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  6.      De Fotocie verzorgt het op beeld vastleggen van activiteiten van de Fysisch-Mathematische Faculteitsvereniging.
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  12.  <title>Fotocie Event feed</title>
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  19.    <title>Nixx Bios: Django Unchained</title>
  20.    <description>10-01-2018 - This month we watched the movie 'Django: Unchained' which was elected by FMF members in a facebook poll!</description>
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  24.    <title>Christmas Dinner 2017</title>
  25.    <description>20-12-2017 - The annual christmas dinner of the FMF was again a great succes! Delicious food, beautifully dressed people and a nicely decorated canteen together where enough opportunity to take some nice pictures. </description>
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  29.    <title>Science Quiz</title>
  30.    <description>19-12-2017 - Gerco Onderwater hosted the science quiz, where he explained the answers to the questions of the dutch science quiz that will be broadcasted on tv at the 26th of december. The answers were determined by different researchers of the VSI. </description>
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  34.    <title>Christmas Kamerborrel</title>
  35.    <description>15-12-2017 - A Christmas themed kamerborrel where this month's Pretty Poster Prize has been awarded to Marick Manrho for his beautiful poster for the FMF Symposium.</description>
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  39.    <title>Cookie decorating</title>
  40.    <description>14-12-2017 - FMF members showed their creative capabilities by decorating some delicious cookies in christmas style!</description>
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  44.    <title>Nixx bios: Jagten</title>
  45.    <description>13-12-2017 - Monthly movie night</description>
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  49.    <title>LaTeX beginners course</title>
  50.    <description>11-12-2017 - LaTeX-experienced students give us a beginner's course in the universally praised softwaresystem that is, LaTeX</description>
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  54.    <title>Kamerborrel</title>
  55.    <description>08-12-2017 - Kamerborrel?!</description>
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  59.    <title>Makercie: DIY hologram projector</title>
  60.    <description>06-12-2017 - Can we have hologram photos now?</description>
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  64.    <title>FMF Symposium: Entering the Horizon</title>
  65.    <description>30-11-2017 - The annual FMF Symposium, this year's theme being ''Entering the Horizon'' </description>
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  69.    <title>Tankard Borrel Procam</title>
  70.    <description>28-11-2017 - A borrel in collaboration with Procam</description>
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  74.    <title>Kamerborrel</title>
  75.    <description>24-11-2017 - Kamerborrel?!?</description>
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  79.    <title>Boardgames evening</title>
  80.    <description>21-11-2017 - The PION shows off their new awesome capes while we all enjoy playing some fun games</description>
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  84.    <title>Lunchlecture: Topicus</title>
  85.    <description>21-11-2017 - Martijn Dashorst gives us an interesting talk about Topicus and we all have dinner </description>
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  89.    <title>Jamsession</title>
  90.    <description>16-11-2017 - For all our musically inclined (and impaired) members, the newly formed Musicie organized a flamin' jammin'  jamsessh. Witness musical greatness in picture form, and comment on the coolest bandplayers of the association!</description>
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  94.    <title>Nixx borrel: The Crown</title>
  95.    <description>15-11-2017 - Nixx borrel after the movie when the Pretty Poster Prize was awarded.</description>
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  99.    <title>Nixx bios: Avatar</title>
  100.    <description>15-11-2017 - </description>
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  104.    <title>Mystery Hunt</title>
  105.    <description>14-11-2017 - On the 14th of November we all enjoyed a dinner and solved some riddles wrapped in mysteries inside enigmas</description>
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  109.    <title>Dies kamerborrel</title>
  110.    <description>10-11-2017 - </description>
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  114.    <title>Kamerborrel</title>
  115.    <description>27-10-2017 - </description>
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  119.    <title>Mathematics Propadeutic Ceremony</title>
  120.    <description>25-10-2017 - The Mathematics Propadeutic Ceremony took place for the last time this year. All mathematics and applied mathematics students who passed their first year, received their propadeutic dimploma. </description>
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  124.    <title>FYA: Running Dinner</title>
  125.    <description>19-10-2017 - All first years could join this running dinner. At several locations, a course for a 3-course meal was prepaired, and every course was enjoyed at a different location. A nice experience to get to know your fellow students!</description>
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  129.    <title>Hendrik de Waard lecture</title>
  130.    <description>18-10-2017 - This year's Hendrik de Waard lecture was given by David Awschalom, with the theme 'Beyond Electronics: Abandoning Perfection'. </description>
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  134.    <title>Boardgames Evening</title>
  135.    <description>16-10-2017 - </description>
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  139.    <title>Physics Propaedeutic Ceremony</title>
  140.    <description>13-10-2017 - The Propaedeutic Ceremony for Physics</description>
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  144.    <title>Catch-up sessions</title>
  145.    <description>12-10-2017 - Catch-up sessions for Statistics, Thermodynamics and Calculus I</description>
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  149.    <title>Nixx-Bios: Dark Shadows</title>
  150.    <description>11-10-2017 - This month, we watched the movie Dark Shadows.</description>
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  154.    <title>Borrellecture VSI Anupam Mazumdar</title>
  155.    <description>10-10-2017 - Anupam Mazumdar gave a 1-hour lecture on the topic of Gravitational Waves </description>
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  159.    <title>Brunel Linkedin Workshop</title>
  160.    <description>05-10-2017 - Brunel heeft ons een mooie workshop over het gebruik van linkedin kunnen verzorgen.
  162. Wordt allen lid van de FMF linkedin pagina!</description>
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  166.    <title>Bowling</title>
  167.    <description>03-10-2017 - The A-Team's first activity this year</description>
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  171.  </channel>
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