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  4.  <title>Honan Chapel and Collection Online  Audio Documentary</title>
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  6.  <description>Audio Documentary  A Very Handsome Chapel</description>
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  10.  <title>President's Report, University College Cork (1913/14)</title>
  11.  <description>by 1914 plans were under way to build a chapel of the HibernoRomanesque order on the grounds of the Honan Hostel. Duration: 00:16. </description>
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  16.  <title>The Honan Family</title>
  17.  <description>Virginia Teehan briefly explains the significance of the Honan family for Cork patronage. Duration: 00:35. </description>
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  22.  <title>The Honan Chapel's congregation</title>
  23.  <description>Rev. Fr. Padraig Corkery gives an account of those who attend the chapel. Duration: 00:27. </description>
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  28.  <title>The Honan Chapel: a golden vision</title>
  29.  <description>Virginia Teehan explains the significance of the Honan Chapel commission in 1916. Duration: 01:33.</description>
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  34.  <title>Oswald Reeves</title>
  35.  <description>Virginia Teehan and James Cronin outline the significance of the Tabernacle in the Honan Chapel. Duration: 01:09.</description>
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  40.  <title>Dun Emer Guild</title>
  41.  <description>Virginia Teehan details the work of women of the Irish Arts and Crafts Movement. Duration: 01:03.</description>
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  46.  <title>Harry Clarke</title>
  47.  <description>Virginia Teehan, Grainne Gillen, and James Cronin outline the significance of the Harry Clarke windows in the Honan Chapel.Duration: 02:16.</description>
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  52.  <title>Irish Arts and Crafts Movement</title>
  53.  <description>Virginia Teehan explains the significance of the Honan Chapel in the context of the Irish Arts and Crafts Movement (18941925). Duration: 01:28.</description>
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  58.  <title>Vestments</title>
  59.  <description>Virginia Teehan outlines the significance of this commission. Duration: 00:48.</description>
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  64.  <title>Honan Chapel and Vatican II</title>
  65.  <description>Rev. Fr. Padraig Corkery outlines the reordering of the Honan Chapel (19831996). Duration: 01:15.</description>
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  70.  <title>Baptismal font</title>
  71.  <description>Rev. Fr. Padraig Corkey outlines the significance of Imogen Stuart's font installed in November 1996. Duration: 01:33.</description>
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  76.  <title>A living chapel</title>
  77.  <description>Virginia Teehan explains the artistic evolution of the Honan Chapel. Duration: 00:30.</description>
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  82.  <title>Collection management and conservation</title>
  83.  <description>Virginia Teehan outlines the need to carefully manage and conserve items from the Honan Collection. Duration: 01:39.</description>
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  88.  <title>The mosaic floor</title>
  89.  <description>Rev. Fr. Padraig Corkery explains the significance of the mosaic floor in the Honan Chapel. Duration: 00:47.</description>
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  94.  <title>Credits</title>
  95.  <description>programme credits by Grainne Gillen (programme producer). Duration: 00:39.</description>
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