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  2. <title>Hermosa ESL Blogs</title>
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  4. <tagline>Hermosa Middle School ESL blogs in Farmington, New Mexico</tagline>
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  8. <title type="text/plain" mode="xml">my secret place </title>
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  10. <author>
  11. <name>Michelle</name>
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  16. <content type="text/html" mode="escaped"><![CDATA[ <p>A-My secret place is my closet.<br />
  17. C-The reason why I choose is because it fun. I  wouuld invited
  18. </p>
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  25. <name>Martrina</name>
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  30. <content type="text/html" mode="escaped"><![CDATA[ <p>I would go to my special place is the tree house.who i'll invite vinson and elrogdra and cody and me
  31. </p>
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  35. <title type="text/plain" mode="xml">My Place</title>
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  37. <author>
  38. <name>Griselda</name>
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  43. <content type="text/html" mode="escaped"><![CDATA[ <p>If I would have my own secret place it would be in my room's closet were nobody would go in. I would look dark and scary. The poeple who would be invited is my friends and my older sister all those would be invited.
  44. </p>
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  48. <title type="text/plain" mode="xml">MY SECRET PLACE </title>
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  50. <author>
  51. <name>Darren</name>
  52. </author>
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  56. <content type="text/html" mode="escaped"><![CDATA[ <p>My secret place would be at my house in my backyard, becouse I have wood were I  can skateboard and make ramps.
  57. </p>
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  61. <title type="text/plain" mode="xml">Crossing Borders.</title>
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  63. <author>
  64. <name>Luis</name>
  65. </author>
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  69. <content type="text/html" mode="escaped"><![CDATA[ <p>I think that illegal immigration is a big problem right now in the United States because there are lots of  immigrants in the United Sates .
  70. </p>
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  74. <title type="text/plain" mode="xml">Mexican immigration</title>
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  76. <author>
  77. <name>Alejandro</name>
  78. </author>
  79. <id>;title=mexican_immigration&amp;more=1&amp;c=1&amp;tb=1&amp;pb=1</id>
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  82. <content type="text/html" mode="escaped"><![CDATA[ <p> 1ilgal immigration are not fer for the people.<br />
  83. 2no becausethe people in mexico people are pore.<br />
  84. 3 the iligal immigrants are rili gud on the jobs from america.
  85. </p>
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  89. <title type="text/plain" mode="xml">Immigrants in the USA</title>
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  91. <author>
  92. <name>Chelsea</name>
  93. </author>
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  97. <content type="text/html" mode="escaped"><![CDATA[ <p>I don't think that the immigrants can live in our state, because you don't know if they are a criminal or not. They even might be killers or mudderors! If I was the person that owned the state I will say, "There will be no immigants in my country, if you are coming from another country than you have to give us some resuilts." I think they will be an immigrant problem if they should go bake to where thay came from. I think why immigrants want to come to america is to take place as another person or to see sights at places. These kind of people shoud be kicked out of the state. Those people should be deported! Should these people be eligble for amnesty and eventule US citicenship? Nnnnoooooooo!!!!!
  98. </p>
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  101. <entry>
  102. <title type="text/plain" mode="xml">What I think </title>
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  104. <author>
  105. <name>Chasity</name>
  106. </author>
  107. <id>;title=what_i_think&amp;more=1&amp;c=1&amp;tb=1&amp;pb=1</id>
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  110. <content type="text/html" mode="escaped"><![CDATA[ <p>I Think illegal immigration is kind of a problem, because they might steal and might be a bad theif.Illegal immigrants might want to see how america looks and see if it is better than where there from. I don't think it is illegal to have immigrants come over to America.I think some immigrants hurt people but not all. I think they  should be left alone unless they are REALLY, REALLY BAD.No Ithink it is mean to juge people about their color.</p>
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  114. <title type="text/plain" mode="xml">Immigrants in USA</title>
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  116. <author>
  117. <name>Divanna</name>
  118. </author>
  119. <id>;title=immigrants_in_usa_2&amp;more=1&amp;c=1&amp;tb=1&amp;pb=1</id>
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  122. <content type="text/html" mode="escaped"><![CDATA[ <p>i think that illegal immigration are not to be allowed in United States because we are paying for them to stay in United States it's like my parnets are working for other immigants that do not even want to work and pay taxes.Also United States people are just giving away money to people Yes i think that some people have rights to do anything to help their famlies but still they need to work in United States and help us and there famlies.The immigrants that were already here and that is paying there taxes should be alright and the other immigrants that are goning or will come to United States should stay out unless they will work and follow the laws here.The immgrants that are ready here and that is alright should stay and the other immigrants that are not doing the things they need to be deported.they should just allow some immigrants to be citizenships here in United States.If immgrants from any kind should come in the United States that would not be a problem for the Hispanic people to come in United States.This is why i have to go half and half on the immigrants that come to United States.
  123. </p>
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  126. <entry>
  127. <title type="text/plain" mode="xml">I think</title>
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  129. <author>
  130. <name>mick</name>
  131. </author>
  132. <id>;title=title_32&amp;more=1&amp;c=1&amp;tb=1&amp;pb=1</id>
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  135. <content type="text/html" mode="escaped"><![CDATA[ <p>I think people from Mexico should cross over with out there green careds.
  136. </p>
  137. ]]></content>
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