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  14. <title>OpenNTF Blog</title>
  15. <description>A Lotus Domino Weblog</description>
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  21. <title>OpenNTF Blog</title>
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  26. <title>Say hello to &quot;;</title>
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  28. <description><![CDATA[ &nbsp;
  29. We at
  30. are excited to launch our new brand -
  32. OpenNTF has a proven track history in building open source communities
  33. around interesting technologies and products, e.g. it was the incubinator
  34. for the success of ... ]]></description>
  35. <dc:creator>Christian Guedemann</dc:creator>
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  38. <content:encoded><![CDATA[ <img src="" alt="A picture named M2"/><font size='2' face="sans-serif">&nbsp;</font>
  39. <p><font size='2' face="sans-serif">We at </font><a href=><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><u></u></font></a><font size='2' face="sans-serif">
  40. are excited to launch our new brand - <b></b>.
  41. <br />
  42. OpenNTF has a proven track history in building open source communities
  43. around interesting technologies and products, e.g. it was the incubinator
  44. for the success of XPages. But let us welcome our newest member:</font>
  45. <p>
  46. <p><font size='4' face="sans-serif"><b></b></font>
  47. <p><font size='2' face="sans-serif">The intention behind
  48. is a very simple and short story! IBM Connections deserves a dedicated
  49. place where the Open Source Community can meet and collaborate in a creative
  50. way to build solutions and fix problems!</font>
  51. <p><font size='2' face="sans-serif">To celebrate the start of
  52. we have decide to organize the IBM Connections Customizer Contest. Learn
  53. more about it <a href=""
  54. title="here" target=_new>here</a>!</font>
  55. <p>
  56. <p><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Have fun!</font>
  57. <p><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Christian</font>
  58. <br /> ]]></content:encoded>
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  65. <title>OpenNTF Board of Directors - Call for Nominations</title>
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  67. <description><![CDATA[ It's the time of
  68. year when we invite anyone interested in participating in OpenNTF's Board
  69. of Directors to submit their names to ip-manager at
  72. Employees of member organizations may be nominated as a Member Director
  73. &#8211; with a two-year ... ]]></description>
  74. <dc:creator>Paul Withers</dc:creator>
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  77. <content:encoded><![CDATA[ <span style=" font-size:10pt;font-family:sans-serif">It's the time of
  78. year when we invite anyone interested in participating in OpenNTF's Board
  79. of Directors to submit their names to ip-manager at</span><span style=" font-size:12pt">
  80. <br />
  81. </span><span style=" font-size:10pt;font-family:sans-serif"><br />
  82. Employees of member organizations may be nominated as a Member Director
  83. &#8211; with a two-year term. &nbsp;There are four such board positions open
  84. for election. </span><span style=" font-size:12pt"><br />
  85. </span><span style=" font-size:10pt;font-family:sans-serif"><br />
  86. Contributors may be nominated as a Contributor Director &#8211; with a one year
  87. term. &nbsp;There are three such board positions open for election. &nbsp;<br />
  88. <br />
  89. The terms of four Member Directors whose term expires this October, &nbsp;Members
  90. whose terms expire this year may, of course, run again for another two
  91. year term. They are:<br />
  92. Oliver Busse - &nbsp;We4IT <br />
  93. Martin Donnelly - IBM <br />
  94. Nathan Freeman - Red Pill Development <br />
  95. Paul Withers - Intec Systems Ltd <br />
  96. <br />
  97. The terms of the three Contributor Directors expire this year. &nbsp;Again,
  98. they have the option of running again. &nbsp;They are: &nbsp; <br />
  99. Padraic Edwards <br />
  100. Johnny Oldenburger <br />
  101. Fredrik Norling </span><span style=" font-size:12pt"><br />
  102. </span><span style=" font-size:10pt;font-family:sans-serif"><br />
  103. Election schedule:<br />
  104. <br />
  105. Nominations open until September 23rd.<br />
  106. Circulation of Candidate Statements September 23rd<br />
  107. Voting from September 23rd to 30th</span><span style=" font-size:12pt">
  108. </span><span style=" font-size:10pt;font-family:sans-serif"><br />
  109. The winners take office on Oct 12th. </span>
  110. <br /> ]]></content:encoded>
  111. <pubDate>Wed, 23 Aug 2017 19:18:44 +0000</pubDate>
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  116. <item>
  117. <title>Social SDK - Bringing it to the next stage</title>
  118. <link></link>
  119. <description><![CDATA[ The big intention of IBM's Social Business
  120. Tookit was to make the IBM Connections API easy to consume from any Web
  121. / Java platform. And it still is! But how to proceed with the Social SDK
  122. in the time of Connections Pink?
  123. It seems to be the right moment, ... ]]></description>
  124. <dc:creator>Christian Guedemann</dc:creator>
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  127. <content:encoded><![CDATA[ <font size='2' face="sans-serif">The big intention of IBM's Social Business
  128. Tookit was to make the IBM Connections API easy to consume from any Web
  129. / Java platform. And it still is! But how to proceed with the Social SDK
  130. in the time of Connections Pink?</font>
  131. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">It seems to be the right moment, &nbsp;for
  132. IBM and the OpenNTF community to join forces and bring the Social SDK to
  133. the next stage. The community has already moved on with the SocialSDK for
  134. bugfixes and also enhancements. But now it's time to make the SocialSDK
  135. ready for the future. Please join the discussion about the direction of
  136. the Social SDK under </font><a href=><font size='2' face="sans-serif"></font></a>
  137. <br />
  138. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Why? Because you as a possible consumer
  139. of the SocialSDK are the right audience to bring your needs, wishes and
  140. dreams to the planning board. Help us to understand what Framework, Server
  141. and Tools you use. Give us feedback, how you have used the SocialSDK, what
  142. worked well for you and where you struggled.</font>
  143. <br />
  144. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Let us also know, if you want to help
  145. building the next version of the Social SDK</font>
  146. <br />
  147. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Have fun</font>
  148. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Christian</font>
  149. <br /> ]]></content:encoded>
  150. <pubDate>Mon, 03 Apr 2017 16:04:00 +0000</pubDate>
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  155. <item>
  156. <title>OpenAPI Specifications for Freebusy and Calendar available on OpenNTF&apos;s Github account and SmartNSF Beta 2 released</title>
  157. <link></link>
  158. <description><![CDATA[ The application development landscape of
  159. today's world is completely upside-down. While in the past a platform has
  160. to integrate all and should consume open standards, in today's world a
  161. platform should be capable of being integrated everywhere and ... ]]></description>
  162. <dc:creator>Christian Guedemann</dc:creator>
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  165. <content:encoded><![CDATA[ <font size='2' face="sans-serif">The application development landscape of
  166. today's world is completely upside-down. While in the past a platform has
  167. to integrate all and should consume open standards, in today's world a
  168. platform should be capable of <i>being </i>integrated everywhere and <i>providing
  169. </i>open standards. This shift is a logical consequence of the new paradigms
  170. of microservices and microservice-oriented architecture. While the previous
  171. times an application development platform had to provide as many services
  172. as possible to make the development easier, today's world is more pure
  173. then ever! But what to do with existing platforms like IBM Domino? Are
  174. all the services of IBM Domino only become obsolete because of a new development
  175. paradigm?</font>
  176. <br />
  177. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><b>IBM Domino: Rock-Solid, Low-TCO,
  178. and Over 25 Years of Proven Capabilities</b></font>
  179. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">IBM Domino delivers a lot of strong
  180. services, which are easy to consume if you use IBM Domino as a application
  181. development platform. In the beginning, the services where only available
  182. for IBM Notes applications, later via Java or COM API for other rich client
  183. platforms. With XPages, IBM began to deliver an extended application development
  184. experience, based on the at-the-time popular JSF Framework. XPages not
  185. only used JSF, it extended it with a lot of brilliant concepts. Even in
  186. today's microservice world, XPages is still one of the fastest and most
  187. complete application development platforms and there are thousands of applications
  188. developed by a huge community, running and bringing value to its users
  189. and customers! But instead of feeling proud of the value that these applications
  190. bring to their customers, for some different reasons a lot of developers
  191. feel themselves unworthy and lousy developers. </font>
  192. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">... But back on track. IBM Domino is
  193. still rock solid and, since FP8, has a recent Java runtime. Feature Pack
  194. 9 will bring Designer to the most recent Eclipse-based development platform.
  195. But that's not all!!</font>
  196. <br />
  197. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><b>REST APIs and SmartNSF</b></font>
  198. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">To make IBM Domino even more valuable,
  199. IBM is providing for the standard services of IBM Domino existing and newly-designed
  200. REST APIs. The following services are for the first phase in focus:</font>
  201. <br />
  202. <ul>
  203. <li><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Data Service</font>
  204. <li><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Calendar Service</font>
  205. <li><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Freebusy Service</font>
  206. <li><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Mail Service</font>
  207. <br />
  208. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">But there are more under discussion,
  209. like Directory Service, Configuration Service, and others.</font>
  210. <br />
  211. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">But only providing this service is<b>
  212. 20% of the work for success</b>. To support the adoption and usage of these
  213. services, IBM's Dave Delay has shared a set of OpenAPI Specification based
  214. files for <a href=""
  215. title="feebusy and calendar on OpenNTF's Github Repository" target=_new>freebusy
  216. and calendar on OpenNTF's Github Repository</a>. The OpenAPI Specification
  217. is today's standard for documenting REST APIs, and the tooling at
  218. leverages the OpenAPI Specification to generate source code for the server
  219. implementation and, even more importantly, the client code to consume and
  220. test the REST API.</font>
  221. <br />
  222. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><b>Complete the Story with SmartNSF</b></font>
  223. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Millions of IBM Notes Applications are
  224. still out there, providing value to their customers and covering valuable
  225. business needs. What to do with these applications? There are several proven
  226. approaches to modernize such an application. Starting with building XPages
  227. Applications, using frameworks like Aveedo, Darwino, or Sapho, or exposing
  228. the business logic via a REST API. And, to be honest, since version 5 it
  229. is possible to write REST APIs based on LotusScript agents, the Extension
  230. Library provides a proven REST Service Component, ODA has a REST service
  231. framework, and the XPages Toolkit provides a mechanism as well. So why
  232. write another REST API Framework (other than &quot;because it's fun&quot;)?</font>
  233. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">SmartNSF has a single purpose: inspired
  234. by Node.js, it lets you define a full REST API with a single file. It protects
  235. your business logic and lets you intercept the REST service calls with
  236. defined events. SmartNSF is designed for low- and medium-complexity IBM
  237. Notes applications and targets the existing Notes/Domino developer. You
  238. will be surprised about the simplicity of the approach, so give it a shot!
  239. We (Martin Jinoch and I) have released <a href=""
  240. title="Beta 2 and are working on Beta 3" target=_new>Beta
  241. 2 and are working on Beta 3</a>. Our target is to deliver Release
  242. 1.0 at Engage.UG. Release 1.0 should contain the capability to export the
  243. REST API as OpenAPI Specifications and will also contain a wizard to generate
  244. the REST API.</font>
  245. <br />
  246. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">I hope you now have an first impression
  247. and you can understand why REST services are so important. Again (and yes
  248. it's a repetition), today's application development platforms no longer
  249. have to integrate as much as possible: instead, they have to be ready to
  250. <i>be </i>integrated everywhere.</font>
  251. <br />
  252. <br />
  253. <br /></ul>
  254. <br /> ]]></content:encoded>
  255. <pubDate>Sat, 11 Mar 2017 14:22:08 +0000</pubDate>
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  259. </item>
  260. <item>
  261. <title>The winners of the IBM &amp; OpenNTF Hackathon 2017 @IBM Connect</title>
  262. <link></link>
  263. <description><![CDATA[ Thanks Alan Hamilton for producing and
  264. sharing ... ]]></description>
  265. <dc:creator>Christian Guedemann</dc:creator>
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  267. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  268. <content:encoded><![CDATA[ <font size='2' face="sans-serif">Thanks Alan Hamilton for producing and
  269. sharing this:</font>
  270. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><iframe width="560" height="315"
  271. src="" frameborder="0"
  272. allowfullscreen></iframe></font>
  273. <br /> ]]></content:encoded>
  274. <pubDate>Fri, 24 Feb 2017 14:53:26 +0000</pubDate>
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  276. <category></category>
  278. </item>
  279. <item>
  280. <title>Hackathon 2017 - A Unique Opportunity</title>
  281. <link></link>
  282. <description><![CDATA[ Dear friends,
  284. In only 2 weeks, we will do something
  285. that I was afraid to even dream of. After holding the ICS Developer Competition
  286. in 2016, we will hold the IBM and OpenNTF Hackathon @ IBM Connect 2017.
  287. Two weeks before the Hackathon, we have already ... ]]></description>
  288. <dc:creator>Christian Guedemann</dc:creator>
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  291. <content:encoded><![CDATA[ <font size='2' face="sans-serif">Dear friends,</font>
  292. <br />
  293. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">In only 2 weeks, we will do something
  294. that I was afraid to even dream of. After holding the ICS Developer Competition
  295. in 2016, we will hold the IBM and OpenNTF Hackathon @ IBM Connect 2017.
  296. Two weeks before the Hackathon, we have already achieved all of our targets:
  297. the type audience that we are and also the target numbers - 50 attendees
  298. two weeks before was our vision. We have nine really attractive projects
  299. with great project leaders (yes, they are really great!). We have a never
  300. before seen mix of customers, partner, students, IBM Champions, and IBMers
  301. like this. </font>
  302. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><img src="$File/Registration%20Status.PNG"
  303. alt="Registration Status.PNG" width="800px"/></font>
  304. <br />
  305. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">If you are not registered but are going
  306. to IBM Connect 2017, this is your last call! <a href=""
  307. title="Register" target=_new>Register</a> and join
  308. the party.</font>
  309. <br />
  310. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">This will be a huge amount of fun. I'm
  311. looking forward to Monday, February 20 to kick this off!</font>
  312. <br />
  313. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">All the best,</font>
  314. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Christian</font>
  315. <br /> ]]></content:encoded>
  316. <pubDate>Sat, 04 Feb 2017 14:12:31 +0000</pubDate>
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  318. <category></category>
  320. </item>
  321. <item>
  322. <title>Project Spotlight: HR Assistant</title>
  323. <link></link>
  324. <description><![CDATA[ Last year OpenNTF jointly hosted an ICS
  325. development contest with IBM with a difference: there had to be a team
  326. involved. The winners were Frank van der Linden and Frederic Dehedin. The
  327. application covered a variety of technologies, including Bluemix, ... ]]></description>
  328. <dc:creator>Paul Withers</dc:creator>
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  331. <content:encoded><![CDATA[ <font size='2' face="sans-serif">Last year OpenNTF jointly hosted an ICS
  332. development contest with IBM with a difference: there had to be a team
  333. involved. The winners were Frank van der Linden and Frederic Dehedin. The
  334. application covered a variety of technologies, including Bluemix, Cloudant,
  335. and Watson. It also used the Jackson JSON Mapper Frank also submitted to
  336. OpenNTF and which has been covered on this blog before. As well as being
  337. a competition winner, the project is of particular interest because it
  338. goes beyond the technologies typical of many OpenNTF projects. So much
  339. so that a session covering the application has been accepted not only for
  340. IBM Connect but also IBM InterConnect, as Frank covers in the post he has
  341. kindly penned below.</font>
  342. <table width=730 style="border-collapse:collapse;">
  343. <tr height=8>
  344. <td width=730 style="border-style:none none none none;border-color:#000000;border-width:0px 0px 0px 0px;padding:0px 0px;">
  345. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif"><b>Introduction</b></font>
  346. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">The Job of a Human Resources
  347. Employee is hard work, especially when it comes to handle hundreds or thousands
  348. of Job Applications. Often, the Cover Letters are coming in unstructured
  349. formats.. Keeping these data in order and prioritize interesting job applications
  350. can be difficult.</font>
  351. <br />
  352. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif"><b>The details</b></font>
  353. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">HR Assistant is an XPages
  354. application running on Bluemix and is leveraging IBM Watson services which
  355. are helping:</font>
  356. <ul>
  357. <li><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">Using the Tone Analyzer
  358. to get the emotions of the cover letter and job descriptions. </font>
  359. <li><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">Using Personality Insights
  360. to get more insights of the applicant </font>
  361. <li><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">Using Alchemy Language
  362. to get the keywords used in the text in jobs and job applications. </font></ul><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">&nbsp;</font>
  363. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">We have decided not to
  364. store the data the traditional way in a Notes database, but in IBM Cloudant
  365. datastore.</font>
  366. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">The main reason to use
  367. Cloudant was to experience a new NoSQL data store. In the end it was a
  368. good decision, because the returned data of the IBM Watson service where
  369. pretty big, and with Cloudant we where not hitting any limitations.</font>
  370. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">More details about the
  371. application, see the blog of </font><a href=""><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><u>Frederic</u></font></a><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">
  372. and </font><a href=""><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><u>me</u></font></a>
  373. <br /><a href=""><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><u></u></font></a>
  374. <br /><a href=""><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><u></u></font></a>
  375. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">&nbsp;</font>
  376. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif"><b>The heavy lifting</b></font>
  377. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">The application make use
  378. of 2 external OSGi plugins to do the heavy lifting of JSON Conversion and
  379. connection with Cloudant. </font>
  380. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">The OSGi plugins, including
  381. the update sites can be found in the Bitbucket repositories.</font>
  382. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">Cloudant connector -&nbsp;</font><a href=""><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><u></u></font></a>
  383. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">Jackson Mapper plugin
  384. -&nbsp;</font><a href=""><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><u></u></font></a>
  385. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">&nbsp;</font>
  386. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif"><b>Learn more</b></font>
  387. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">At </font><a href=""><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><u>IBM
  388. Connect</u></font></a><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">, Thursday
  389. 23rd February 8 AM in San Francisco and at </font><a href=""><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><u>IBM
  390. InterConnect</u></font></a><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">,
  391. 22nd March 2 PM in LasVegas I will present a session about this application.
  392. In this session I will give more details about how we integrated the IBM
  393. Watson services and store it in IBM Cloudant and the lessons learned.</font>
  394. <br />
  395. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif"><b>Links</b></font>
  396. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">The Application is available
  397. here:&nbsp;</font><a href=""><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><u></u></font></a>
  398. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">And the source code is
  399. available on Github: </font><a href=""><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><u></u></font></a></table>
  400. <br />
  401. <br /> ]]></content:encoded>
  402. <pubDate>Sun, 22 Jan 2017 22:32:17 +0000</pubDate>
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  404. <category>xpages</category>
  405. <category>cloudant</category>
  406. <category>contest</category>
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  409. <item>
  410. <title>Learn, Share and, Collaborate - The Monday Before IBM Connect is YOUR Day</title>
  411. <link></link>
  412. <description><![CDATA[
  413. Lotusphere/IBM Connect/IBM ConnectED
  414. have always been great events and it's absolutely natural to expect the
  415. same for this year's edition. A glance through the session list shows that
  416. the conference should meet that expectation.
  418. But for me, as a ... ]]></description>
  419. <dc:creator>Christian Guedemann</dc:creator>
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  422. <content:encoded><![CDATA[ <font size='2' face="sans-serif"><img src="$File/Connect-hackathon-tile-1.jpg"
  423. alt="Connect-hackathon-tile-1.jpg"/></font>
  424. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Lotusphere/IBM Connect/IBM ConnectED
  425. have always been great events and it's absolutely natural to expect the
  426. same for this year's edition. A glance through the session list shows that
  427. the conference should meet that expectation.</font>
  428. <br />
  429. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><b>But for me, as a developer, there
  430. was always something missing at these events:</b> the hands on experience.
  431. Yes, there where labs (which I enjoy), but try to do something cool and
  432. crazy. Work together with other developer and do something special. There
  433. was no time - too many good sessions, too many good opportunities to talk
  434. with friends, customers, experts, and executives.</font>
  435. <br />
  436. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif"><b>This year, IBM and OpenNTF have joined
  437. together to something special</b>. We will hold a Hackathon on Monday,
  438. the day before IBM Connect. 10 Teams, each with 10 people, 10 hours (that
  439. was the vision). And each team solves an individual project, lead by Project
  440. Leader from the community. All teams should be staffed with people from
  441. the community, local students, and IBMers.</font>
  442. <br />
  443. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Our target is to break boundaries and
  444. integrate cognitive into all kinds of applications. It starts with giving
  445. Domino Domain Monitor the capability to send messages to Twitter (and maybe
  446. also direct to Watson Workspaces?); we will extend IBM Verse; we will use
  447. IBM Watson Work Services to analyze emails that are processed in a service
  448. desk; and we will customize IBM Connections Cloud.</font>
  449. <br />
  450. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">This day will become the day where your
  451. hunger for new and exiting stuff is satisfied!</font>
  452. <br />
  453. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Do we have prizes for the winners and
  454. runners up? Yes, care of OpenNTF:</font>
  455. <br />
  456. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">$1000 for the winner</font>
  457. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">$500 for the first runner up</font>
  458. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">$250 for the second runner up</font>
  459. <br />
  460. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Already registered for IBM Connect?
  461. Extend your stay and <a href=""
  462. title="signup for the Hackathon 2017" target=_new>sign up
  463. for the Hackathon 2017</a>.</font>
  464. <br /> ]]></content:encoded>
  465. <pubDate>Mon, 16 Jan 2017 08:48:54 +0000</pubDate>
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  467. <category></category>
  469. </item>
  470. <item>
  471. <title>While we are celebrating 15 Years of OpenNTF - Another era has come to a well deserved end!</title>
  472. <link></link>
  473. <description><![CDATA[ 15 Years old! Founded as Notes Open Source
  474. Software and renamed to OpenNTF, has become 15 years old. I
  475. think the founders of OpenNTF - Bruce Elgort and Nathan T. Freeman, and
  476. also Vince Shuurman who was involved in the early years of OpenNTF - ... ]]></description>
  477. <dc:creator>Christian Guedemann</dc:creator>
  478. <comments></comments>
  479. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  480. <content:encoded><![CDATA[ <font size='2' face="sans-serif">15 Years old! Founded as Notes Open Source
  481. Software and renamed to OpenNTF, has become 15 years old. I
  482. think the founders of OpenNTF - Bruce Elgort and Nathan T. Freeman, and
  483. also Vince Shuurman who was involved in the early years of OpenNTF - did
  484. not imagine how important OpenNTF would become after all these years. OpenNTF,
  485. the home of the Extension Library, the home of over 850 projects, and the
  486. place where IBM ICS learned how to reintegrate open source code in to a
  487. core product. While people with a strong charisma like Bruce have made
  488. OpenNTF popular and advocates like Niklas Heidloff have demonstrated the
  489. enormous value and power of Open Source and OpenNTF, <b>there was another
  490. man involved in the success of OpenNTF like no other.</b></font>
  491. <br />
  492. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">The formal title was<b> IP Manager</b>,
  493. but <b>Peter Tanner was more</b>. He was the conscience of OpenNTF. He
  494. gave OpenNTF everything that an open source community needs. His knowledge
  495. about intellectual property rights, licences, and how to build an organisation
  496. that has clear processes on how to publish software is more valuable than
  497. gold. But now the time has come for his second retirement. We had the pleasure
  498. and also the financial power to hire the services of Peter for one last
  499. year, but this year ends now. He will pass his duty to a young brilliant
  500. mind with the name Jesse Gallagher and we wish Jesse all the best for this
  501. important position.</font>
  502. <br />
  503. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">And Peter, I want to thank you personally
  504. for all the time you spent on OpenNTF, for all the work and discussions
  505. we had together, and for introducing the idea of open source to me and
  506. connecting me to the big world of open source community. Yes, we will miss
  507. you, for sure, but all good things comes to a end, and I wish you all the
  508. best in your second retirement. Enjoy travelling around the world!</font>
  509. <br />
  510. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">Christian</font>
  511. <br /><font size='2' face="sans-serif">OpenNTF Chairman</font>
  512. <br /> ]]></content:encoded>
  513. <pubDate>Fri, 16 Dec 2016 19:19:34 +0000</pubDate>
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  515. <category>openntf opensource peter tanner</category>
  517. </item>
  518. <item>
  519. <title>Contributor Elections</title>
  520. <link></link>
  521. <description><![CDATA[ The OpenNTF Contributor election
  522. results are in - and the winners are:&nbsp;
  524. Padraic Edwards, Fredrik Norling and Johnny Oldenburger.
  526. Congratulations to all the candidates. &nbsp;It was a good race, and we
  527. appreciate the involvement of all those who ... ]]></description>
  528. <dc:creator>Oliver Busse</dc:creator>
  529. <comments></comments>
  530. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  531. <content:encoded><![CDATA[ <font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif">The OpenNTF Contributor election
  532. results are in - and the winners are:</font><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="Arial">&nbsp;</font>
  533. <br /><font size='2' color=#2f2f2f face="sans-serif"><br />
  534. Padraic Edwards, Fredrik Norling and Johnny Oldenburger.<br />
  535. <br />
  536. Congratulations to all the candidates. &nbsp;It was a good race, and we
  537. appreciate the involvement of all those who participated, whether by running
  538. or voting. &nbsp;</font>
  539. <br /> ]]></content:encoded>
  540. <pubDate>Mon, 26 Sep 2016 11:39:13 +0000</pubDate>
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  545. </channel>
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