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  4. <title><![CDATA["Wendy's Wee Woolies" Blog]]></title>
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  7. <description><![CDATA[&nbsp;    &nbsp;            Welcome to my blog.   Hope you'll enjoy your visit here.   I'll be posting updates to my websites   (Wee Woolies; Kelly Kustom Knit and Krochet&nbsp;  and Creations W.E. Design)   as well as stuff about my knitting group...BusyKnitting...  and stuff in general about my favorite hobbies:   knitting, crochet, spinning, machine knitting&nbsp;and needle felting.       &nbsp;                  &nbsp;    &nbsp;  &nbsp;                  &nbsp;        Please visit my Site Ring          "Wendy's Wee Woolies"Ring Owner: Wendy Squires Site: "Wendy's Wee Woolies" Miniature Menagerie and Fiber Art                  &nbsp;  **NEW VISITORS MAP**      Feedjit Live Blog Stats]]></description>
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  10. <title><![CDATA[Commun-Tricot Yarn Shop Opening Soon!!]]></title>
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  12. <description><![CDATA[Everything is falling into place and looks like the shop will be open for business allot sooner than expected. &nbsp;We have begun hosting our knitting group meetings at the...]]></description>
  13. <pubDate>Sat, 07 Mar 2009 06:20:03 +0000</pubDate>
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  16. <title><![CDATA[OH MY GOSH!!! We're Opening a Store!!!]]></title>
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  18. <description><![CDATA[Yes it's true....we're graduating from&nbsp;hosting two local knitting groups to opening a local yarn store! It's exciting and terrifying but it's happening.&nbsp;&nbsp;Will...]]></description>
  19. <pubDate>Fri, 30 Jan 2009 21:29:17 +0000</pubDate>
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  22. <title><![CDATA[Everyone Loves a Freebie or Two]]></title>
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  24. <description><![CDATA[I LOVE freebies &nbsp;so I'm offering two on Wendy's Wee Woolies&nbsp;Both are quick and easy....good patterns for those last minute Christmas gifts. The first is a crochet...]]></description>
  25. <pubDate>Wed, 03 Dec 2008 09:39:14 +0000</pubDate>
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  28. <title><![CDATA[Alpagas des Hauts Vents Coming Events and Stuff]]></title>
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  30. <description><![CDATA[Two Not-To-Miss Events coming soon to Alpagas des Hauts Vents&nbsp;in Havelock, Quebec, Canada.  &nbsp;  &nbsp;  September 7th&nbsp;10AM to 4PM : Open Farm Day  -Free entrance,...]]></description>
  31. <pubDate>Tue, 02 Sep 2008 08:06:07 +0000</pubDate>
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  34. <title><![CDATA[My New Carder and Stuff]]></title>
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  36. <description><![CDATA[I'm doing a happy dance this week, not only did I find a sock knitting machine but my new Louet Junior carder just arrived!! Thanks to Susan at The Elegant Knitter at Goose Pond...]]></description>
  37. <pubDate>Sun, 31 Aug 2008 19:24:02 +0000</pubDate>
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  40. <title><![CDATA[Don't Play with Your Food...KNIT IT!!!]]></title>
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  42. <description><![CDATA[]]></description>
  43. <pubDate>Fri, 29 Aug 2008 20:28:03 +0000</pubDate>
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  46. <title><![CDATA[Sock Knitting Machine FOUND!!]]></title>
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  48. <description><![CDATA[Woohoo!! Found a sock knitting machine...a lovely Legare 47 &nbsp;Think I'll reorganize my sock yarn stash while I shift into waiting mode....&nbsp; ]]></description>
  49. <pubDate>Fri, 29 Aug 2008 08:20:32 +0000</pubDate>
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  52. <title><![CDATA[Looking for a Sock Knitting Machine]]></title>
  53. <link></link>
  54. <description><![CDATA[I'm looking to purchase a sock knitting machine (AKA as circular sock machine or CSM), any model will do (Legare, Creelman, Gearhart, etc...) as long as it is complete and in...]]></description>
  55. <pubDate>Wed, 27 Aug 2008 10:57:01 +0000</pubDate>
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  58. <title><![CDATA[It's that time of year again...Roxham Woolgathering...woohoo!!]]></title>
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  60. <description><![CDATA[The 16th annual Woolgathering Arts and Craft Fair at Roxham Farm in St. Bernard de Lacolle takes place on the weekend of the 13th and 14th September of this year.  The fair...]]></description>
  61. <pubDate>Wed, 20 Aug 2008 21:38:41 +0000</pubDate>
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  64. <title><![CDATA["Journey to the Heart", New Studio and Stuff]]></title>
  65. <link></link>
  66. <description><![CDATA[Next on my reading list is Nora Caron's "Journey to the Heart"&nbsp;which is&nbsp;getting rave reviews and flying off the bookstore sold out in&nbsp;the first week...]]></description>
  67. <pubDate>Mon, 21 Jul 2008 18:50:14 +0000</pubDate>
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