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  17.      <title>Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You&#8212;NABCo Trainee To Members</title>
  18.      <description><![CDATA[<img style="float:right;padding-left:5px;" src="" alt="823201991316-rwmyqdc553-img 20190823 191006">  A beneficiary of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO), Shantel Manu has criticised the unacceptable behaviour exhibited by some colleagues following a purported demonstration. According to her, the move by these NABCO workers is a clear indication of ingratitude to the President and the New Patriotic Party 39;s initiative of providing 100, 00 ...]]></description>
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  22.      <pubDate>Fri, 23 Aug 2019 23:35:33 +0100</pubDate>
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  25.      <title>NDC Primaries: Ellembelle Executives Fight National Executives For No Voting </title>
  26.      <description><![CDATA[<img style="float:right;padding-left:5px;" src="" alt="823201990307-0g830n4yyt-fb img 1566582684714">  The Constituency Executives of the opposition National Democratic Congress in Ellembelle of the Western Region have challenged the decision of the National Executives of the party for putting on hold the parliamentary primaries in the area. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is conducting its parliamentary primaries in almost all the 27 ...]]></description>
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  30.      <pubDate>Fri, 23 Aug 2019 23:30:31 +0100</pubDate>
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  33.      <title>Good Health And Well-Being SDG #3</title>
  34.      <description><![CDATA[<img style="float:right;padding-left:5px;" src="" alt="823201991410-uaqctgfsrn-download4">  My name is Anambaam Awonnyemi Regina, a form two student of Siniensi Junior High School and I would like to discuss the topic; Good Health and Well-Being. When we talk of good health and well-being, good health is the state of being physically or mentally strong and active or free from bodily or mental diseases. Well-being on the oth ...]]></description>
  35.      <category><![CDATA[Debate and Leadership Team]]></category>
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  38.      <pubDate>Fri, 23 Aug 2019 23:23:20 +0100</pubDate>
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  41.      <title>DKT International Educates Health Workers On Adverse Drug Reaction</title>
  42.      <description><![CDATA[<img style="float:right;padding-left:5px;" src="" alt="823201982237-txobrfdq5l-img 20190823 181520">  As many have become victims of drug abuse due to poor education from resource persons thus creating dificiency in growth, the Assistant General Manager of DKT lntenational, Mr Adamu Abudulai has challenged health practitioners to be self compliant and know the regulations of such disturbing issues. According to him, due to insufficient educ ...]]></description>
  43.      <category><![CDATA[Health]]></category>
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  46.      <pubDate>Fri, 23 Aug 2019 23:21:33 +0100</pubDate>
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  49.      <title>An End To Drug Abuse</title>
  50.      <description><![CDATA[<img style="float:right;padding-left:5px;" src="" alt="823201982419-i4dp266gfa-drugs 50069 29547-520x390">  \DLT\Publication\Audio\Amagbisa Dorcas.mp3 Click to listen to Dorcas 39; presentation I am the person of Amagbisa Dorcas. A student of Siniensi Junior High School, I am in two. The topic I want to discuss about is drug abuse. Someone may ask, what is drug abuse? Drug abuse is the use of drugs not prescribed by qua ...]]></description>
  51.      <category><![CDATA[Debate and Leadership Team]]></category>
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  54.      <pubDate>Fri, 23 Aug 2019 23:11:36 +0100</pubDate>
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  57.      <title>Tender teenage and peer pressure problems</title>
  58.      <description><![CDATA[<img style="float:right;padding-left:5px;" src="" alt="xdt2wji77p teenage pregnancies1">  It is a natural human tendency to have the desire to fit in and want to be a part of a group that one likes or looks up to especially during the young teenage years when children are looking for belongingness or acceptance as well as attention. However, more often than not, instead of leading to more friends, this desire results into an unwanted pr ...]]></description>
  59.      <category><![CDATA[Family & Parenting]]></category>
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  62.      <pubDate>Fri, 23 Aug 2019 18:10:36 +0100</pubDate>
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  65.      <title>Kupe Boys Jam To Eazzy&#8217;s #Away Hit [WATCH]</title>
  66.      <description><![CDATA[<img style="float:right;padding-left:5px;" src="" alt="8232019103738-g30n1r5ddx-eazzy-bbc">  Ghanaian star singer Eazzy recently released a new worldwide hit mdash; ldquo;Away rdquo; which got many music lovers celebrating and jamming to her song. In a surprising video shared on Instagram today, Kupe hitmakers took to their Instagram page as they jammed to Eazzy rsquo;s ldquo;Away rdquo; banger. The worldwide clothing ...]]></description>
  67.      <category><![CDATA[Industry News]]></category>
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  70.      <pubDate>Fri, 23 Aug 2019 11:20:52 +0100</pubDate>
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  73.      <title>Awilo, 2Face Headline 2019 African Legends Night</title>
  74.      <description><![CDATA[<img style="float:right;padding-left:5px;" src="" alt="  2Face">  For the first time, African Legends Night will be witnessing two African music talents on the same stage in one night come next month September. Awilo Longomba, the soukous Congolese superstar, and one of Nigeria 39;s most decorated musicians, 2Face, also known publicly as 2Baba, have been announced as two of the headline artiste fo ...]]></description>
  75.      <category><![CDATA[General News]]></category>
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  78.      <pubDate>Thu, 22 Aug 2019 14:20:45 +0100</pubDate>
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  81.      <title>Stratcomm Africa Launches &#8216;Rhetoric Open Mic&#8217; Session</title>
  82.      <description><![CDATA[<img style="float:right;padding-left:5px;" src="" alt="Esther Cobbah">  Stratcomm Africa has unveiled its maiden edition of the 39;Rhetoric Open Mic 39; event to unearth talents in poetry, spoken words and motivational speaking. The management company, as part of its corporate social responsibility and to mark its 25th anniversary, organised the event to select the three best competitors for free trai ...]]></description>
  83.      <category><![CDATA[General News]]></category>
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  86.      <pubDate>Thu, 22 Aug 2019 14:20:45 +0100</pubDate>
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  89.      <title>Aphia Sakyi Outdoors Exclusive Year of Return Fashion Line</title>
  90.      <description><![CDATA[<img style="float:right;padding-left:5px;" src="" alt="821201934554-qulxoba443-aphia-sakyi-outdoors-exclusive-year-of-return-fashion-line">  Having toured fashion shows across the globe and collaborated with American celebrities; Ciara, Tiffany Haddish and Janet Jackson, award winning Ghanaian fashion designer Aphia Sakyi is set to introduce her latest accessory collection, dubbed lsquo;STILL I RISE rsquo;. When asked what inspired this new fashion line, Aphia quoted a famous l ...]]></description>
  91.      <category><![CDATA[Beauty & Fashion]]></category>
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  94.      <pubDate>Wed, 21 Aug 2019 15:49:28 +0100</pubDate>
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