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  3. <channel>
  5. <title>The Tacony Offensive</title>
  6. <link></link>
  7. <language>en-us</language>
  8. <copyright>Copyright 2013</copyright>
  9. <itunes:subtitle>Recorded live every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 7 p.m. ET on</itunes:subtitle>
  10. <itunes:author>Jay Jay McGuire</itunes:author>
  11. <description>The Tacony Offensive is a bunch of Philly guys talking about a range of topics from welfare reform to the homeless. We're the outlet for hard working people that are fed up with lazy pieces of sh!t on welfare who can't get a G.E.D. but can figure out how to scam the system.</description>
  12. <pubDate> Sat, 26 Oct 2013 19:00:00 -0400 </pubDate>
  13. <ttl>1440</ttl>
  15. <itunes:owner>
  16. <itunes:name>The Tacony Offensive</itunes:name>
  17. <itunes:email>[email protected]</itunes:email>
  18. </itunes:owner>
  20. <itunes:explicit>Yes</itunes:explicit>
  21. <itunes:keywords>Timothy, Jay Jay, McGuire, Tacony, Offensive, TaconyOffensive, Verbal, Assault, Verbal-Assault, Comedy, Philly, Philadelphia, Laffcast, panic, hour, Kup, Muff, KupMuff, Laffcast,, bums, homeless, welfare, outlet, deadbeats, live</itunes:keywords>
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  23. <itunes:category text="Comedy">
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  29. <item>
  30. <title>The Tacony Offensive - 2</title>
  31. <link></link>
  32. <guid></guid>
  33. <description>Blind Joe is back and we found out that now he's deaf-blind Joe. We discuss Jay Jay's diet and how it will never work. And the horrors of seeing his aunt crispy tits. And new cast members Jen and Alicia are here to add to the enjoyment.</description>
  34. <enclosure url="" length="20456127" type="audio/mpeg"/>
  35. <category>Podcasts</category>
  36. <pubDate>Sat, 16 Nov 2013 19:00:00 -0500 </pubDate>
  37. </item>
  39. <item>
  40. <title>The Tacony Offensive - 1</title>
  41. <link></link>
  42. <guid></guid>
  43. <description>Jay Jay, Cook and blind Joe kick-off the inaugural Tacony Offensive podcast. We take calls from fans of TTO and discuss pieces of shit on welfare, homeless assholes, the handicapped and blind Joe's dead whore wife. We were slow out of the gate, but the ball gets rolling as we get going.</description>
  44. <enclosure url="" length="21538377" type="audio/mpeg"/>
  45. <category>Podcasts</category>
  46. <pubDate>Sat, 26 Oct 2013 19:00:00 -0400 </pubDate>
  47. </item>
  49. </channel>
  50. </rss>

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