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  8.        <![CDATA[Welcome to the SneakyCodes RSS Feed!  In this feed we will feature all the new additions to the SneakyCodes site, and family.  Any news worthy of your eyes, will make it into what I hope to make a DAILY RSS Feed.  New this week on SneakyCodes:
  10. -New 6.31 and 6.35 PRO Everybody's Sukkuri HEN Hack Tutorial/Video
  11. -New Administrator: EverEffects will be working on the overall visual appeal of the site
  12. -New tutorial: How to Compress ISOs for PSP Playback
  13. -VIP Access Available for Purchase
  14. -Visit the SneakyCodes/SwoRNLeaDejZ YouTube Channel at
  16. Thanks for your interest in the SneakyCodes community and all the continued support.  We really do put alot of effort into it, and appreciate all the continued traffic.
  18. -SwoRNLeaDejZ (Owner &amp; WebMaster)]]>
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  28.      <title>SneakyCodes News Issue 3</title>
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  30. &lt;p align="center">&lt;strong>&lt;em>&lt;font size="4">SneakyCodes News &lt;/font>&lt;/em>&lt;/strong>&lt;/p>&lt;p align="center">&lt;strong>&lt;em>&lt;font size="4">Issue 3&lt;/font>&lt;/em>&lt;/strong>&lt;/p>&lt;p align="left">Welcome to the third edition of the SneakyCodes News RSS feed.&amp;nbsp; &lt;/p>&lt;p align="left">New this week at SneakyCodes:&lt;/p>&lt;ol>&lt;li>&lt;div align="left">New Tutorial: Hack a PSP 3000 With OFW 6.31/6.35 to 5.03 GEN B Full&lt;/div>&lt;/li>&lt;li>&lt;div align="left">New Tutorial: Installing ChickHEN R2 on any PSP Slim/Brite&lt;/div>&lt;/li>&lt;li>&lt;div align="left">New Tutorial: Installing and Running NitePR on 6.20 TN-A TN-B or TN-C HEN&lt;/div>&lt;/li>&lt;li>&lt;div align="left">New Theme in the works&lt;/div>&lt;/li>&lt;li>&lt;div align="left">Administrator EverEffects TURNS 18!!!&lt;/div>&lt;/li>&lt;li>&lt;div align="left">Almost at 400 members!&lt;/div>&lt;/li>&lt;/ol>&lt;p align="left">Alot has been going on this past week and a half. The donations are coming in, and SneakyCodes is DAMN CLOSE to a .com domain.&amp;nbsp; But we still need your help!&amp;nbsp; Please visit today, and click on any of the Donate buttons located throughout the site, even if it is just a buck or two.&amp;nbsp; We really appreciate all of your continued support.&amp;nbsp; Right now, we are averaging about 140+ members connected every 99 hours, which is super, but it could be alot higher. Lets take it there!&lt;/p>&lt;p align="left">&amp;nbsp;-Thanks, Administrators&lt;/p>
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  34.      <category>SneakyCodes News</category>
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  37.      <pubDate>Thu, 03 Feb 2011 09:36:00 EST</pubDate>
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  40.      <title>Sneaky News for 01/21/11</title>
  41.      <description>
  42. &lt;p align="center">&lt;font color="#ff0000" size="+2" face="Lucida Console">SneakyCodes News!&lt;/font>&lt;/p>&lt;br />&lt;br />&lt;hr width="100" />&lt;br />&lt;font color="#000000" face="Lucida Console">Welcome to SneakyCodes News feed. Today at SneakyCodes:&lt;br />&lt;br />-Check out the new look!&lt;br />-Continuing visual reconstruction continues&lt;br />-New admin EverEffects has added:&lt;br />&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;-New sexy rank buttons&lt;br />&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;-Glowing link effects&lt;br />&lt;br />&lt;br />&lt;br />A reminder to all SneakyCodes members:&lt;br />&lt;br />We are currently searching to fill certain staff positions. We are currently looking to fill positions from Junior Moderator to Super Moderator, and are also looking into possibly finding one or two people that would be willing to work as uploaders when we switch hosts. Anyone interested in applying for a position should email &lt;a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]&lt;/a> for more information.&lt;br />&lt;br />Thank you for your continued interest in SneakyCodes and remember to drop by to see all the new features!! &lt;br />&lt;br />-SwoRNLeaDejZ and the Sneaky Staff&lt;br />&lt;br />&lt;hr width="100" />&lt;br />(c) Copyright 2011 SwoRNLeaDejZ and SneakyCodes &lt;/font>
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  45.      <author>[email protected]</author>
  46.      <category>Sneaky News</category>
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  49.      <pubDate>Fri, 21 Jan 2011 14:12:00 EST</pubDate>
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  52.      <title>SneakyCodes [All the News]</title>
  53.      <description>
  54. &lt;p align="center">&lt;font color="#ff0000" size="+2" face="Lucida Console">SneakyCodes News&lt;/font>&lt;/p>&lt;font color="#000000" face="Lucida Console">&lt;p align="center">&lt;br />&lt;/p>&lt;p align="left">Welcome to the FIRST SneakyCodes RSS News Feed. This will be your DAILY (hopefully!) source for all your SneakyCodes news. Anything worth sharing, will be shared through this very RSS. New this week at SneakyCodes: &lt;br />&lt;br />-New Video Tutorial: Everybody's Sukkuri 6.3X PRO HEN Hack added&lt;br />-New Administrator: EverEffects to work on the visual side of things :D&lt;br />-New Video Tutorial: Compressing ISO Images for PSP Playback&lt;br />-Numerous Staff Changes (as we gear up for the .com move!)&lt;br />-VIP Access Available for purchase!&lt;br />&lt;br />&lt;strong>Coming Soon!&lt;/strong> &lt;/p>&lt;p align="left">-Video Tutorial: Hacking PSP 1000 w/ 6.35 PRO (without buying a Pandora!)&lt;br />-Visual updates to ALL Pages&lt;br />-New Groups and Ranks&lt;br />&lt;br />&lt;br />I will try to update this feed on a daily basis, however that may not always be possible. Thank you for your continued support and interest. We spend alot of time making SneakyCodes as fun and nice as possible, and your daily traffic keeps up going! Visit anytime, day or night, and new members are always welcome!!&lt;br />&lt;br />&lt;font color="#ff0000">SwoRNLeaDejZ and the SneakyDesign Team&lt;/font>&lt;br />&lt;br />&lt;br />&lt;/p>&lt;/font>
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  58.      <category>SneakyCodes News</category>
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