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  126. <channel>
  127. <title>MacSlash</title>
  128. <link></link>
  129. <description>A daily dose of Macintosh news and discussion</description>
  130. <dc:creator>Various</dc:creator>
  131. <dc:date>2005-05-22T23:01:03-08:00</dc:date>
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  137. <title>A Look Back At Copland</title>
  138. <link></link>
  139. <description>&lt;A HREF="mailto:[email protected]"&gt;Anonymous Coward&lt;/A&gt; writes &lt;i&gt;"Apple felt threatened by the pending release of Windows 95.&amp;nbsp; It had preemptive multitasking, and was heralded by many magazines as "easy to use as Mac".&amp;nbsp; Apple started he Copland project to respond.&amp;nbsp; It was to have had live searches, full multitasking and all of Apples next generation technologies.&amp;nbsp; The project was canned in 1996 at the behest of Gil Amelio, though many of its technologies were eventually included in the OS.&amp;nbsp; Read about it at &lt;A HREF=";amp;name=News&amp;amp;file=article&amp;amp;sid=150&amp;amp;mode=thread&amp;amp;order=0&amp;amp;thold=0"&gt;MLAgazine&lt;/A&gt;."&lt;/i&gt;</description>
  140. <guid isPermaLink="false">05/05/21/[email protected]://</guid>
  141. <dc:subject>lets-do-the-time-warp-again</dc:subject>
  142. <dc:date>2005-05-21T14:05:36-08:00</dc:date>
  143. </item>
  144. <item>
  145. <title>Mac OS X Compatible Document Scanners?</title>
  146. <link></link>
  147. <description>&lt;A HREF="mailto:[email protected]"&gt;jabberwocky&lt;/A&gt; writes &lt;i&gt;"Can anybody recommend a tried and tested solution for document scanning under OSX? Duplex scanning and automatic paper feeding are a necessity, ethernet connectivity preferred over USB/FireWire. The aim is to digitize an archive of a few hundred documents (mostly multi-page and double-sided photocopies of articles from scientific journals). Im willing to purchase a simple document-management software separately if necessary. Please report actual experience, Ive gone through the brochures of most vendors. And Ive contacted several hardware suppliers (Canon, HP, Avision, all of which recommend Mac agnostic dealers) and local Mac shops (who unfortunately dont have any document management knowledge).P.S. Im aware of the docu mgmt thread &lt;A HREF=""&gt; 2&lt;/A&gt; and"&lt;/i&gt;</description>
  148. <guid isPermaLink="false">05/05/20/[email protected]://</guid>
  149. <dc:subject>getting-rid-of-the-paper-trail</dc:subject>
  150. <dc:date>2005-05-21T10:21:45-08:00</dc:date>
  151. </item>
  152. <item>
  153. <title>External Hard Drives: Firewire 800 vs. Firewire 400</title>
  154. <link></link>
  155. <description>dwiize writes &lt;i&gt;"My job involves producing promo videos for a small non-profit  organization. Naturally, I use Macs and Final Cut Pro. Im looking to buy an external firewire hard drive for backup, storage, and faster filesharing (between Macs, faster than network) of video and FCP files. Im debating whether to go for firewire 400 or firewire 800. What do you think? Is the extra data transfer speed worth the extra cash for firewire 800? Where does USB 2.0 fit into the picture, if at all. And as a side question, what do you think is a good disk size - Im leaning toward 250GB at the minimum. I dont want to cost the organization more than is necessary."&lt;/i&gt; Lots of FW800 enclosures also have a a FW400 connector, which is nice for backwards compatibility. Id say go with the FW800, especially if youre planning on using it for video. Ive got a &lt;a href=""&gt;WiebeTech Quad BayDock 800&lt;/a&gt; at my office and I love it so much Im thinking of getting another for home.</description>
  156. <guid isPermaLink="false">05/05/20/[email protected]://</guid>
  157. <dc:subject>go-for-the-speed</dc:subject>
  158. <dc:date>2005-05-20T20:18:54-08:00</dc:date>
  159. </item>
  160. <item>
  161. <title>Darwin 8.1 Source Code Posted</title>
  162. <link></link>
  163. <description>Trollaxor writes, &lt;i&gt;"The sources for Darwin 8.1, which correspond to Mac OS X 10.4.1, are &lt;a href=""&gt;available for download&lt;/a&gt;."&lt;/i&gt;</description>
  164. <guid isPermaLink="false">05/05/20/[email protected]://</guid>
  165. <dc:subject>the-dark-side-of-the-source</dc:subject>
  166. <dc:date>2005-05-20T15:40:31-08:00</dc:date>
  167. </item>
  168. <item>
  169. <title>Xbox 360 Games On The G5</title>
  170. <link></link>
  171. <description>&lt;A HREF=""&gt;NetCurl&lt;/A&gt; writes &lt;i&gt;"I wonder if well be able to play a much wider variety of games under Mac OS X in the near future? While browsing &lt;A HREF=""&gt;;/A&gt; today, I found &lt;A HREF=";amp;p=5"&gt;this article&lt;/A&gt;.  Yup, Xbox 360 games at E3, played on G5s.  This could shake things up if we can get hold of the tools to run a wide variety of new (and old?) Xbox games."&lt;/i&gt;</description>
  172. <guid isPermaLink="false">05/05/20/[email protected]://</guid>
  173. <dc:subject>let-the-conspiracy-theories-begin</dc:subject>
  174. <dc:date>2005-05-20T14:14:13-08:00</dc:date>
  175. </item>
  176. <item>
  177. <title>Is Steve Jobs The Frank Lloyd Wright Of Computers?</title>
  178. <link></link>
  179. <description>&lt;A HREF=""&gt;Kelly McNeill&lt;/A&gt; writes &lt;i&gt;"Frank Lloyd Wright is often said to be a genius of architecture, yet despite all his genius, he insisted that his idealistic designs were maintained if even it were to the detriment of some functionality. In essence, when push came to shove, form trumped function in Frank Lloyd Wrights eyes. David K. Every submitted the following editorial to osOpinion/osViews, which &lt;A HREF=";amp;name=News&amp;amp;file=article&amp;amp;sid=4441"&gt;draws parallels&lt;/A&gt; between Frank Lloyd Wrights philosophy for design and that of Apples Steve Jobs"&lt;/i&gt; Living in Scottsdale where a lot of FLW designs are located I gotta say I hate his designs, but the only design I hated from Apple was the puck mouse, and I guess the Flower Power iMacs. :)</description>
  180. <guid isPermaLink="false">05/05/20/[email protected]://</guid>
  181. <dc:subject>the-crazy-ones...</dc:subject>
  182. <dc:date>2005-05-20T14:11:09-08:00</dc:date>
  183. </item>
  184. <item>
  185. <title>Apple Recalling Batteries</title>
  186. <link></link>
  187. <description>According to &lt;a href=""&gt;Macworld&lt;/a&gt;, Apple is recalling batteries that shipped in both PowerBooks and iBooks. Apparently the batteries in affected portables have an internal short in them that can cause overheating, posing a fire hazard. Happily, my sweet-sweet PowerBook is not on the affected list: &lt;a href=""&gt;check yours now&lt;/a&gt;.</description>
  188. <guid isPermaLink="false">05/05/20/[email protected]://</guid>
  189. <dc:subject>zzzzt!-zzzz-zzzzt!</dc:subject>
  190. <dc:date>2005-05-20T10:20:03-08:00</dc:date>
  191. </item>
  192. <item>
  193. <title>Still Have Bugs In Tiger?</title>
  194. <link></link>
  195. <description>Over at &lt;a href=""&gt;Daring Fireball&lt;/a&gt;, John Gruber has been pointing out how buggy Tiger has proven to be. His example of the blank dialogue box is pretty darned funny, but it reminded me of the one Tiger bug that keeps nibbling my butt: dropped connections in Safari. This seems to happen most often on sites where I log in. When I hit Return to log in, I immediately get one of the new-fangled Safari error pages, notifying me that the network connection has become unavailable. When I reload, I get the login page again, and I can usually get in. Very annoying behaviour! Have you seen this in your own experience? What other bugs have you discovered in Tiger that are driving you nuts?</description>
  196. <guid isPermaLink="false">05/05/20/[email protected]://</guid>
  197. <dc:subject>what-id-give-for-a-can-of-off</dc:subject>
  198. <dc:date>2005-05-20T10:00:14-08:00</dc:date>
  199. </item>
  200. <item>
  201. <title>Mac OS X Controlled Home Audio System?</title>
  202. <link></link>
  203. <description>piperepip writes &lt;i&gt;"I am a computer consultant and lately I have been receiving more and more calls from my higher-end clients to setup wholly automated, digital music systems.  My first instinct was to setup a Mac running iTunes an rip my clients CDs to the computer.  The computer is then hooked into the stereo either by cable or through an Airport Express - pretty standard.  So far my clients have LOVED the setup!&lt;BR&gt; &lt;BR&gt;
  204. Recently, though, a client asked me if I could setup his stereo system so that the Mac could also control his stereo components.  He wants to have his G4 Cube as the center of his media system, with his plasma screen setup as the screen and wireless keyboard and mouse.  He wants to be able to use his keyboard and mouse to change stations on the radio, raise and lower the volume, etc...  If we find the Cube to be underpowered or just not up to par, well buy him a new mini."&lt;/i&gt;</description>
  205. <guid isPermaLink="false">05/05/17/[email protected]://</guid>
  206. <dc:subject>overdoing-it?</dc:subject>
  207. <dc:date>2005-05-19T20:17:44-08:00</dc:date>
  208. </item>
  209. <item>
  210. <title>Review Of Cocoa Bootcamp In Germany</title>
  211. <link></link>
  212. <description>&lt;A HREF=""&gt;Carl-Johan Kihlbom&lt;/A&gt; writes &lt;i&gt;"Since I read Aaron Hillegass book &lt;A HREF=""&gt;Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X&lt;/A&gt; Ive wanted to go to his Cocoa Bootcamp course, but I havent been able to afford both the trip to USA (from Sweden) and the course fee. So when I saw that Aaron was holding a Cocoa Bootcamp in Germany, I was quick to sign up!
  213. If youve been curious about what its like at one of these courses, you should definately read &lt;A HREF=""&gt;my review&lt;/A&gt;."&lt;/i&gt;</description>
  214. <guid isPermaLink="false">05/05/19/[email protected]://</guid>
  215. <dc:subject>learning-cocoa</dc:subject>
  216. <dc:date>2005-05-19T10:15:16-08:00</dc:date>
  217. </item>
  218. </channel>
  219. </rss>
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