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  4.        <title>Форумы для общения</title>
  5.        <description><![CDATA[Здесь на форумах мы общаемся, делимся информацией, впечатлениями, дружим и ругаемся для пользы дела.]]></description>
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  8.        <language>ru</language>
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  10.            <title>Starting a business in Shanghai</title>
  11.            <link></link>
  12.            <description><![CDATA[I work for a consulting company in Shanghai. We help foreigners to expand their business to China. If you are interested in setting up a comany in Shanghai (WFOE, JOINT VENTURE, REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE) feel free to send me an email at: [email protected]
  13. <br />
  14. We can help you with he whole process (to make the license, open bank accounts, ...]]></description>
  15.            <author> [email protected] (Simona)</author>
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  18.        <item>
  19.            <title>Export and Import - China</title>
  20.            <link></link>
  21.            <description><![CDATA[I'm currently employed by a trading company in Shanghai. If anyone needs any help to export, import products from/to China, let me know. I can personally help you to do that.
  22. <br />
  23. email: [email protected]]]></description>
  24.            <author> [email protected] (Simona)</author>
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  28.            <title>Russian businessman is owner of Yves St Laurent's chateau !</title>
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  30.            <description><![CDATA[Looking for international investor <a href="" target="_blank" class="postlink">for Sale Luxury Commercial Real Estate</a>? Looking for offers? Publish your demand for Free!]]></description>
  31.            <author> [email protected] (rene)</author>
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  34.        <item>
  35.            <title>About Us</title>
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  37.            <description><![CDATA[ok, good ... потом допишем и переделаем... вот все эти тексты  посмотри плиз на общей странице]]></description>
  38.            <author> [email protected] (rene)</author>
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  40.        </item>
  41.        <item>
  42.            <title>+Info Services: Video Presentation Ads</title>
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  44.            <description><![CDATA[don't think that last this part of text for luxury real estate advertisers... !?  
  45. <br />
  47. <br />
  48. I didn't understand the question... <img src="" alt="Very Happy" border="0" />]]></description>
  49.            <author> [email protected] (Shahin)</author>
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  51.        </item>
  52.        <item>
  53.            <title>Presentation of International Multilingual Real Estate Porta</title>
  54.            <link></link>
  55.            <description><![CDATA[Eto info tolko dlya presentacii nazvaniya sayta. On budet tam gde pervaya stranica, nazvanie sayta. Sostoit iz trex chastey: predstavlenie portala, chastnoe i yuridicheskoe lico i multiyazychnost. Informaciya obshego xaraktera bez detaley. Otdelnie detali budu raspisani v kolese.
  56. <br />
  58. <br />
  60. <br />
  61. International Multilingual Real Estate Por...]]></description>
  62.            <author> [email protected] (Shahin)</author>
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  64.        </item>
  65.        <item>
  66.            <title>Individual Advertising Packages</title>
  67.            <link></link>
  68.            <description><![CDATA[Ya podumal, luchshe dat nazvaniya vsem Package, a ne prosto numerovat. Plus, vnachale multilingual service mojno predlojit nachinaya s pervogo samogo prostogo Package. No so vremenem perevesti multilingual service v tretyu kategoriyu.
  69. <br />
  70. Eshe nado po otdelnosti raspisat vse dopolnitelnie options k kajdomu Package.
  71. <br />
  73. <br />
  74. Current ve...]]></description>
  75.            <author> [email protected] (Shahin)</author>
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  77.        </item>
  78.        <item>
  79.            <title>Some edited texts in the Offer Ads Publication</title>
  80.            <link></link>
  81.            <description><![CDATA[Kasatelno zadannyx voprosov:
  82. <br />
  83. 1. Description:
  84. <br />
  85. Private Individual – private persons, acting for themselves without representing any group, company or organisation. He/she can transfer his Property for sale or rent and is able to publish demand advertisements.
  86. <br />
  88. <br />
  90. <br />
  91. 2. Secondary market – all real estate propert...]]></description>
  92.            <author> [email protected] (Shahin)</author>
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  94.        </item>
  95.        <item>
  96.            <title>User Status (definition)</title>
  97.            <link></link>
  98.            <description><![CDATA[</span><table width="90%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="3" border="0" align="center"><tr>  <td><span class="genmed thick">Shahin писал(а):</span></td> </tr> <tr>  <td class="quote">User status (definition)
  99. <br />
  101. <br />
  102. 1. Visitor or User – User is a visitor who visit the web-site but don’t register via the form to become a user. Vis...]]></description>
  103.            <author> [email protected] (rene)</author>
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  105.        </item>
  106.        <item>
  107.            <title>Advantages to be a Memeber</title>
  108.            <link></link>
  109.            <description><![CDATA[1. Publication of Your Buyers or Rentals Demands for Free :
  110. <br />
  111. You have a big advantage to publish your buyers or rentals demands with us. Doing so, you have guaranteed and relevant propositions from property owners or professional international agents (agencies). Your submitted advertisements will be translated and published on the network p...]]></description>
  112.            <author> [email protected] (Shahin)</author>
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  114.        </item>
  115.    </channel>
  116. </rss>

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