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  6.      De Fotocie verzorgt het op beeld vastleggen van activiteiten van de Fysisch-Mathematische Faculteitsvereniging.
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  19.    <title>Makercie power socket remote</title>
  20.    <description>08-06-2017 - The Makercie activity of 16/17 was a great success! A lot of people came to the Maakplek and hacked and maked their own remote to control power sockets!</description>
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  24.    <title>FMF Football Tournament</title>
  25.    <description>31-05-2017 - The annual FMF Football Tournament took place again, and 11 brave teams faced each other on the battlefield to settle for once and for all on which team is the ultimate RUG football team... Luckily, next year there's another chance!</description>
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  29.    <title>FMF BBQ 2017</title>
  30.    <description>31-05-2017 - Here is an impression of the awesome FMF BBQ of 2017! </description>
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  34.    <title>Members' Weekend</title>
  35.    <description>19-05-2017 - A few pictures of the FMF members weekend in Ellertshaar. If you have more pictures! please add them to the set! (there is a '+' mark in the upleft corner of the screen)</description>
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  39.    <title>Nixx-Bios: Pi</title>
  40.    <description>17-05-2017 - This month, we watched the mathematical thriller 'Pi'. Because the weather was extremely nice, here are some pictures of people relaxing in the sun and playing frisbee.</description>
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  44.    <title>Kandidate Board Announcement Borrel</title>
  45.    <description>17-05-2017 - Tonight, the candidate board of the FMF for 2017-2018 was announced at cafĂ© mooi! If you couldn't be there, these pictures give a nice impression of the atmosphere at this exciting evening.</description>
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  49.    <title>Kamerborrel: GBE</title>
  50.    <description>12-05-2017 - The GBE participants returned to Groningen after a three week trip to beautiful Japan! This kamerborrel, they showed us some beautiful pictures that were taken there and we could hear everyone's interesting stories! People even showed up wearing traditional Japanese clothing, although for some reason there is no photo-proof of this. </description>
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  54.    <title>Scotland Yard</title>
  55.    <description>11-05-2017 - On a beautiful summery day, 4 groups of FMF members crossed town to look for the misterious Mister X and Mister Y, accompanied by their bodyguards. Luckily, they did not have to just randomly wander around, but instead, every now and then a picture was sent to them which could hint to the location of these mysterious men. To get an idea of what this activity was like, the hints that were sent can be found here.  </description>
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  59.    <title>Open stage night 2017</title>
  60.    <description>10-05-2017 - Here already some awesome photos of the FMF open stage night! The artists of the FMF who were not afraid to show their talents. Of course this folder contains only a selection of the pictures that were taken. If you want to see more pictures of your act, we would be happy to send them to you!</description>
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  64.    <title>General Members Assembly</title>
  65.    <description>09-05-2017 - </description>
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  69.    <title>Borrel Lecture: KPN</title>
  70.    <description>09-05-2017 - This tuesday, the borrel lecture was about KPN consulting, and specifically big data analysis. </description>
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  74.    <title>Math Carnival</title>
  75.    <description>03-05-2017 - For the third time this year, Mathematica organized a math carnival. Everyone tried to solve all kinds of challenging math problems, and only the brightest among us actually managed to solve a prize question!</description>
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  79.    <title>Borrellecture: Ilionx</title>
  80.    <description>02-05-2017 - This tuesday, two people from Ilionx came to give a lecture about their company, and in particular about the Hololens. Afterwards we were given the opportunity to try the Hololens ourselves.</description>
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  84.    <title>Boardgames evening</title>
  85.    <description>02-05-2017 - Another boardgames evening, another opportunity for FMF members to play their favorite games together in the Nijenborgh canteen. </description>
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  89.    <title>Physics Alumni Day (NAS-Dag)</title>
  90.    <description>25-04-2017 - At the physics alumni day, former physics students came to speak about what they are doing after their studies.</description>
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  94.    <title>Back To School Sports</title>
  95.    <description>29-03-2017 - To relive the old times, the A-Team organized back to school sports! We had loads of fun with all the equipment that was available as well as a nice game of dodgeball.</description>
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  99.    <title>Dungeons &amp; Dragons: A warm farewell</title>
  100.    <description>23-03-2017 - The second Dungeons &amp; Dragons evening of this year was again open for beginning as well as more experienced players. Chinese food was arranged by the committee. </description>
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  104.    <title>Introduxie to Bowling</title>
  105.    <description>22-03-2017 - A bowling evening for the first year students by the Introduxie showing off their new committee clothing.</description>
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  109.    <title>Origami</title>
  110.    <description>20-03-2017 - A fun afternoon where we learned some Origami by the Meiscie of the FMF</description>
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  114.    <title>Kamerborrel: St. Patrick's Day</title>
  115.    <description>17-03-2017 - This special Kamerborrel was themed after St. Patrick's Day. Wearing green clothing or being Irish could earn you a free Guinness beer!</description>
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  119.    <title>NIXX-Bios: The usual suspects</title>
  120.    <description>15-03-2017 - This month we watched the movie 'The usual suspects'.</description>
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  124.    <title>Math Alumni Day</title>
  125.    <description>14-03-2017 - During the Math Alumni Day former mathematics students spoke about their jobs and career opportunities.</description>
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  129.    <title>LES: Alef Sterk</title>
  130.    <description>14-03-2017 - This lecture by Alef Sterk had the theme 'Euler's famous sum'. During the lecture Alef Sterk presented us with different ways to prove the identity 1 + 1/4 + 1/9 + ... = pi^2 /6. </description>
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  134.    <title>Chernobyl Participants Announcement</title>
  135.    <description>13-03-2017 - This was a very exciting afternoon for many FMF members, because they would find out whether they were (randomly) chosen to join the Huygens excursion to Ukraine! The announcement was done 'Wie is de mol'-style.</description>
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  139.    <title>Chess competition</title>
  140.    <description>08-03-2017 - We enjoyed a chesstacular evening of fanchesstic proportions. </description>
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  144.    <title>Borrellecture: Beatriz Noheda</title>
  145.    <description>07-03-2017 - This tuesday, Beatriz Noheda gave a lecture about functional oxide nanostructures.</description>
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  149.    <title>Math Carnival</title>
  150.    <description>07-03-2017 - For the second time this year, a math carnival was organized by the mathematica committee. All math enthusiasts could try their hands at some challenging math problems, and even a delicious pie could be earned by solving one of these problems!</description>
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  154.    <title>Jamsession</title>
  155.    <description>03-03-2017 - The A-Team organised a first time FMF Jamsession. Under a literal overpass, we made a lot of noise, some of it actually resembled music! The videos made that day will be posted on Facebook on a later date. Be sure to check them out to (re)experience the gezelligheid and the  surprising musicality of our members.</description>
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  159.    <title>Active members dinner Ni Hao</title>
  160.    <description>02-03-2017 - Unlimited food? Free drinks? Free beer? It almost seems like a kamerborrel....(only ALEs where before the kamerborrels existed). This year, the board thanked the core of the association for being active and wanted a fun and relaxed night for everyone!  Unfortunately, as usual, the fotocie needs to photograph all the people present, snipping in the dark for strange faces with food or the finding the most interesting plates around :D</description>
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  164.    <title>Borrel at 't Gat</title>
  165.    <description>01-03-2017 - </description>
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