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  6. <title>EXO-TOXIC</title>
  7. <description>Dangerous to others. Highly exo-toxic memes promote the destruction of persons other than their hosts, particularly those who are carriers of rival memes. As exo-toxic memes are a threat for our lives, what follows is a list of memes we should be careful with. </description>
  8. <link></link>
  9. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 0</title><description><![CDATA[ my wife [email protected]#$%^&*()_+{} !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 1</title><description><![CDATA[ Nazism ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 2</title><description><![CDATA[ Inquisition ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 3</title><description><![CDATA[ Pol Pot ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 4</title><description><![CDATA[ ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 5</title><description><![CDATA[ Deuteronomy - False prophets are to be (you guessed it) executed. How do you know who is a false prophet? By whether or not their predictions come true. (Watch out Jehovah\'s Witnesses!) 18:20  ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 6</title><description><![CDATA[ YOUR BLOG SUCKS PUNY PHATIC HUMAN! ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 7</title><description><![CDATA[ <IMG src=""> ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 8</title><description><![CDATA[ YOUR PHP CODE SUCKS TO! ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 9</title><description><![CDATA[ <img src=""> ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 10</title><description><![CDATA[ rss feeds ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 11</title><description><![CDATA[ ??? ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 12</title><description><![CDATA[ <img src=""> ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 13</title><description><![CDATA[ Hurricane, Bush could hurt Republicans? ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 14</title><description><![CDATA[ je vous mets tous , <B>aaaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!</B> . <BR>enfin en voiture parce que en moto je suis plutot une lopette... <BR>Enfin sur le jeu d\'arcade, parce que... <BR>bref ca interesse personne, je me casse ------------------------------> <B>Exit</B> ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 15</title><description><![CDATA[ Crepuscule ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 16</title><description><![CDATA[ qui donc a ecrit C R E P U S C   U    L          E ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 17</title><description><![CDATA[ PLEASE CLARIFY - cvs commit -add subthought ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 18</title><description><![CDATA[ on va fumer une clope ? ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 19</title><description><![CDATA[ Me. You have a sick mind whose ideas will lead the world to its end. ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 20</title><description><![CDATA[ Second hand smoking is the killer!!! you a sick pervert who just want to lock me in the toilets, and........... then, when I will be distracted, looking for a lighter, lighting up, then ... ]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 21</title><description><![CDATA[ Gram-Negative Bacteria & Endotoxemia - A Real One !! ]]></description><link></link></item>
  12. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 22 </title><description><![CDATA[exotoxic feed not working ??? <b> or what ? </b>]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 23 </title><description><![CDATA[newman]]></description><link></link></item>
  13. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 24 </title><description><![CDATA[yep... so easy to open the CDATA - capitalist deadbeat ;)]]></description><link></link></item>
  14. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 25 </title><description><![CDATA[Me]]></description><link></link></item>
  15. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 26 </title><description><![CDATA[L'homme est il le gardien de l'etre? ou la sentinelle du neant? ou les deux? ou juste un connard?]]></description><link></link></item><item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 27 </title><description><![CDATA[Forums]]></description><link></link></item>
  16. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 28 </title><description><![CDATA[<a href="/netocraticpartyplatform.htm">netocratic party platform</a>]]></description><link></link></item>
  18. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 29 </title><description><![CDATA[<img src="">]]></description><link></link></item>
  19. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 30 </title><description><![CDATA[Sorry dudes, I think you're having a Dawn moment here...]]></description><link></link></item>
  20. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 31 </title><description><![CDATA[Memetic is a for lazy cows who prefer sitting in front of their vitrailles than really experiencing the thrill of life.]]></description><link></link></item>
  21. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 32 </title><description><![CDATA[In the face of tragedy it's what holds people back from feeling the joy of clarity. Life is too short for tantra! Come on, get a life!]]></description><link></link></item>
  22. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 33 </title><description><![CDATA[flipping between an oxymoron and a blog redundancy]]></description><link></link></item>
  23. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 34 </title><description><![CDATA[I keep on receiving 23 signals into my neurosponge.]]></description><link></link></item>
  24. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 35 </title><description><![CDATA[Go meme 1.0]]></description><link></link></item>
  25. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 36 </title><description><![CDATA[Go meme *.0]]></description><link></link></item>
  26. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 37 </title><description><![CDATA[bucky-signals all over]]></description><link></link></item>
  27. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 38 </title><description><![CDATA[This information is top security. When you have read it, destroy yourself.]]></description><link></link></item>
  28. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 39 </title><description><![CDATA[.root unknown This is in root for unknown purpose, with only one entry (a TXT record). ]]></description><link></link></item>
  29. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 40 </title><description><![CDATA[1983 issue, "Rumania is banning possession or use oftypewriters by citizens...who pose a "danger to public order or state security". ]]></description><link></link></item>
  30. <item><title>EXO-TOXIC MEME 41 </title><description><![CDATA[fallism ]]></description><link></link></item>
  31. </channel></rss>

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