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  19.               <title>Sunday: Convention Report: Kumoricon 2009</title>
  20.               <description>Convention Report: Kumoricon 2009 by Tom Good Photography by Gregor Torrence and Tom Good This year Kumoricon moved to a new location in the heart of downtown Portland, at the Hilton hotel on Sixth Avenue. The packed hotel lobby on Saturday convinced me of two things: that Kumoricon's attendance was way up from last year, and that fans of Japanese animation were going to get a little taste of authentic Tokyo-subway-style crowding. Sometimes even getting from one part of the hotel to another was a challenge, especially when the journey involved elevators, but the fans stayed in good spirits ...</description>
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  26.               <title>Book Review: Porn Nation</title>
  27.               <description>Porn Nation: Conquering America's #1 Addiction Written by Michael Leahy Published by Northfield Publishers ISBN10: 0802481256 ISBN13: 9780802481252 Review by Linda Yau Recently as I started to write this review, an acquaintance saw the book cover, and asked where are the pictures? I imagine that is how a lot of people would feel - seeing the book title. However, the content of the book is different than what can be expected. Porn Nation is a reflective account of how the author spent a greater part of his life obsessed with porn. This unspeakable hobby caused his fifteen year marriage to ...</description>
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  29.               Posted by <author><a href="" target="new">Tom Good</a></author>
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