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  4. <title>Self Confidence Secrets</title>
  5. <copyright>Copyright (c) 2005 Self Confidence Secrets</copyright>
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  7. <description>Articles and resources to help you build a strong self confidence and acheive a more happier and sucessfull life.</description>
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  19. <title>Five Strategies To Maximize Time</title>
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  23. <description>Five Strategies To Maximize Time There is no denying in the truth of the saying, \x93Time is gold.\x94 You never seem to get enough of time. Even if you are given thirty hours in a day, you still won\x92t be able to get enough </description>
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  26. <title>Tips on Managing Your Time Wisely</title>
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  30. <description>Tips on Managing Your Time Wisely In today\x92s modern, fast-paced world, everyone\x92s usually preoccupied with the things that they have to do, the things that they should be doing, the things that they want to do, and the </description>
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  33. <title>Self Confidence versus Arrogance</title>
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  37. <description>Self Confidence versus ArroganceSelf confidence is the ability to trust your own decisions and instincts. People that posses a great amount of self confidence are often successful, focused, and flexible individuals who </description>
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  40. <title>Self Confident People Make a Mighty Nation</title>
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  44. <description>Self Confident People Make a Mighty Nation Self-confident people generate moneySelf-confident people are filled with optimism and positive thoughts. They have an I Can attitude towards life and think it is possible to </description>
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  47. <title>Ensure Your Child Has the Self Confidence to Succeed</title>
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  51. <description>Ensure Your Child Hasthe Self Confidence to SucceedSelf confidence is an excellent attribute that can help a child succeed from an early age. Instilling self confidence at an early age will enforce the importance of </description>
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  54. <title>Simple Things That You Can Do To Become Wildly Successful</title>
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  58. <description>Simple Things That You Can DoTo Become Wildly SuccessfulSuccess need not be a struggle to attain. Look around you and you will see a number of successful people within your community. Many were able to achieve success. </description>
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  61. <title>How To Project Your Way To Success</title>
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  65. <description>How To Project Your Way To SuccessWho says learning tools are limited to books, articles, reports, and other school materials?Did you know that a mirror could be an effective learning tool?Keeping desk or wall mirrors </description>
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  68. <title>Adventures In Creative Thinking</title>
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  72. <description>Adventures In Creative ThinkingHow many times have you caught yourself saying that a problem leads to a dead end? How many times have you felt stumped when confronted by a problem? You see no leads, options, and </description>
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  75. <title>Improving Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Skills through Chess</title>
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  79. <description>Improving Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Skills through ChessChess is a game that exercises infinite promises for your mind, one that increases mental capabilities such as critical thinking, concentration, problem </description>
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  82. <title>Does A Law On Human Attraction Exist?</title>
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  86. <description>Does A Law On Human Attraction Exist? Opposites attract. This is as far as electromagnetism is concerned. How about in human relationships, is there such a law of attraction? Is attraction a matter of chemistry?In the </description>
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