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  6. <title>Seattle Gay News</title>
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  8. <description>Gay, Lesbian News National and International</description>
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  13. <title>Ed out, Bruce Harrell inandat least temporarily</title>
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  16. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  17. <description> by Mike Andrew - SGN Staff Writer
  19. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigned September 12 in the wake of the fifth accusation of sexual abuse of a minor, this time leveled by his cousin, Joseph Dyer, who said Murray forced him to have oral sex when Dyer was 13 and Murray was in his twenties.
  21. Murray's office announced he would resign three hours after the Seattle Times broke Dyer's story. Murray was once thought to be a shoe-in for re-election, but his campaign began to unravel in April, when the Times published a story accusing the mayor of having molested three boys in the 1980s, one of whom was suing him.
  23. A fourth accuser came forward in May, and Dyer surfaced only days ago.
  25. On September 13, City Council President Bruce Harrell was sworn in as mayor, in accordance with the city charter.
  27. Harrell was accompanied by several of his City Council colleagues, City Attorney Pete Holmes, and other officials at his inau</description>
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  31. <title>Capitol Hill Housing to develop Seattle's first LGBTQ-affirming affordable senior housing</title>
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  34. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  35. <description> CHH hosting Sept. 21 event to help identify community needs and priorities
  37. SEATTLE - [On September 13] Capitol Hill Housing (CHH) announced plans to develop Seattle's first affordable senior housing development, designed to be an affirming environment for LGBTQ elders and the greater LGBTQ community.
  39. The project comes at a pivotal time. King County's elderly LGBTQ population is expected to double by 2030, and LGBTQ seniors are listed as a priority population for the Seattle Housing Levy, as they face demonstrated health, economic, and social disparities compared to their peers.
  41. CHH is planning to create a mixed-use building on 14th and Union on Capitol Hill, redeveloping a parking lot adjacent to the Helen V Apartments. The Helen V is a 38-unit building that CHH has owned for 16 years, and which serves low-income seniors and individuals with permanent disabilities. The project would include renovations to the existing Helen </description>
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  45. <title>LGBT rights pioneer Edie Windsor dies at 88
  47. Plaintiff in historic USA v. Windsor ruling</title>
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  50. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  51. <description> by Mike Andrew - SGN Staff Writer
  53. Edie Windsor, the plaintiff in the landmark case USA v. Windsor, in which the US Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), died September 12. She was 88.
  55. Windsor was survived by her second wife, Judith Kasen-Windsor, whom she married in 2016, but it was her first marriage that made legal history.
  57. Windsor first met Thea Spyer in 1963 at Portofino, a restaurant in Greenwich Village, but both women were already in relationships, so they maintained a casual friendship. In 1965 they began dating, and in 1967 Speyer asked Windsor to marry her.
  59. Windsor agreed, and six months later the couple moved into an apartment in Greenwich Village. In 1968, they purchased a small vacation house on Long Island together. Although they originally concealed their relationship, Speyer and Windsor grew more open about their status as a couple, inviting friends over to their Manhattan apa</description>
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  63. <title>LGBTQ and Allied Gray Harbor community protest Hoquiam bar</title>
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  66. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  67. <description> by Shaun Knittel - SGN AandE Writer
  69. Over the weekend members of the LGBTQ and Allied Grays Harbor community held a rally and peaceful protest in response to what they say has been a summer filled with threats, anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, a smear campaign of the community based on lies, and more.
  71. If you have not been following the news about what is going on in Hoquiam let me catch you up. Basically, a tavern owner in Hoquiam accused the LGBTQ community of Grays Harbor of falsely accusing him of homophobia after he denied them access to his facility, The Black Pearl Tavern, as a stage for a drag show. Of course, community leaders tell Seattle Gay News that the salacious allegations are untrue and it is the bar owner, Johnny Gallego, who is the one playing games and threatening folks. In fact, Gallego allegedly went as far as to tell community members who joined in a sit-in at the Black Pearl Tavern in response to the unfair treatment of a Transgender person w</description>
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  75. <title>Civil rights groups pay tribute to Edie Windsor</title>
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  78. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  79. <description> From the ACLU:
  80. Today, we lost one of this country's great civil rights pioneers, Edie Windsor. The wheels of progress turn forward because of people like Edie who are willing to stand up in the face of injustice. One simply cannot write the history of the gay rights movement without reserving immense credit and gratitude for Edie Windsor. We were proud to stand with Edie when she took her fight on behalf of same-sex couples everywhere to the Supreme Court. We mourn her today, as do all whom she touched in her incredible life. Edie always urged others not to 'postpone joy.' So even as we mourn this terrible loss, we also celebrate Edie, who set an example for all of us to follow.
  82. From the Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin:
  83. Edie Windsor is a hero and civil rights icon who pushed our country closer to the promise of a more perfect union. Future generations will learn how she faced down discrimination with courage and defiance</description>
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  87. <title>Dug Sharpe's remarks on being inducted into the NAGAAA Hall of Fame</title>
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  90. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  91. <description> Last week when Emerald City Softball Association's Dug Sharpe was inducted into the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association's Hall of Fame at the start of the 2017 NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series held in Portland, Oregon, he shared the following remarks:
  93. Thank you, Frank. Thank you to the members of the Hall of Fame. Thank you to Rick and Steve, the owners of R place in Seattle, who have been longtime supporters of the Emerald City Softball Association. Thank you to my husband, Conner Sharpe. Thanks to my mother, Catherine Sharpe, who are here with me tonight.
  95. In 1995 my best friend Mike Farris, a 320-pound man with no actual softball experience, and I decided to try out for a softball team in Seattle. We went to the tryout, and afterwards we got the phone call. They said, 'Dug, we'd like you to play on our team, but we don't have a place for that fat guy. There's no room in our league for him.'
  97. Well, we weren't buy</description>
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  101. <title>SML Seattle Leather Daddy and Daddy's boy contest</title>
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  104. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  105. <description> Who's your daddy? That's my boy!
  107. Seattle Men in Leather (SML) is sponsoring the 29th Annual Seattle Leather Daddy and Daddy's boy Contest Saturday, October 7, at 7pm at The Cuff Complex, 1533 13th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122. The Cuff Complex's doors open for the contest at 6pm.
  109. SML will also host a Meet and Greet on Friday, October 6, from 7-10pm at The Cuff Complex, 1533 13th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122 and a Victory Brunch on Sunday, October 8, 2-5pm at Diesel, 1413 14th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122.
  111. Seattle Leather Daddy and Daddy's boy contestants are scored by a panel of six judges on their Interview, Physical Image and Attitude, Impromptu Question, Formal Leather Image, and Audience Vote.
  113. SML membership is required to be a contestant.
  115. SML contest winners are expected to promote the men's Leather, denim, and uniform lifestyles to the greater community, sponsor three fundraising events, and help </description>
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  119. <title>ACLU asks for a preliminary injunction to stop Trump's Trans ban </title>
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  122. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  123. <description> by Mike Andrew - SGN Staff Writer
  125. The ACLU has asked a federal court for a preliminary injunction to halt Donald Trump's ban on Transgender people serving in the US military.
  127. In its September 14 filing, the ACLU says that there will be 'irreparable harm' to the service members it represents if the ban is allowed to go forward.
  129. 'Without a preliminary injunction to preserve the status quo, plaintiffs' health and careers - and the health and careers of thousands of other transgender service members and qualified individuals who wish to serve - will be irreparably harmed,' the motion said.
  131. 'The transgender service member ban is unconstitutional and invalid on its face, and the court should enter a preliminary injunction prohibiting Defendants from implementing or enforcing it.'
  133. On August 28, the ACLU filed suit against Donald Trump and Secretary of Defense James Mattis on behalf of six Transgender servi</description>
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  137. <title>Nearly 70,000 LGBT people in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming lack statewide protections from ongoing discrimination</title>
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  140. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  141. <description> Adding sexual orientation and gender identity to existing non-discrimination laws would protect LGBT residents and would not be costly or burdensome to enforce
  143. LOS ANGELES - Approximately 69,200 LGBT people in the mountain states of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming are vulnerable to discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, according to a new report by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.
  145. In a new series of state discrimination reports, authors Christy Mallory, State and Local Policy Director, and Brad Sears, David Sanders Distinguished Scholar, found that a only a fraction of the population in each state are covered by local nondiscrimination laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in areas such as employment, housing, and public accommodations. These three reports (Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming) are part of the Williams Institute's ongoing examination of the 28 US states th</description>
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  149. <title>New HRC report highlights Trump-Pence's stealth attacks on democracy and the LGBTQ community</title>
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  152. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  153. <description> WASHINGTON, DC - Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) civil rights organization, released a new report, 'Trump's Administrative Abuse and the LGBTQ Community,' highlighting the Trump-Pence administration's highly unusual and abusive efforts to quietly roll back critical protections, programs, and services for the LGBTQ community by bypassing long-standing administrative policies and customs for instituting such changes.
  155. 'Under the Trump-Pence administration, federal agencies have ignored long-standing guidelines for engaging the public in policy changes specifically targeting the LGBTQ community and in some instances have failed to report changes all together,' said HRC Associate Legal Director Robin Maril. 'This stealth effort by Trump-Pence to disregard the legal safeguards in place to promote consistency and public accountability is undermining public trust and fostering an atmosphere</description>
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  159. <title>Discriminatory ban already harming Transgender troops and the US military, Lambda Legal and OutServe-SLDN tell court</title>
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  162. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  163. <description> LGBT legal rights organizations ask federal court to halt immediately all efforts to implement dangerous and discriminatory ban
  165. SEATTLE - Lambda Legal and OutServe-SLDN today asked a federal court to halt immediately all steps taken to implement the Trump administration's discriminatory plan to ban transgender individuals from serving openly in the US armed services.
  167. 'Before the President's vicious attack on transgender Americans, transgender service members had been serving openly and proudly in every branch of the US military for more than a year,' Lambda Legal Senior Attorney Peter Renn said. 'Since the President's tweets, and his mandate for the Pentagon to implement his ban, those same service members have been branded as unfit to serve - to do the jobs they have been doing successfully - simply because they are transgender. That harm is real, it is palpable, and it is discriminatory.'
  169. 'It is unacceptable to destroy the c</description>
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  173. <title>AHF praises Sen. Bernie Sanders, Senate colleagues on introduction of 'Medicare for All' legislation</title>
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  176. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  177. <description> In a show of force, 15 fellow senators co-sponsor the innovative health care bill WASHINGTON - The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) today praised the introduction of legislation that would make all Americans and US residents eligible for Medicare.
  179. US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced the bill today as the prime sponsor along with - and in a show of force -15 co-sponsors: Sens. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Al Franken (D-Minn.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), Patrick Lahey (D-Vt.) Ed Markey (D-Mass.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), Tom Udall (D-N.M.), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). #MedicareForAll
  181. 'AHF salutes Sen. Sanders for his steadfast leadership in making sure the patients we care for are guaranteed the quality health care they deserve. Unless we address the un</description>
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  185. <title>Queer groups condemn study claiming computers can tell if you're Gay from photos</title>
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  188. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  189. <description> by Shaun Knittel - SGN Associate Editor
  191. Can computers have so-called 'gaydar'?
  193. Does AI count as a trusted source in reporting who is Gay and who is not?
  195. These questions would've seemed a bit 'early' one or two years ago, but in 2017 LGBTQ folks are faced with finding answers, because a Stanford University study claims to have used artificial intelligence to help determine a person's sexuality with remarkable accuracy by looking at their face.
  197. LGBTQ advocacy groups have denounced the study as 'dangerous and flawed.'
  199. The study, currently in draft form, has been accepted by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. It reportedly used 'deep neural networks to extract features' from more than 35,000 facial images that men and women had posted on an unidentified dating website.
  201. Researchers Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang said they used an algorithm that could correctly identify Gay me</description>
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  205. <title>1964's Blues for Mister Charlie packs a gut-punch</title>
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  208. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  209. <description>by Miryam Gordon - SGN AandE Writer
  214. Through September 17
  216. No matter that a piece of theater demands that the participants say the 'n' word because it has to be said, it's still a painful experience to me. How much more so might it be to people who have lived with the history of being labeled with such!
  218. And say it they must for a historic play by James Baldwin, crafted as a memorial to the murders of young 14-year-old Emmett Till and Baldwin's friend, Medgar Evers. Written in 1964, it reflects the language of the time, where people in small Southern towns still peppered their speech with it and segregation was virtually the law of the land.
  220. Till was murdered because he interacted with a white woman at her grocery store. She reported (and years later confessed that it was a lie) that he had made 'advances' at her, and her </description>
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  224. <title>LGBTQ Allyship premieres 'No Industry Without Us' - a Fall Queernaissance extravaganza</title>
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  227. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  228. <description>by Laurie Rocello Torres - LGBTQ Allyship Community Facilitator
  229. Special to the SGN
  234. September 16 @ 6:30pm
  236. People have the right to a safe and healthy workplace in the state of Washington. In Seattle, the Office of Labor Standards is dedicated to enforcing labor laws and protecting worker rights. Indeed, Seattle has set the standard in protecting worker rights at the city level. In a city with skyrocketing rents that is attracting people from all over the US and internationally, being able to keep a job is crucial.
  238. S worked at a retail position for years. The job was steady and helped keep the bills at bay. However, as a trans woman, S faced harassment from customers and was subject to being misgendered. Although staff assured her that they accepted her, management failed to intervene and ensure her safety at work. S has had to loo</description>
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  242. <title> Emmys 2017: Picks and predictions for TV's biggest night</title>
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  245. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  246. <description>
  248. by Albert Rodriguez
  249. SGN AandE Writer
  251.            PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS
  252.            MICROSOFT THEATER
  253.            CBS (KIRO 7)
  254.            September 17 @ 4:30pm (PDT)
  256.            My job is a little easier this year in predicting the winners for the Primetime Emmy Awards, mainly because some of the nominees were so outstanding that an uproar is expected if they don't get called to the podium during Sunday's telecast. Also, Game of Thrones isn't eligible this time around, s</description>
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  260. <title>Seattle Opera presents compelling An American Dream</title>
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  263. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  264. <description>by Sharon Cumberland - SGN AandE Writer
  270. September 7, 8, 10, 14, 15 and 17
  272. 'An American Dream' by composer Jack Perla received its world premier at Seattle Opera in 2015, and is being re-staged now in the more intimate setting at Washington Hall in the Central District. Not only is this short, intense opera appropriate for a smaller venue, but Washington Hall itself is central to the subject of the opera - the forced removal and incarceration of Japanese families in 1942 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In King County, where the opera is set, 9,600 people of Japanese ancestry - two-thirds American citizens - were taken from their homes on short notice and left with no resources to protect their property or businesses. Washington Hall was where these innocent people were brought to be registered for relocation.
  274. While Perla's mus</description>
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  278. <title>Whim W'Him's Choreographic Shindig III a brilliant evening of contemporary dance</title>
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  281. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  282. <description> by Sharon Cumberland - SGN AandE Writer
  284. WHIM W'HIM
  288. September 8
  289. (through Sept. 16)
  291. After last summer's triumph - Olivier Wevers' 'Approaching Ecstasy' - I'm more eager than ever to see what Whim W'Him will do next during the upcoming season they're calling 'Figurate: 9 new contemporary dance creations, 8 remarkable choreographers.' The first wave of this promise - three great dances from three remarkable choreographers - is being performed through September 16 at the Erickson Theatre, so you have two days to get your ticket. I promise, it will be worth it.
  293. My dance buddy and I were there for the sold-out Opening Night in which the company of seven danced three works of very different styles but equal inventiveness and intrigue. On a program like this I usually feel rewarded if one out of the three </description>
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  297. <title>ArtsWest launches 2017-2018 season with The Who and the What</title>
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  300. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  301. <description> by Paul Torres - SGN AandE Writer
  303. THE WHO and THE WHAT
  305. Through October 1
  307. The Who and the What is an engaging play with fine acting and some humorous and touching moments. However, if the point of ArtsWest 's The Who and the What, its first production of the 2017-2018 season, is to stir up provocative ideas and then connect us with profound revelations, then this production comes up just a bit short.
  309. Artistic Director Mathew Wright notes that the theme to this season's six production, titled 'I Am,' concerns identity and the journey we take to discover this. It's a noble task and ArtsWest does have the talent to meet this task.
  311. (Writer Ayad Akhtar's other work Disgraced, which won the Pulitzer Prize, would fit this season's 'I Am' theme and it might have been an ideal choice for this season's lead production. However, Disgraced comes with the baggage as being one of the most heavily produced pl</description>
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  315. <title>1964's 'Blues for Mister Charlie' Packs a Gut-punch</title>
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  318. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  319. <description> By Miryam Gordon, SGN AandE Writer
  321. Blues for Mister Charlie
  322. The Williams Project
  323. (at Franklin High School)
  324. Through September 17, 2017
  326. No matter that a piece of theater demands that the participants say the 'n' word because it has to be said, it's still a painful experience to me. How much more so might it be to people who have lived with the history of being labeled with such!
  328. And say it they must for a historic play by James Baldwin, crafted as a memorial to the murder of young 14-year-old Emmett Till and Baldwin's friend, Medgar Evers. Written in 1964, it reflects the language of the time, where people in small southern towns still peppered their speech with it and segregation was virtually the law of the land.
  330. Till was murdered because he interacted with at a white woman at her grocery store. She reported, and years later confessed that it was a lie, that he had made 'advances' at her a</description>
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  334. <title>Macklemore, Mary Lambert reveal Seattle concert dates</title>
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  337. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  338. <description> by Albert Rodriguez - SGN AandE Writer
  340. I mentioned here in The Music Lounge weeks ago that Macklemore was likely to add a Seattle show to his upcoming tour around the holidays, and voila! The Grammy-winning rapper will indeed give a hometown performance at Key Arena on December 22, the last concert of a solo road outing, as Ryan Lewis is focusing on other projects. Macklemore, who interviewed with Seattle Gay News about four years ago, if memory serves me correctly, is releasing his first album titled Gemini on September 22 featuring the singles 'Glorious' (with Skylar Grey) and 'Marmalade' (with Lil Yachty). Tickets for the Seattle show went on sale earlier this week and although it's rumored to have already sold out you might be able to find some online; good luck!
  342. One of Macklemore's biggest hits is 'Same Love,' co-written by former Seattleite Mary Lambert, who is headed back to the Emerald City next month. The pop singer-songwriter releas</description>
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  346. <title>Muschietti's It adaptation doesn't clown around</title>
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  349. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  350. <description> by Sara Michelle Fetters - SGN AandE Writer
  352. It
  353. Now playing
  355. It comes out every 27 years. It feeds on fear. It feeds on life. It feeds mostly on children. And, in the summer of 1989, in the small town of Derry, Maine, It has returned. As school comes to an end and summer begins, 13-year-olds Bill Denbrough (Jaeden Lieberher), Richie Tozier (Finn Wolfhard), Beverly Marsh (Sophia Lillis), Ben Hanscom (Jeremy Ray Taylor), Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs), Eddie Kaspbrak (Jack Dylan Grazer) and Stanley Uris (Wyatt Oleff) all discover they have more in common than being social outcasts. This so-called 'Losers Club' have all been seeing things, ominous daytime nightmares revealing their deepest, darkest fears, all of them culminating with a devilishly grinning clown named Pennywise (Bill SkarsgÄrd) attempting to feast on their souls.
  357. Bill is the first to say out loud what they've all been thinking: these are not nightmares. Whatev</description>
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  361. <title>Gleefully violent American Assassin a jingoistic waste of time</title>
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  364. <pubDate>Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:37:00 GMT</pubDate>
  365. <description> by Sara Michelle Fetters - SGN AandE Writer
  368. Now playing
  370. There's a moment in American Assassin that's perfect. The film's villain, a renegade former U.S. Navy officer known only by his nickname 'Ghost' and portrayed by John Carter and Lone Survivor star Taylor Kitsch, has captured clandestine CIA operative, and his former superior, Stan Hurley and is using every interrogative torture tool at his disposal in order to find out some key information. Hurley is played by Michael Keaton; and what starts out as a somewhat quiet confrontation quickly escalates into something extraordinary. The Academy Award-nominated actor pulls out all the stops, returning to his Night Shift / Beetlejuice / Batman bag of tricks in order to go bug-eyed, unhinged, excitedly angry crazy and it's absolutely glorious, this five minute scene breathing life into a movie that, up until then, had found it to be in frustratingly short supply.</description>
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