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  3.            <atom:link href="" rel="self" type="application/rss+xml" />                <title>Kubasaki High School Alumni Asso</title>                <link></link>                <description>Feed of Reunions and Reunion Planning News Available over the public airwaves.  News is provided by the actual planners.</description>                <language>en-us</language>                <image>                    <title></title>                    <url></url>                    <link></link>                    <width></width>                    <height></height>                </image><item>                <title>Class of 2001 Reunion </title>                <link></link>
  4.                <pubDate></pubDate>                <description>The Class of 2001 is Planning a Reunion - We are anxiously awaiting details!></description>
  5.                <guid>Class of 2001 Reunion </guid>                </item><item>                <title>July 2009 Reunion Las Vegas</title>                <link></link>
  6.                <pubDate></pubDate>                <description>Got some time to go to Vegas? July 15 through 18 2009 - All Years Invited></description>
  7.                <guid>July 2009 Reunion Las Vegas</guid>                </item><item>                <title>Class of 1989 20 Year Reunion La</title>                <link></link>
  8.                <pubDate></pubDate>                <description>June 12 through 14 2009. Closed event - Class of 1989 Only - There is no public website that we know of.></description>
  9.                <guid>Class of 1989 20 Year Reunion La</guid>                </item><item>                <title>July 2009 80s Decade Reunion - P</title>                <link></link>
  10.                <pubDate></pubDate>                <description>July 9 through 12 2009 - All Years Welcome, however, Reunion geared toward the 1980s Grads.></description>
  11.                <guid>July 2009 80s Decade Reunion - P</guid>                </item><item>                <title>Latest Message About the '80s De</title>                <link></link>
  12.                <pubDate></pubDate>                <description>In just a few short weeks we will be livin' it up in Portland getting reacquainted with old friends and making some new ones.  I></description>
  13.                <guid>Latest Message About the '80s De</guid>                </item></channel>            </rss>
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