      <link></link>
  154.      <description>&lt;p>Last Sunday (28/08) the server was upgraded to &lt;a href="">Slackware&lt;/a>
  155. 14.2, which itself passed flawlessly, but then there was a need for re-install
  156. of all the additionally used Perl modules and upgrade of some packages (e.g. &lt;a
  157. href=";amp;slack=142&amp;amp;latestonly=1">OpenLDAP&lt;/a>,
  158. &lt;a href=";amp;slack=142&amp;amp;latestonly=1">RRDTool&lt;/a> and
  159. &lt;a href=";amp;slack=142&amp;amp;latestonly=1">FreeRadius&lt;/a>),
  160. which I haven't upgraded/rebuilt yet.&lt;/p>
  161. &lt;p>Yesterday, evening the datbase server was also upgraded to MySQL 5.7.13, so
  162. it now remains only to upgrade the kernel to a &lt;abbr title="Long Term Support">LTS&lt;/abbr>
  163. version from 4.4 series.&lt;/p></description>
  164.      <author>[email protected] (Georgi Sotirov)</author>
  165.      <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  166.      <pubDate>Tue, 30 Aug 2016 09:34:17 GMT</pubDate>
  167.    </item>
  168.    <item>
  169.      <title>ISP Change</title>
  170.      <link></link>
  171.      <description>&lt;p>Last week the server was not accessible from 2015-07-14 21:20 &lt;a
  172. href="">&lt;abbr
  173. title="Eastern European Summer Time">EEST&lt;/abbr>&lt;/a> to 2015-07-16 16:35 &lt;a
  174. href="">&lt;abbr
  175. title="Eastern European Summer Time">EEST&lt;/abbr>&lt;/a>, because my &lt;abbr
  176. title="Internet Services Provider">ISP&lt;/abbr> &lt;a href="">MTel&lt;/a>
  177. (that bought &lt;a href="">Megalan&lt;/a> few years ago) was
  178. having problems with managing &lt;abbr title="Media Access Control">MAC&lt;/abbr>
  179. addresses and Layer 2 connectivity (i.e. as far as I understood it was due to
  180. some "provisioning"). No matter the case, I found it &lt;strong>totally
  181. unacceptable&lt;/strong> to be without Internet for almost 48 hours given there
  182. was no physical disruption of the connection. Mtel's support was not able to do
  183. anything to help me restore the connection (I was required to pass the so
  184. called "Captive Portal" even though it was clear that I'm not able to do so
  185. because of the issues on Mtel's side).&lt;/p>
  186. &lt;p>So I changed the &lt;abbr title="Internet Service Provider">ISP&lt;/abbr> last
  187. Friday (17.07) and I'm now with &lt;a href="">Vivacom&lt;/a>
  188. hopefully for the better. Of course the new &lt;abbr title="Internet Service Provider">ISP&lt;/abbr>
  189. come with the new static &lt;abbr title="Internet Protocol">IP&lt;/abbr> address
  190. (, so the server was not accessible also over the weekend until
  191. the &lt;abbr title="Domain Name Service">DNS&lt;/abbr>es were synchronized.&lt;/p></description>
  192.      <author>[email protected] (Georgi Sotirov)</author>
  193.      <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  194.      <pubDate>Mon, 20 Jul 2015 16:43:15 GMT</pubDate>
  195.    </item>
  196.    <item>
  197.      <title>Upgrade to Slackware 14.0</title>
  198.      <link></link>
  199.      <description>&lt;p>In the evening of February 3-d and the morning of February 4-th the operating
  200. system of the server was finally upgraded to &lt;a href="">Slackware&lt;/a>
  201. 14.0 - an upgrade planned for the past several months, but delayed due to lack
  202. of time.&lt;/p>
  203. &lt;p>The major problems were again with Perl. All of the used modules by the
  204. different web application had to be reinstalled for the new version. Otherwise, the
  205. upgrade went smoothly, but it took some time for the whole process to complete
  206. and all the services to be reconfigured and become operational again.&lt;/p>
  207. </description>
  208.      <author>[email protected] (Georgi Sotirov)</author>
  209.      <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  210.      <pubDate>Tue, 05 Feb 2013 10:15:15 GMT</pubDate>
  211.    </item>
  212.    <item>
  213.      <title>Downtimes: Repairs at home</title>
  214.      <link></link>
  215.      <description>&lt;p>Due to repairs at home (where it is still located), the server may be going
  216. down for large periods of time varying from several hours to more than 1 day.
  217. It was already down once from 2012-06-15 11:54 &lt;abbr title="Eastern European
  218. Summer Time">EEST&lt;/abbr> to 2012-06-15 12:54 &lt;abbr title="Eastern European
  219. Summer Time">EEST&lt;/abbr> and from 2012-06-15 18:50 &lt;abbr title="Eastern
  220. European Summer Time">EEST&lt;/abbr> to 2012-06-16 21:45 &lt;abbr title="Eastern
  221. European Summer Time">EEST&lt;/abbr> yesterday, but other downtimes are possible
  222. today and tomorrow.&lt;/p></description>
  223.      <author>[email protected] (Georgi Sotirov)</author>
  224.      <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  225.      <pubDate>Sun, 17 Jun 2012 06:00:00 GMT</pubDate>
  226.    </item>
  227.    <item>
  228.      <title>Upgrade of the server</title>
  229.      <link></link>
  230.      <description>&lt;p>Last evening the server was upgraded to &lt;a href="">Slackware 13.37&lt;/a>,
  231. this way updating many of the existing packages. The only problem that was
  232. encountered was with Perl 5.12 on which both &lt;a href="">Bugzilla&lt;/a>
  233. and &lt;a href="">SlackPack&lt;/a> depend. This
  234. forced the downgrade to Perl 5.10 and use of the existing base of installed
  235. packages until solutions to &lt;a href="">the
  236. problems are found&lt;/a>.&lt;/p>
  237. &lt;p>The kernel was also upgraded to 2.6.39 without any problem.&lt;/p></description>
  238.      <author>[email protected] (Georgi Sotirov)</author>
  239.      <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  240.      <pubDate>Mon, 30 May 2011 09:42:15 GMT</pubDate>
  241.    </item>
  242.  </channel>
  243. </rss>

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