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  3. <channel>
  4. <ttl>60</ttl>
  5. <title>Spiderpost Educational Productions</title>
  6. <link></link>
  7. <language>en-us</language>
  8. <copyright>&#xA9; 2006 David R. Beattie</copyright>
  9. <itunes:subtitle>Videos that Educate and Inform</itunes:subtitle>
  10. <itunes:author>David Beattie</itunes:author>
  11. <itunes:summary>Spiderpost Educational Productions is a Podcast mainly for the Bishop Dunne Catholic School community. However, many current topics will be explored here. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Music Store</itunes:summary>
  12. <description>Spiderpost Educational Productions are video podcasts developed with Sony cameras and Apple iLife software. Mainly designed to share current events within our community, these podcasts are intended to serve as both educational and inspirational publications. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Music Store</description>
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  14. <itunes:name>David Beattie</itunes:name>
  15. <itunes:email>[email protected]</itunes:email>
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  18. <itunes:category text="Education">
  19. <itunes:category text="K-12"/>
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  21. <itunes:explicit>clean</itunes:explicit>
  22. <item>
  23. <title>Okie Noodlin' Festival</title>
  24. <itunes:author>David Beattie</itunes:author>
  25. <itunes:subtitle>Fun with Catfish in Paul's Valley Oklahoma</itunes:subtitle>
  26. <itunes:summary>On Saturday 8 July 2006 the Dog Inspector, Mean Bill, and I took a road trip to the 7th annual Okie Noodlin' Festival in Paul's Valley Oklahoma.</itunes:summary>
  27. <enclosure url="" length="65204721" type="video/x-m4v"/>
  28. <guid></guid>
  29. <pubDate>Mon, 10 Jul 2006 04:00:00 EST</pubDate>
  30. <itunes:duration>10:36</itunes:duration>
  31. <itunes:keywords>video, oklahoma, education, catfish</itunes:keywords>
  32. </item>
  33. <item>
  34. <title>Bishop Dunne Catholic School Video</title>
  35. <itunes:author>David Beattie</itunes:author>
  36. <itunes:subtitle>Promotional Video of the Bishop Dunne Catholic School Mission and Environment</itunes:subtitle>
  37. <itunes:summary>Take a journey into the lives of the people who come together each day to make Bishop Dunne the greatest school experience on the planet.</itunes:summary>
  38. <enclosure url="" length="83768760" type="video/x-m4v"/>
  39. <guid></guid>
  40. <pubDate>Thu, 26 Apr 2007 21:10:00 EST</pubDate>
  41. <itunes:duration>10:16</itunes:duration>
  42. <itunes:keywords>video, school, education, catholic</itunes:keywords>
  43. </item>
  44. <item>
  45. <title>Bishop Dunne Catholic School Drum Line Performance</title>
  46. <itunes:author>David Beattie</itunes:author>
  47. <itunes:subtitle>Performance by the BDCS Drum Line at Bishop Dunne</itunes:subtitle>
  48. <itunes:summary>An encore performance by the Bishop Dunne Catholic School Drum Line to celebrate their recent win at the competition on Saturday 28 April 2007 at the annual "Sandy Lake Park Music Fest" in Dallas.</itunes:summary>
  49. <enclosure url="" length="181436256" type="video/x-m4v"/>
  50. <guid></guid>
  51. <pubDate>Fri, 04 May 2007 14:35:00 EST</pubDate>
  52. <itunes:duration>14:52</itunes:duration>
  53. <itunes:keywords>drums, school, education, catholic</itunes:keywords>
  54. </item>
  55. <item>
  56. <title>A-Kon Nineteen</title>
  57. <itunes:author>David Beattie</itunes:author>
  58. <itunes:subtitle>A Celebration of Japanese Anime at A-Kon 19 in Dallas</itunes:subtitle>
  59. <itunes:summary>One Saturday in Dallas at A-Kon.  Anime characters come to life and everyone rejoices in a common fantasy.</itunes:summary>
  60. <enclosure url="" length="310359106" type="video/x-m4v"/>
  61. <guid></guid>
  62. <pubDate>Thu, 25 Sep 2008 20:21:00 EST</pubDate>
  63. <itunes:duration>50:11</itunes:duration>
  64. <itunes:keywords>anime, japan, fantasy, events</itunes:keywords>
  65. <itunes:explicit>clean</itunes:explicit>
  66. </item>
  67. <item>
  68. <title>Sister Helen Prejean - Dead Man Walking</title>
  69. <itunes:author>David Beattie</itunes:author>
  70. <itunes:subtitle>GeoTech Lecture Series at Bishop Dunne Catholic School Presents Helen Prejean</itunes:subtitle>
  71. <itunes:summary>On November 3, 2014, Sister Helen Prejean spoke to the faculty and students of Bishop Dunne Catholic School about her novel Dead Man Walking and how she has become involved in Death Penalty reform.</itunes:summary>
  72. <enclosure url="" length="592377505" type="video/x-mp4"/>
  73. <guid></guid>
  74. <pubDate>Mon, 3 Nov 2014 17:10:00 EST</pubDate>
  75. <itunes:duration>56:25</itunes:duration>
  76. <itunes:keywords>death penalty, GeoTech, social justice, speaker</itunes:keywords>
  77. <itunes:explicit>clean</itunes:explicit>
  78. </item>
  79. </channel>
  80. </rss>

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