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  8. <description>AtomicInternet Web Hosting/Development News</description>
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  18. <title>Network Topology Update</title>
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  21. <pubDate>Sat, 1 Feb  2020 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
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  24. <description><![CDATA[While my MSPaint skills shone strongly in my <a href="/upload/topology_v3.jpg">previous network map</a>, I decided to upgrade to a more specific software package for the <a href="/upload/full_topology.jpg">latest version</a>.  I also included my wireless devices, because when you've got topology tools as slick as this then why not.]]></description>
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  26. <title>South Camera Relocate</title>
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  28. <comments>;startat=1539#09-22-2019</comments>
  29. <pubDate>Sun, 22 Sep  2019 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
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  32. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/camera_day.jpg"><img src="" class="right" /></a>With my neighbor consistently having tall vehicles filling his entire driveway, it was time to change my view from <a href="/upload/camera_before.jpg">obscured</a> to <a href="/upload/camera_after.jpg">empowered</a>.  After a <a href="/upload/brad_head.jpg">quick trip up the ladder</a> and some re-routing of wires, my south facing camera <a href="/upload/camera_night.jpg">rises above the noise</a>.]]></description>
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  34. <title>Surge Protected HVAC</title>
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  37. <pubDate>Fri, 13 Sep  2019 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
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  40. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/hvac_disconnect.jpg"><img src="" class="right" /></a>After what I assume was an electrical storm shorted my blower motor in my HVAC, I decided it was time to add some surge protection for the most expensive electronic device in my house.  The <a href="">Intermatic AG3000</a> fit the bill for $50, and is a much cheaper option compared to replacing a blower motor.  After my <a href="">virtual electrician</a> blessed my modifications, I flipped the breaker and basked in the confident <a href="/upload/hvac_glow.jpg">surge protected glow</a> of the AG3000.  I'm hoping the AC compressor is more resilient to power spikes due to it's much simpler (and logic board-less) design and can survive without one, but only the next storm will truly tell.]]></description>
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  42. <title>Solar Panel Glory</title>
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  45. <pubDate>Tue, 10 Sep  2019 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
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  48. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/panels.jpg"><img src="" width="80" class="right" /></a>  Bing Birdseye has finally caught up with my <a href="/solar/">solar panel</a> installation, eliminating my need to borrow Steve's drone for some updated photos.  I can now <a href="/upload/panels.jpg">gaze on their 3.14 kWh capacity glory</a> whenever I feel like it without the need for ladders or drones.]]></description>
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  50. <title>Upgrade to 1440p Security DVR</title>
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  52. <comments>;startat=1536#03-06-2019</comments>
  53. <pubDate>Wed, 6 Mar  2019 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  54. <category>General</category>
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  56. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/security_temp.jpg"><img src="" class="right" /></a>With my trusty Samsung SDR-B74301N starting to show it's age with *only* 1080p video, I decided to jump on a deal for the Annke DT81DP.  While not quite 4K, it uses the same analog video cables I already ran and has a significant resolution bump.  It also uses the new H.265 HEVC video format that significantly reduces video size.  The trade-off being the yuvj pixel format it uses is not yet widely supported, so  I have to convert to yuv with ffmpeg before I can do anything with it. The 8 kHz, 64 kb/s audio is also apparently too low quality for Windows to recognize, so if anyone else has trouble playing downloaded the video I'm including the command to convert it below:<code>ffmpeg -i %1 -c:v copy -c:a aac -ar 48000 -b:a 176k -ac 2 -pix_fmt yuv420p -f mp4 %2</code>Today was also the coldest day of the year so far, and the handy HDD temp monitor reported 28C.   I'm curious to see what it will read in July ]]></description>
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  58. <title>All Xboxes Wired</title>
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  60. <comments>;startat=1535#02-24-2019</comments>
  61. <pubDate>Sun, 24 Feb  2019 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  62. <category>General</category>
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  64. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/topology_switch.jpg"><img src="" class="right" /></a>My last wireless Xbox has itched at me long enough to warrant a 6th network switch. With my exterior walls insulated and not easily accommodating a network wire, I was forced to use a plastic wire hiding tray which looks at least presentable and finally delivers reliable gigabit Ethernet.  Having run out of devices that accept wired Ethernet, my <a href="/upload/topology_v3.jpg">latest topology map</a> should last me for some time.]]></description>
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  66. <title>WRT32X DLNA Server Success</title>
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  68. <comments>;startat=1534#02-20-2019</comments>
  69. <pubDate>Wed, 20 Feb  2019 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  70. <category>General</category>
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  72. <description><![CDATA[While my Linksys WRT32XB is amazing at network routing, it's lack of a media sharing server has been a sore spot.  Today I discovered that will no longer be the case, as a whole new world of SSH configuration was made known to me.  After following <a href="">this article</a>, I discovered I only needed three lines total to <a href="/upload/dlna_success.jpg">enable a DLNA server</a> on my router:<p><code>ssh [email protected]<br />[email protected]: opkg update<br />[email protected]: opkg install minidlna</code></p>you'll need to configure where it should look for media with the following command:<p><code>[email protected]: vim /tmp/minidlna.conf</code></p>A note that may hopefully help any fellow WRT32XB DLNA server hopefuls is to force a rescan after it's installed.  You can do this by running "ps" and finding the process id that minidlna is running under, then type "kill ###" where ### is the process id.  After that you can force the rescan with this:<p><code>[email protected]: kill 12924<br />[email protected]: /usr/bin/minidlna -R -f /tmp/minidlna.conf</code></p>It's important you include the -f so it knows the config file to use when it rescans.  You can see from <a href="">my minidlna log</a> where it initially found 0 files, and when it actually found them on the forced rescan.  If you see "finished (0 files)!" try the rescan line above.]]></description>
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  74. <title>Xbox Launch Team Collection</title>
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  77. <pubDate>Sun, 17 Feb  2019 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
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  80. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/xbox_launch.jpg"><img src="" class="right" /></a>After spotting Xbox 360 Launch Team Xboxes on eBay for over $1k, then spotting Xbox One Launch Team Xboxes on eBay for under $300, I decided I could fool myself into believing I was making an investment and <a href="/upload/xbox_launch.jpg">bought two</a>.  While one has a stained controller, and the other has some rough plastic wear, I'm encouraged by my neighbor who says he can polish the plastic smooth and hopefully bring it back to pristine.  In reality it's purely fanboy motivated, but I also pretend I'm making a long term investment.]]></description>
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  82. <title>Wired Network Expansion</title>
  83. <link></link>
  84. <comments>;startat=1532#01-11-2019</comments>
  85. <pubDate>Fri, 11 Jan  2019 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  86. <category>General</category>
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  88. <description><![CDATA[It was only a matter of time before I decided to torture myself with another trip to the attic, this time to give my projector network cable some company. My WRT32X sends sufficient signal to cover all wireless Xboxes, but two of them are next to interior walls and were begging for network drops.  After an hour of cursing and leg cramps, I now have only one remaining Xbox that still relies on wireless signal (the one on an exterior wall).  My new <a href="/upload/attic_switch.jpg">attic switch</a> is hopefully the last thing I install in that cursed area of my house.  Oh hey, it's time for an <a href="/upload/topology_v2.jpg">updated network topology</a>.]]></description>
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  90. <title>Xbox Update x4</title>
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  92. <comments>;startat=1531#11-14-2018</comments>
  93. <pubDate>Wed, 14 Nov  2018 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  94. <category>General</category>
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  96. <description><![CDATA[Today my Xbox(s) gain mouse/keyboard support, so I thought it was appropriate to catch them all updating together.  Total update was less than 500MB, so whatever magic they have now wasn't very heavy.<a href="/upload/XboxUpdate.jpg"><img src="" /></a>]]></description>
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  98. <title>Upgrade to GLAS</title>
  99. <link></link>
  100. <comments>;startat=1530#11-07-2018</comments>
  101. <pubDate>Wed, 7 Nov  2018 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  102. <category>General</category>
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  104. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/glas_cooling.jpg"><img src="" class="right" /></a>Not satisfied with my NEST thermostats perfect operational record, I decided it was time to complicate my life with a less popular, less supported but much better looking smart thermostat.  Enter the GLAS.  I knew it was Windows 10 IOT based, but you couldn't really tell until it prompted me for my <a href="/upload/glas_login.jpg">Microsoft login</a> and then of course the Cortana integration also gave it away.  It reported as "Windows Phone" to my router, so clearly the remains of that ecosystem have found a new home in this thermostat.  My Microsoft fanboy satisfied, I quickly learned how limited it is compared to the NEST, save for the awesome touchscreen and <a href="/upload/glas_air_quality.jpg">air quality monitoring</a>.  Since I'm not a thermostat power user it suits my needs, but definitely a step down in terms of features from the NEST.  Hopefully that's rectified by future software updates because it <a href="/upload/glas_heating.jpg">looks</a> <a href="/upload/glas_cooling.jpg">amazing</a>.]]></description>
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  106. <title>Wired Network Goes Pure CAT6</title>
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  108. <comments>;startat=1529#10-22-2018</comments>
  109. <pubDate>Mon, 22 Oct  2018 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  110. <category>General</category>
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  112. <description><![CDATA[Tired of wireless connection drops with my solar controller, and still trying to figure out a solution for my security camera DVR when the power is out, I decided it was time to make a proper networking solution.  I routed all the outside wires that run upstairs and to my office into the garage, and ran wires from the solar controller and security camera DVR.  I then ran an extension cord from the security camera DVR UPS to power the new switch that <a href="/upload/garage_router.jpg">all 4 cables now plug into</a>.  Now I'm 100% proper CAT6 cabled to all my wired devices, with no more powerline adapters.  I was so excited I immediately drew a <a href="/upload/topology.jpg">network topology</a>.]]></description>
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  114. <title>Xbox One X SSD Upgrade</title>
  115. <link></link>
  116. <comments>;startat=1528#10-13-2018</comments>
  117. <pubDate>Sat, 13 Oct  2018 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  118. <category>General</category>
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  120. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/WP_20181013_13_27_06_Pro.jpg"><img src="" class="right" /></a>Senator Kelley is a well known jerk for making me spend money on hardware I don't need.  That said, he mentioned upgrading his PS4 Pro - Kevin Edition with a new hard drive and I immediately had to one-up him and upgrade my Xbox One X.  I chose the <a href="">Samsung 860 EVO 1TB</a> drive because SSD and same size as my current crappy 5200 factory drive, although I soon learned the factory drive is actually a 960GB because false marketing.  A quick review of <a href="">this video</a> and the stock ST100LM035 was free of it's prison.  <a href="">Clonezilla Live</a> then <a href="/upload/WP_20181013_13_27_06_Pro.jpg">imaged it over</a> to my new drive and I magically had an SSD enabled Xbox One X.  Sadly, the 7 partitions only used 960GB and I was too scared to expand the data partition, so I hid a bunch of illegal documents in the extra unaddressable 40GB.  System and game bootups are all pretty much 5 seconds faster, so nowhere near making the $150 upgrade price worth it.  The Senator is rightly jealous though which makes up the rest of the gap.]]></description>
  121. </item> <item>
  122. <title>Home Theater Dolby Atmos Upgrade</title>
  123. <link></link>
  124. <comments>;startat=1527#07-18-2018</comments>
  125. <pubDate>Wed, 18 Jul  2018 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  126. <category>General</category>
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  128. <description><![CDATA[<a href=""><img src="" class="right" width="125" alt="Dolby Atmos" /></a>At the behest of every tech magazine I read, I decided my <a href="/news.asp?startat=article&article=1220">5.1 surround system</a> was in need of an upgrade.  No sooner did I put the idea of a new receiver in my head, than Woot <a href="">obliged me with a sale</a>.  My existing 5.1 8 ohm speakers were up to the task, save for two additional ceiling mounted ones for the final <a href="">5.1.2 configuration</a> for the minimum Atmos experience.  A quick trip to hell (my attic) and I was ceiling speaker enabled.  Having already upgraded to an <a href="">Optoma UHD60</a> last year, I was now Atmos and 4K HDR equipped.  My <a href="">Xbox One X</a> began pumping out all the goodies immediately, save for the Blu-Ray of Oblivion which for some reason only gave me Dolby True HD instead of Atmos despite supporting it.  I'm almost happy I have one last configuration item to pick at, as long as it's a minor one. All the "demos" work perfectly in crisp object oriented Dolby Atmos glory.  Full equipment list below:<br />Receiver: <a href="">Yamaha TSR-5810</a>, Projector: <a href="">Optoma HD60</a><br />Source: Xbox One X, Screen: 10ft x 6ft x 15ft throw<br />Speakers: <a href="">Klipsch HD Theater 300</a> + two ceiling speakers]]></description>
  129. </item> <item>
  130. <title>This Server Will Live Forever!</title>
  131. <link></link>
  132. <comments>;startat=1526#06-12-2018</comments>
  133. <pubDate>Tue, 12 Jun  2018 15:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  134. <category>General</category>
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  136. <description><![CDATA[<a href="/upload/server_large.jpg"><img src="" class="right" alt="New Server" /></a>After powering down my latest alt-coin miner and reducing my total power footprint to a 50 watt PC, I finally found a server that only requires 5 watts.  I upgraded the <a href="">ASUS VivoStick TS10-B017D</a> to a full Win10 Pro and now host this server off of it.  At 5 watts, I can happily run a local server indefinitely in this age of cloud computing.  I keep kicking myself for not saving my BBS, so this server will live on as long as it can in it's current 1990s design style.  Hopefully I get more sections operational, so for now you'll be greeted with a large number of 500 or 404 responses.]]></description>
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