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  44.   <title>Bulgaria Air Signs Full Content Agreement with Travelport</title>
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  46. Agreement secures access to all fares and classes
  47. Travelport,  the business services provider to the global travel industry,  has today announced a continuation to its global content agreement with Bulgaria Air.  The agreement sees...</description>
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  49.   <dc:date>2012-07-30</dc:date>
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  52.   <title>Danai Beach Resort &amp; Villas iPad application</title>
  53.   <description>Danai Beach Resort & Villas in cooperation with the Experience Greece travel team presents the most innovative,  elegant and fully interactive iPad application.  It is available on the</description>
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  55.   <dc:date>2012-05-07</dc:date>
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  58.   <title> Nåw Thracian Gold at Green Days 2012</title>
  59.   <description>Organic and local produce from the Eastern Rhodopes will be presented at the stand of the Bulgarian-Dutch project New Thracian Gold (NTG) during Green days of 2012 - Spring festival of responsible tourism,  nature and healthy living,  from...</description>
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  61.   <dc:date>2012-04-19</dc:date>
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  64.   <title>Social Media Make the World a Better Place</title>
  65.   <description>\x93World is transparent.  There can\x92t be any limits to transparency,  as it leads to high ethical standards\x94 - said Maxim Behar today at the World Communication Forum opening in Davos.  He participated in the \x93Privacy vs.  Publicity in the...</description>
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  67.   <dc:date>2012-02-09</dc:date>
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  70.   <title>A Joint Press Statement of Czech Airlines and the Czech Air Line Pilots Association CSA (CZALPA)</title>
  71.   <description>The management of Czech Airlines and the Executive Council of the Czech Air Line Pilots Association CSA (CZALPA) agreed today on a resolution of the heightened situation in the Airline and the immediate discontinuation of strike readiness...</description>
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  73.   <dc:date>2011-12-15</dc:date>
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  76.   <title>The winners of the first competition Eastern Rhodopes \x96 taste the wild nature</title>
  77.   <description>Vladimir Sulov and Valentina Raykova are the winners of the first New Thracian gold - contest fort the most interesting itinerary and best photo from the Eastern Rhodopes. Vladimir Sulov wins the photo competition wit</description>
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  79.   <dc:date>2011-11-01</dc:date>
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  82.   <title>Welcome to Austria - Workshop in Sofia</title>
  83.   <description>Welcome to Austria!
  85. Ladies and Gentlemen,  dear colleagues!
  86. Seize the opportunity and meet some of Austrias most popular destinations,  Tourist Boards and Incoming Agencies during our workshop in Sofia.
  87. </description>
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  89.   <dc:date>2011-09-12</dc:date>
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  92.   <title>Second Open Day for Organic Farming In the Eastern Rhodopes</title>
  93.   <description>On 9 September,  the model organic farm in the village of Topolovo,  Madzharovo municipality,  which is supported by the Bulgarian-Dutch project The New Thracian Gold,  will be the place to be for farmers,  processors and the local...</description>
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  95.   <dc:date>2011-09-07</dc:date>
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  98.   <title>Bulgaria\x92s first Tarpans to be reintroduced in the Eastern Rhodopes</title>
  99.   <description>Early September Tarpans (wild horses) are planned to be reintroduced first time in Bulgaria in the region of the Eastern Rhodopes.  This unique introduction is part of the wilderness restoration activities of the Bulgarian-Dutch project...</description>
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  101.   <dc:date>2011-09-01</dc:date>
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  104.   <title>Only 8 % of Poor Bulgarian Kids Can Read</title>
  105.   <description>By 2012 primary and secondary schooling in Bulgaria will have to transform and provide skills and knowledge similar to those in the rest of the EU,  reported yesterday Marussia Lyubcheva,  former MEP.  After 2012 the common European...</description>
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  107.   <dc:date>2011-08-17</dc:date>
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  110.   <title>FinMin Djankov: Bulgaria is an example of fiscal discipline</title>
  111.   <description>The euro zone and the rest of the EU should learn from Bulgaria's example as far as strict fiscal stability is concerned,  Bulgarian Finance Minister Simeon Djankov has declared in interviews for major global media.
  112. In a series of...</description>
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  114.   <dc:date>2011-08-16</dc:date>
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  117.   <title>Bulgaria Negotiates Half of EU Funds till 2014</title>
  118.   <description>"Half of the EU finds provided for Bulgaria till 2014 have been sealed with contracts, " Bulgaria's Minister for EU Funds Management Tomislav Donchev stated in Brussels,  the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) reported.
  119. "We have signed...</description>
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  121.   <dc:date>2011-08-15</dc:date>
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  124.   <title>Sofia, Bulgaria, Rated Top European Bargain City for US Vacationers</title>
  125.   <description>Sofia has been ranked the most affordable European city for US travelers by TripAdvisor,  a travel review website based in Newton.
  126. The firm has based its list on what it calls a TripIndex,  which takes into account foreign currency...</description>
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  128.   <dc:date>2011-08-14</dc:date>
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  131.   <title>Bulgaria\x92s Black Hole Generation</title>
  132.   <description>The transition period in Bulgaria has given rise to a \x93black hole\x94 generation.  The results of the latest census carried out February have shown that there is a boom of illiteracy among the young people who have grown up after the collapse...</description>
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  134.   <dc:date>2011-08-13</dc:date>
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  137.   <title>Every Third Bulgarian Is an Inveterate Smoker</title>
  138.   <description>About 40% of the Bulgarians smoke cigarettes,  i. e.  almost every third Bulgarian is an addicted smoker,  shows the national statistics.
  139. Young Bulgarians between 15 and 24 years old,  who smoke regularly account for 28 % of the...</description>
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  141.   <dc:date>2011-08-13</dc:date>
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