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  5. <title>TecInnovEnt Home Page</title>
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  7. <description>Promoting Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIE) for nation-building, firm growth and startup success</description>
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  9. <category>Business</category>
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  11. <title>TecInnovent Portfolio</title>
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  13. <description>An eStore selling eBook, paperback or hardcopy versions of the trilogy on Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship published recently by Patri K. Venuvinod via,, and Smashwords. Discounts are available on paperback editions.</description>
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  16. <title>TecInnovEnt Publications</title>
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  18. <description>Publications of potential interest to tecinnovent community authored by Venuvinod and his associates.</description>
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  21. <title>Machining Science</title>
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  23. <description>Machining science, Theory of metal cutting, Machine tool design, Rotary tools, Oblique cutting, Resricted contact, Vee cutting, Cutting forces, Cutting temperatures, Tool wear, Tool Life, Taylor constant, Machining databases, Artificial intelligence, Neural nets, Lower boundary of shear zone, Chip curl,Error compensation</description>
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  26. <title>Automation Systems</title>
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  28. <description>Automation, Robots, Rapid prototyping, Computer-aided design, CAD/CAM,  Computer-aided manufacture, Compurer-aided process planning, Flexible automation, Flexible manufacture, Assmbly automation, Hybrid automation, Modeling, Sensing, Learning, Artificila intelligence, Neural nets, Expert systems, Case-based reasoning, Inspection planning</description>
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  31. <title>Mechatronics</title>
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  33. <description>Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Computers, Synergy</description>
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  36. <title>Engineering Management</title>
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  38. <description>Engineering management, Mangement of technological innovation, Productivity, Quality, Innovation, Globalization, Entrepreneurship, National culture, Corporate culture, Creativity</description>
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  41. <title>Education and Community</title>
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  43. <description>Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Culture, Creativity, Education, Postgraduate education, Startup, Globalization, Competition</description>
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  46. <title>Assorted Videos</title>
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  48. <description>Videos on Chip Formation, Programmable Kitchen System, Robotic Kitchen, Mechatronic Projects, etc. by Venuvinod and associates</description>
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  51. <title>TecInnovEnt Free Podcast</title>
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  53. <description>Audio renderings of excerpts from the trilogy titled Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIE) and published recently by Patri K. Venuvinod. Each day you can listen to one chapter from Part I: My World, My Nation, one from Part II: My Firm, and one from Part III: My Startup.</description>
  54. <category>Education</category>
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  57. <title>TechInnovEnt Blog</title>
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  59. <description>Contributions to this page are welcome</description>
  60. <category>Education</category>
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  62. <item>
  63. <title>Can Montessori Philosophy of Education be Extended to Higher Levels of Learning?</title>
  64. <link></link>
  65. <description>How to promote creativity education at the university-level</description>
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  67. <item>
  68. <title>Why do South Korean Students Excel?</title>
  69. <link></link>
  70. <description>Should US schools mimic Korean emphasis on rote learning?</description>
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  72. <item>
  73. <title>What is Good for Technology is Good for the Country</title>
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  75. <description>In praise of technology as the main path towards material prosperity  </description>
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  77. <item>
  78. <title>What Do 21st Century Learners Want?</title>
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  80. <description>Creativity versus rote learning</description>
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  82. <item>
  83. <title>Anytime, Anywhere Classes: Does a University Need a Campus Anymore?</title>
  84. <link></link>
  85. <description>Impact of the Internet on universities</description>
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  87. <item>
  88. <title>Newer Teaching Methodologies for Newer Times</title>
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  90. <description>21st century education</description>
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  92. <item>
  93. <title>The End of Autocracy in Libya</title>
  94. <link></link>
  95. <description>Venuvinod's trilogy predicted the end of autocracy in Libya--and a few other countries</description>
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  97. <item>
  98. <title>Akash, ipad, Steve Jobs</title>
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  100. <description>A step towards ubiquitous e-learning in India</description>
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