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  8.        <![CDATA[Professional Psychics Jeffrey Seelman and Amy Lamb are here to help you to break free of everything negative in your life and to educate the public about the nature of negative emotional energy.  Through their STARCLEAR Radio show, they bring spiritual experts to the public in hopes of contributing to all of our spiritual awakenings.]]>
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  43.      <title>How to Stop Violence</title>
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  45. The responsibility to end violence lies with the individual.  We each are capable of taking care of our nonphysical systems as well as our physical bodies. We also need to learn how to protect ourselves from harmful emotional energies generated by others we come into contact with at work and social situations.
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  54.      <title>PRAVDA Article 2007</title>
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  56. Most people communicate with ghosts during sleep. During our waking state, certain emotionally charged environments like old buildings, homes and apartments, violent activity or crime scenes, severe substance abuse, anger and depressive states of mind, can create an atmosphere where ghosts can be seen more easily. We all generate and release emotional energy into our environments. This can accumulate in our living and working environments, and attract ghosts. Negative ghosts feed on fear, anger and rage.
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  65.      <title>Your Spiritual Bill of Rights</title>
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  67. This Bill of Spiritual Rights recognizes that all incarnated spirits are equal.  As such, you have certain birthrights in regards to your spirituality.
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  76.      <title>Spiritual Justice</title>
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  78. The spirit world is entirely unconcerned and unaffected by man-made rules and laws, including rules and laws created by religious leaders and spiritual workers.  Recognize that choosing to yield to such rules and laws is a CHOICE that you make because you have the emotional need to follow rules in relation to spirituality during your time on the physical plane.   Likewise, choosing not to yield to another incarnate's religious or spiritual laws will not result in punishment or creation of bad karma.
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  81.      <author>[email protected]</author>
  82.      <category>spiritual justice</category>
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  84.      <pubDate>Sat, 14 Aug 2010 09:31:00 EST</pubDate>
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  87.      <title>Amy's Story</title>
  88.      <description>
  89. I am fortunate enough to have strong memories of my time before birth.  I used to think everyone had such memories, but most do not.  I was standing before the Council.  It was a long table, and a Council of about 12 higher spirits were all seated on one side in purple robes.  The Council is a group of very high spirits who help you plan your life's challenges before you are incarnated.   They are responsible to approve or deny what you think you want to accomplish in your next incarnation.
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  95.      <pubDate>Sat, 14 Aug 2010 09:44:00 EST</pubDate>
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  98.      <title>Negative Emotional Energy</title>
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  100. Whether you have the ability to sense and feel negative emotional energy or not, negative emotional energy will have an affect upon your life.   There are emotional energy fields in and around each one us, and in our living and working environments.  Whether we are aware of it or not, we easily "pick up"emotional energies from people we live and work around, or from the places that we visit.  This daily intake of both negative and positive emotional energies has an effect on our bodies, minds, spirits, and even our personalities and moods.  
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  106.      <pubDate>Sat, 14 Aug 2010 09:29:00 EST</pubDate>
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  109.      <title>Exorcism &amp; Spirits</title>
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  111. Spirits are either formerly incarnated individuals who are dead, or spirits who have never been incarnated in the physical world. Like living people, most spirits are good, some are not.  
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  117.      <pubDate>Sat, 14 Aug 2010 09:28:00 EST</pubDate>
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  120.      <title>How I Ended Spiritual Attack</title>
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  122. Out of frustration, I started to entertain the concept that my life-long symptoms may be spiritual in nature.  That perhaps I was going about solving the problem the wrong way.  Spiritual attack is blind to physical health, personality, belief systems, mental health, education-level, race, age, creed, social standing.   It can happen to any one of us.  
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  126.      <category>spiritual attack</category>
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  131.      <title>Signs of a Spiritual Attack</title>
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  133. A spiritual attack is the battle in the bigger war that is taking place all around us every day. Spiritual warfare is very real.  It is the fact and the phenomenon that spiritual law allows for lower plane entities - entities that vibrate at a low and slow frequency, to enter the physical plane.  It is nothing to be frightened of.
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