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  6.  <title>Sts'ailes Development Corporation</title>
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  13.    <title>SAVE THE DATE: Sasquatch Days 2015</title>
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  31.    <title>PRESS RELEASE: Connecting Communities in Ecosystem Stewardship</title>
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  47.    <title>Sts'ailes Fisheries</title>
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  49.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body"><p>Hello Everyone,<br></p>
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  53. <p>
  54. I just talked to Sheldon E. from DFO and we will start on Wednesday, September 18th .
  55. </p>
  56. <p><b>We will fish for 2 days for sure; Sept 18 &amp; 19th.</b>
  57. </p>
  58. <p>Our (Sts’ailes &amp; Scowlitz) allocation is 49,200 pink.
  59. </p>
  60. <p>There may be one or 2 days more for us depending on the allocation transfer. I asked
  61. for 4 days, but only got 2 for sure. We are having a meeting on Thursday at 11am with
  62. DFO and Upper Fraser Fisheries Conservation Alliance(UFFCA) about the allocation
  63. transfer.
  64. </p>
  65. <p>UFFCA’s allocation is 122,900 pinks. UFFCA offered us 117,900 pink. They are
  66. keeping 5,000 pink for themselves.
  67. </p>
  68. <p>After the allocation transfer meeting we will know if we are fishing more than 2 days and
  69. when we will fish them.
  70. </p>
  71. <p>Kim Charlie </p>
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  74.        </div>
  75. </p>
  76. </div>
  77. </div>
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  89.    <title>Call for Sts'ailes Artisans and Entrepreneurs</title>
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  91.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body"><h1>STS'AILES ARTISANS &amp; ENTREPRENEURS<br>
  92. </h1>
  93. <div>
  94. <div>
  95. <div>
  96. <h2>Call for Expression of Interest </h2>
  97. </div>
  98. </div>
  99. </div><p>The next upcoming event that will feature Sts’ailes Artisans &amp; Entrepreneurs will be: <br></p><h3>Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival</h3><p>If you are an interested Artists/craftspeople (weaving, drum-making, artwork, carving
  100. etc) please provide your bio and a list of services or products you can offer, and
  101. pricing for 2013.<br></p>
  102. <div>
  103. <div>
  104. <div>
  105. <p>If you have any questions, concerns please contact:<br><b>Kandice Charlie at 604-796-2116 or [email protected]</b></p>
  106. </div>
  107. </div>
  108. </div><p>The Bald Eagle Festival will be taking place on <b>November 23rd, 2013</b>. To find out
  109. more about the Festival check out <b><a target="_blank" href=""></a></b><br></p>
  110. <div>
  111. <div>
  112. <div>
  113. <p>More details on the event TBA</p>
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  116.        </div>
  117. </p>
  118. </div>
  119. </div>
  120. </div></div>]]>
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  131.    <title>Sasquatch Days - June 8 - 9, 2014 You are invited!</title>
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  135.        </div>
  136. <p>  </p><div> <p>Hello All,</p> <p>Please see the invitation from Chief Harvey Paul, Sts’ailes, for the second annual Sasquatch Days, Harrison Hot Springs, BC.</p> <p>Looking forward to another excellent event!</p> <p>Artisans – great opportunity to showcase and sell your work:</p> <p>St. Alice Hall</p> <p>(Next to the Harrison Hot Springs Resort &amp; Spa)</p> <p>Table fees for both Saturday and Sunday are $75 or $50 for one day + Donation of an item of your choice to the Free Raffle Draws</p> <p>You get one table and two chairs.</p> <p>Additional space negotiable.</p>  <p>Please contact me directly regarding sponsorships and artisans, performance groups or individuals.</p> <p>O Siyam!</p>
  137. <p>Kandice.</p>
  138. <p><br></p>
  139. <p><b>Contact:</b></p>   <p>Kandice Charlie</p>
  140. <p>Executive Assistant</p> <p>Sts'ailes Development Corporation</p>
  141. <p>T: 604-796-2116</p>
  142. <p>E: [email protected]</p>  </div></div>]]>
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  153.    <title>Sts'ailes Lhawathet Lalem - Special Offer to March 25th, 2013</title>
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  157.        </div>
  158. <p>  P { MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px } </p><div> <p>Hello All,</p> <p>Please share this information with your family, friends, sports teams, and groups.</p> <p>Gilakas'la!</p> <p>Paula</p> <p> </p> <p>Paula Cranmer-Underhill</p> <p>Tourism Officer</p> <p>Sts'ailes Development Corporation</p> <p>604-997-4417</p> </div></div>]]>
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  169.    <title>Sts'ailes Lhawathet Lalem Special Offer - Book now and get 5% discount on groups of 40+</title>
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  171.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body"><div>
  172. <p>Hello All,</p>
  173. <p>Attached is a one page promotion on Sts'ailes Lhawathet Lalem, to remind all what a great facility is available in Sts'ailes for your group events, meetings, gatherings, retreats, staff training, workshops and conferences, and a detailed offer for NEW bookings...made between February 25th and March 25th get 5% DISCOUNT.</p>
  174. <p> </p>
  175. <p>Please post and distribute to your networks, family, and friends.</p>
  176. <p> </p>
  177. <p><span>G</span>ilakas'la!</p>
  178. <p>Paula</p>
  179. <p> </p>
  180. <p>Paula Cranmer-Underhill</p>
  181. <p>Tourism Officer</p>
  182. <p>Sts'ailes Development Corporation</p>
  183. <p>604-997-4417</p>
  184. <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p>
  185. <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p>
  186. </div>
  187. <p>        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_913941" data-box-session-id="49ba5c0d482c41a899ba61eb9ad2ca9b" data-pdf-url="">
  188.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download SLLWowPromo2013v6.pdf</a>
  189.        </div>
  190. </p>
  191. <p>        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_913943" data-box-session-id="a8d839adeabd473d92cf428646212d59" data-pdf-url="">
  192.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download TourismInviteSLLFeb19_2013.pdf</a>
  193.        </div>
  194. </p></div>]]>
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  198.    </author>
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  205.    <title>Notice - Chehalis Store Christmas Hours</title>
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  207.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_913954" data-box-session-id="c61f76444d9f4f2483f91925e0f664e6" data-pdf-url="">
  208.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download CHEHALIS_STORE_HOLIDAY_HOURS_2.doc</a>
  209.        </div>
  210. </div>]]>
  211.    </content>
  212.    <author>
  213.      <name/>
  214.    </author>
  215.  </entry>
  216.  <entry>
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  218.    <published>2012-11-14T19:02:39Z</published>
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  221.    <title>Final Agenda for BCABA / ICAB Regional Forum - Sts'ailes Lhawathet Lalem Nov 15 &amp; 16 and Links to Register Now!</title>
  222.    <content type="html">
  223.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_913962" data-box-session-id="e158888dd6934c248668f4f7da69b4f3" data-pdf-url="">
  224.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download Agenda_for_November_15_16_2012.pdf</a>
  225.        </div>
  226. <p>  P { MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px } </p><div> <p>Hello All,</p> <p>Here is the Final Agenda for the upcoming BC Aboriginal Business Association / Industry Council for Aboriginal Business Forum at Sts'ailes Lhawathet Lalem Nov. 15 &amp; 16, 2012.</p> <p> </p> <p>Seminar Outlines can be found here:</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <p> </p> <p>There are still a few seats open, you can find registration here:</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <p> </p> <p><u>G</u>ilakas'la!</p> <p>Paula</p> <p> </p> <p>Paula Cranmer-Underhill</p> <p>Tourism Officer</p> <p>Sts'ailes Development Corporation</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p> <p> </p> </div></div>]]>
  227.    </content>
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  229.      <name/>
  230.    </author>
  231.  </entry>
  232.  <entry>
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  237.    <title>Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival - Sts'ailes Lhawathet Lalem Official Activity Site, Nov. 17, 2012</title>
  238.    <content type="html">
  239.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body"><p>        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_913972" data-box-session-id="74d4a8361ac34663bf39ea4ccb153475" data-pdf-url="">
  240.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download Fraser_Valley_Bald_Eagle_Festi.pdf</a>
  241.        </div>
  242. </p><p></p><div>
  243. <p>Hello All,</p>
  244. <p>You are invited to attend the 17th Annual Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, this year is Sts'ailes 3rd year delivering authentic cultural experiences at Sts'ailes Lhawathet Lalem - Healing Retreat Centre along the Chehalis River.</p>
  245. <p> </p>
  246. <p>Come out and feast your eyes on fabulous diverse art and cultural presentations, demonstrations, make and take art, and the not to be missed baked salmon and bannock taco lunch options from Debbie and Culinary Team. </p>
  247. <p> </p>
  248. <p>Get there early, bring a donation for the Sts'ailes Christmas Hampers, and get your bannock for a buck from 9:30 - 10:30am.  Sts'ailes Youth Council participation to help with welcoming the visitors and taking care of the donations.</p>
  249. <p> </p>
  250. <p>Many new artists this year, expanded to the Fire Side Room, with spectacular views to forested lands and the Chehalis River.</p>
  251. <p> </p>
  252. <p>See you there!</p>
  253. <p><span>G</span>ilakas'la!</p>
  254. <p>Paula</p>
  255. <p>FMI: <a href="mailto:[email protected]" rel="nofollow">[email protected]</a></p>
  256. <p> </p>
  257. <p> </p>
  258. <p> </p>
  259. </div></div>]]>
  260.    </content>
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  263.    </author>
  264.  </entry>
  265.  <entry>
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  270.    <title>Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival - Nov. 17th, 2012 - Join us at the Sts’ailes Lhawathet Lalem Official Activity Site along the Chehalis River…</title>
  271.    <content type="html">
  272.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_913980" data-box-session-id="10e2f08cea1647aa980dced3e8b6a5eb" data-pdf-url="">
  273.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download FVBEFestival_Story_2012.pdf</a>
  274.        </div>
  275. <p>  P { MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px } </p><div> <p>Hello All,</p> <p>Here is some background and information on the upcoming Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival activities at Sts'ailes.  It will be the hub of cultural sharing, including a diversity of artisans representing many Nations and you are invited to attend and participate.</p> <p> </p> <p>Be sure to check back at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Events listing, for updates in the next weeks.</p> <p> </p> <p>Please contact me for more information on the Aboriginal Artisan Market or Cultural Sharing opportunities.</p> <p> </p> <p>Gilakas'la!</p> <p>Paula</p> <p> </p> <p>Paula Cranmer-Underhill</p> <p>Tourism Officer</p> <p>Sts'ailes Development Corporation</p> <p>c. 604-997-4417</p> <p> </p> </div></div>]]>
  276.    </content>
  277.    <author>
  278.      <name/>
  279.    </author>
  280.  </entry>
  281.  <entry>
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  286.    <title>BC Aboriginal Business Association/ Industry Council for Aboriginal Business Regional Forum November 15 &amp; 16 - Sts'ailes Lhawathet Lalem</title>
  287.    <content type="html">
  288.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">P { MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px } <div> <p><span>BC Aboriginal Business Association</span></p> <p><span>Regional Forum<br> November 15 &amp; 16, 2012<br> Sts’ailes Lhawathet Lalem - Fireside Room<br> Presented in partnership with the Sts’ailes Development Corporation<br> Cultivating Opportunities. Transforming Communities</span></p> <p> </p> <p><span>This is an excellent event Sts'ailes is co-hosting with the BCABA/ICAB.</span></p> <p><span>For anyone interested in business, economic development or current business owners and managers, a great 2 day learning and networking event.</span></p> <p><span>There is also an Aboriginal Meeting Marketplace for Industry and Corporations, which is intended to provide a setting to get those with a potential to develop business partnerships together, for suppliers or for developing joint ventures.  Representatives from many Nations will meet with interested others in a beautiful setting, to share a meal, to share experiences and get to know more about opportunities to do business in Aboriginal communities in a diversity of sectors.   </span></p> <p><span>Please pass this information along to potential delegates.</span></p> <p><span>I appreciate your assistance,</span></p> <p><span>Looking forward an excellent 2 days.</span></p> <p><span><u><span>G</span></u><span>ilakas'la</span>!</span></p> <p><span>Paula</span></p> <p> </p> <p><span>Paula Cranmer-Underhill</span></p> <p><span>Tourism Officer</span></p> <p><span><span>Sts'ailes</span> Development Corporation</span></p> <p><span>c. 604-997-4417</span></p> </div>   <p>        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_913987" data-box-session-id="69f02dfc8f6f445bba949018dd19679a" data-pdf-url="">
  289.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download AMM_Registration_Form1.pdf</a>
  290.        </div>
  291. </p><p>        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_913988" data-box-session-id="7a4c3f33800c4abfa0e21f15dbd8faca" data-pdf-url="">
  292.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download Stsailes_Development_Corporati.pdf</a>
  293.        </div>
  294. </p></div>]]>
  295.    </content>
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  297.      <name/>
  298.    </author>
  299.  </entry>
  300.  <entry>
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  305.    <title>BC Aboriginal Business Association Regional Forum for Aboriginal Business - Sts'ailes (Chehalis) November 15 &amp; 16</title>
  306.    <content type="html">
  307.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body"><p>        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_913993" data-box-session-id="bea7c5202f8f436db25871addae59c32" data-pdf-url="">
  308.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download ICAB_poster_Aug_31_20122.pdf</a>
  309.        </div>
  310. </p><p></p><div>
  311. <p>Hello All,</p>
  312. <p>Here is an early flyer for the upcoming ICAB/BCABA Business Forum coming to Sts'ailes Lhawathet Lalem November 15 &amp; 16.  (Thursday and Friday)</p>
  313. <p>Detailed information on the Sts'ailes co-hosted Forum will be circulated as it becomes available.</p>
  314. <p>This is an excellent learning and networking opportunity with national and internationally recognized business leaders.</p>
  315. <p>Dont' miss out.  Register directly with ICAB/ BCABA early.</p>
  316. <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p>
  317. <p> </p>
  318. <p><span>G</span>ilakas'la!</p>
  319. <p> </p>
  320. <p>Paula</p>
  321. <p> </p>
  322. <p>Paula Cranmer-Underhill</p>
  323. <p>Tourism Officer</p>
  324. <p>Sts'ailes Development Corporation</p>
  325. <p><a href="mailto:[email protected]" rel="nofollow">[email protected]</a></p>
  326. <p>C. 604-997-4417</p>
  327. </div></div>]]>
  328.    </content>
  329.    <author>
  330.      <name/>
  331.    </author>
  332.  </entry>
  333.  <entry>
  334.    <id>,2013:Post/572793</id>
  335.    <published>2012-08-15T22:25:49Z</published>
  336.    <updated>2018-01-15T11:47:56Z</updated>
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  338.    <title>Sasquatch Days Story and Photos</title>
  339.    <content type="html">
  340.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_914008" data-box-session-id="4d63bf18e6e94ed8b1c7fe82e0b8af39" data-pdf-url="">
  341.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download Sasquatch_Days_Photo_Story_201.pdf</a>
  342.        </div>
  343. <p>  </p><div class="WordSection1"> <p class="MsoNormal">Hello All,</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Have a look at a brief overview of Sasquatch Days, June 9 &amp; 10, 2012 at Harrison Hot Springs.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Thank you to all the generous sponsors and volunteers.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Looking forward to next year!</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Gilakas’la!</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Paula</p>  <p class="MsoNormal">Paula Cranmer-Underhill</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Tourism Officer</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Sts'ailes Development Corporation</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><b>Visit:</b></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><a href=""></a></p> <p class="MsoNormal">C. 604-997-4417</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><b>NEW Email</b>  - <u>Please update your address book!</u></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></p>  </div></div>]]>
  344.    </content>
  345.    <author>
  346.      <name/>
  347.    </author>
  348.  </entry>
  349.  <entry>
  350.    <id>,2013:Post/572809</id>
  351.    <published>2012-07-30T15:53:27Z</published>
  352.    <updated>2013-11-18T17:43:08Z</updated>
  353.    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  354.    <title>SDC Website Update - Hermans Hikes</title>
  355.    <content type="html">
  356.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">      <p>August’s schedule has been released.  Find out more at:</p> <p></p> <p><a href=""></a></p></div>]]>
  357.    </content>
  358.    <author>
  359.      <name/>
  360.    </author>
  361.  </entry>
  362.  <entry>
  363.    <id>,2013:Post/572810</id>
  364.    <published>2012-06-20T21:03:04Z</published>
  365.    <updated>2018-01-15T11:48:09Z</updated>
  366.    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  367.    <title>Chinook FSC Fishing</title>
  368.    <content type="html">
  369.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_914022" data-box-session-id="e0ceed0d086540a887ad8d8aaca88dd7" data-pdf-url="">
  370.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download FSC_Springs_June_23_2012.pdf</a>
  371.        </div>
  372. <p></p><div class="WordSection1">
  373. <p></p>
  374. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>           </span></p>
  375. <p></p>
  376. </div></div>]]>
  377.    </content>
  378.    <author>
  379.      <name/>
  380.    </author>
  381.  </entry>
  382.  <entry>
  383.    <id>,2013:Post/572814</id>
  384.    <published>2012-06-07T02:48:31Z</published>
  385.    <updated>2018-01-15T11:48:14Z</updated>
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  387.    <title>Sasquatch Days 2012: Canoe Race Schedule</title>
  388.    <content type="html">
  389.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_914027" data-box-session-id="1bc27c87b0474df7907a6e29437502e3" data-pdf-url="">
  390.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download Canoe_Race_Schedule_2012.pdf</a>
  391.        </div>
  392. </div>]]>
  393.    </content>
  394.    <author>
  395.      <name/>
  396.    </author>
  397.  </entry>
  398.  <entry>
  399.    <id>,2013:Post/572821</id>
  400.    <published>2012-05-25T03:48:22Z</published>
  401.    <updated>2018-01-15T11:48:23Z</updated>
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  403.    <title>Sasquatch Days 2012</title>
  404.    <content type="html">
  405.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body"><div><br></div><blockquote class="posterous_short_quote" type="cite"><div>
  406. <b>Subject:</b> <b>Sasquatch Days 2012 </b><br><br>
  407. </div></blockquote><blockquote class="posterous_medium_quote" type="cite">
  408. <div>
  409. <span>Greetings All Staff, </span><br><br><span>So excited to share the press release and poster for the upcoming Sasquatch Days 2012! Please post and distribute - spread the word to your families and friends! </span><br><br><span>For more info contact people and info is available in both attachments. </span><br><br><span>Thank you, </span><br><br><span>Sherylynn</span><br>
  410. </div>
  411. <p></p>
  412. </blockquote><p>        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_914034" data-box-session-id="09f04a8864a541b1a4916350bbed5388" data-pdf-url="">
  413.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download Sasquatch_Days_2012.DRAFT_PRES.pdf</a>
  414.        </div>
  415. </p><p>        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_914036" data-box-session-id="62cb61bd011b4d64817e38ac8f00d5f6" data-pdf-url="">
  416.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download Sasquatch_Days_2012_Poster_85x.pdf</a>
  417.        </div>
  418. </p></div>]]>
  419.    </content>
  420.    <author>
  421.      <name/>
  422.    </author>
  423.  </entry>
  424.  <entry>
  425.    <id>,2013:Post/572824</id>
  426.    <published>2012-04-23T17:38:53Z</published>
  427.    <updated>2018-01-15T11:48:24Z</updated>
  428.    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  429.    <title>Press Release - Sasquatch Days Harrison Hot Springs</title>
  430.    <content type="html">
  431.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_914038" data-box-session-id="fd434f15f84240749302ab33c70bae9f" data-pdf-url="">
  432.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download Press_Release_-_Sasquatch_Days.pdf</a>
  433.        </div>
  434. <p></p><div class="WordSection1">
  435. <p></p>
  436. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>           </span></p>
  437. <p></p>
  438. </div></div>]]>
  439.    </content>
  440.    <author>
  441.      <name/>
  442.    </author>
  443.  </entry>
  444.  <entry>
  445.    <id>,2013:Post/572830</id>
  446.    <published>2012-04-03T18:45:01Z</published>
  447.    <updated>2018-01-15T11:48:33Z</updated>
  448.    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  449.    <title>Register Today! Your input is required. Calling All Aboriginal Artists.</title>
  450.    <content type="html">
  451.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_914046" data-box-session-id="693696dc59fc445f939ff6b742d2ae6b" data-pdf-url="">
  452.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download Authentic_Aboriginal_Artisan_P.pdf</a>
  453.        </div>
  454. <p></p><div class="WordSection1">
  455. <p class="MsoNormal">Hello All:</p>
  456. <p class="MsoNormal"><b><u>WE NEED YOU…to take action today, so ensure your economy around your art benefits you and your family.</u></b></p>
  457. <p class="MsoNormal"><b><u><span> </span></u></b></p>
  458. <p class="MsoNormal">Today, many Aboriginal artists struggle to make a living.  What if you could influence the way people think about buying First Nation art?</p>
  459. <p class="MsoNormal">What if you could help people understand WHY they need to buy REAL artworks, and not what is common in many retailers today?</p>
  460. <p class="MsoNormal">You know those products, the ones where the  art form is faked by a non Native person, or where a piece has been bought then copied by the thousands, with no additional benefit going to the creating artist?  At recent gift shows, where retailers buy from suppliers, people from around the world are now starting to sell at a commodity level sacred masks and other objects, that have nothing to do with their cultures.  We need to stop this through educating the tourist, buyers of art, and other collectors.</p>
  461. <p></p>
  462. <p class="MsoNormal">Give yourself a voice, meet with people who are interested in helping consumers understand…then, there will be an incredible demand from visitors to BUY AUTHENTIC ABORIGINAL ART.  When they start asking retailers the tough questions on their sourcing, it will make them think about what kind of goods they have for sale, and it will create a higher demand for Authentic made by Aboriginal people art works.</p>
  463. <p></p>
  464. <p class="MsoNormal"><b>We need all artists, from those beginning careers to well established, to come out and support this program.  It does not matter if you have a studio, or work part time from home.  If you make it and sell it, you should be at this meeting.  Every voice counts.  It will make a difference in your future, and in the future of generations to come.</b></p>
  465. <p></p>
  466. <p class="MsoNormal">Please help to spread the word, we want as many artisans as we can to benefit from this FREE workshop provided by the Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC (AtBC).</p>
  467. <p class="MsoNormal">Hosted at beautiful Sasquatch Crossing Eco Lodge, in the <i>Beating Heart</i> of Sts’ailes.</p>
  468. <p></p>
  469. <p class="MsoNormal"><u><span>G</span></u><span>ilakas'la!</span></p>
  470. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Paula</span></p>
  471. <p></p>
  472. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Paula Cranmer-Underhill</span></p>
  473. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Tourism Officer</span></p>
  474. <p></p>
  475. <p class="MsoNormal">T. 604-796-2116 (Local 240)</p>
  476. <p class="MsoNormal"><a href="mailto:[email protected]" rel="nofollow">[email protected]</a></p>
  477. <p></p>
  478. </div></div>]]>
  479.    </content>
  480.    <author>
  481.      <name/>
  482.    </author>
  483.  </entry>
  484.  <entry>
  485.    <id>,2013:Post/572834</id>
  486.    <published>2012-03-21T18:38:11Z</published>
  487.    <updated>2018-01-15T11:48:34Z</updated>
  488.    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  489.    <title>Reminder: Fisheries Forum March 22, 2012</title>
  490.    <content type="html">
  491.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_914047" data-box-session-id="2086fadf59404bfca50b6fb785097b57" data-pdf-url="">
  492.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download Fisheries_Forum-March_22_2012_.pdf</a>
  493.        </div>
  494. <p></p><div class="WordSection1">
  495. <p></p>
  496. <p class="MsoNormal">Adam Balfour</p>
  497. <p class="MsoNormal">Sts'ailes IT Dept.</p>
  498. <p class="MsoNormal">w-604-796-2116 x241</p>
  499. <p class="MsoNormal">c-  604-997-2053</p>
  500. <p class="MsoNormal"><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></p>
  501. <p></p>
  502. </div></div>]]>
  503.    </content>
  504.    <author>
  505.      <name/>
  506.    </author>
  507.  </entry>
  508.  <entry>
  509.    <id>,2013:Post/572839</id>
  510.    <published>2012-02-23T16:26:25Z</published>
  511.    <updated>2018-01-15T11:48:39Z</updated>
  512.    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  513.    <title>Important upcoming Artisan workshop at Sasquatch Crossing April 17th - please distribute</title>
  514.    <content type="html">
  515.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_914052" data-box-session-id="1f33752b04914026804b544d6722e98e" data-pdf-url="">
  516.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download Authentic_Aboriginal_Artisan_P.pdf</a>
  517.        </div>
  518. <p> P { MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px } </p><div>
  519. <div>Hello All,</div> <div>AtBC is providing a workshop in Sts'ailes, targeting a wide outreach to artisans for this important new program around Authenticity.</div> <div>The intent is to create an Authenticity mark, an education program for tourists and other buyers of art, at key gateways and travel corridors into BC, so that they can SEEK out authentic artworks, instead of buying what appears to be First Nation art, but often is created by non-Aboriginals, and manufactured off shore, with no or little benefit to the communities and artisans.</div> <div>Once educated, AtBC feels that people will make a conscious choice to SEEK the real thing, and will look for the Authenticity Mark on products and also at entrances to retailers, websites etc.  This project has great leads, and has developed preliminary marketing materials that will also be shared at the workshop.  You will be impressed with how this has been developed, and Artisan input and support is a critical factor of success.</div> <div>
  520.  </div> <div>This is very important work...and needs the grass roots support from artisans.</div> <div>This makes complete sense to me, and will influence the future economy for Aboriginal artists, as it will <u>create a pull from the market place</u>, and if retailers want to be successful selling "Aboriginal" art, then they will realize they need to change how they do business and support the "People", not just commodity produced cheap immitation, or immitation produced by non-Aboriginals.</div> <div>
  521.  </div> <div>Please pass along to all the Artists you know, as they need to buy into the program and show support for this to go forward to implementation with their input.</div> <div>
  522.  </div> <div>Hosted at Sasquatch Crossing Eco Lodge April 17, 2012 in partnership with AtBC.</div> <div>
  523.  </div> <div>Hope to see a full house then,</div> <div>Gilakas'la!</div> <div>Paula</div> <div>Tourism Officer</div> <div>Sts'ailes Development Corporation</div> </div></div>]]>
  524.    </content>
  525.    <author>
  526.      <name/>
  527.    </author>
  528.  </entry>
  529.  <entry>
  530.    <id>,2013:Post/572841</id>
  531.    <published>2012-02-07T21:22:50Z</published>
  532.    <updated>2018-01-15T11:48:38Z</updated>
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  534.    <title>Fisheries Training Courses</title>
  535.    <content type="html">
  536.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_914051" data-box-session-id="cd1356d26a93456eac1e6cb808e7abe2" data-pdf-url="">
  537.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download Fisheries_Training_Courses.pdf</a>
  538.        </div>
  539. </div>]]>
  540.    </content>
  541.    <author>
  542.      <name/>
  543.    </author>
  544.  </entry>
  545.  <entry>
  546.    <id>,2013:Post/572842</id>
  547.    <published>2012-02-07T21:17:30Z</published>
  548.    <updated>2018-01-15T11:48:41Z</updated>
  549.    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  550.    <title>Fisheries Forum Notice - March 22, 2012</title>
  551.    <content type="html">
  552.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_914054" data-box-session-id="bdb1aaf71d524c169b244efa69e05a34" data-pdf-url="">
  553.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download HFA_2012_March_22_2012_Forum.pdf</a>
  554.        </div>
  555. </div>]]>
  556.    </content>
  557.    <author>
  558.      <name/>
  559.    </author>
  560.  </entry>
  561.  <entry>
  562.    <id>,2013:Post/572630</id>
  563.    <published>2012-01-25T23:34:21Z</published>
  564.    <updated>2013-11-18T17:43:08Z</updated>
  565.    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  566.    <title>Lhawathet Lalem now available for Bookings on March Break!</title>
  567.    <content type="html">
  568.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body"><p>Lhawathet Lalem is now available for bookings on March Break (March 9 – March 26, 2012)</p><p></p><p>Book now while you can!</p><p></p><p>For more booking information, please visit the website at: <a href=""></a></p></div>]]>
  569.    </content>
  570.    <author>
  571.      <name/>
  572.    </author>
  573.  </entry>
  574.  <entry>
  575.    <id>,2013:Post/572652</id>
  576.    <published>2011-11-22T23:59:00Z</published>
  577.    <updated>2013-11-18T17:43:08Z</updated>
  578.    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  579.    <title>POSTPONED - Fisheries Forum Moved to Dec.7</title>
  580.    <content type="html">
  581.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">Any questions please contact Kim Charlie at 604-796-2116.</div>]]>
  582.    </content>
  583.    <author>
  584.      <name/>
  585.    </author>
  586.  </entry>
  587.  <entry>
  588.    <id>,2013:Post/572655</id>
  589.    <published>2011-11-22T17:31:52Z</published>
  590.    <updated>2018-01-15T11:46:11Z</updated>
  591.    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  592.    <title>Economic Fisheries Forum - November 23, 2011</title>
  593.    <content type="html">
  594.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_913868" data-box-session-id="9005b37ca0c3486a99aa12ce6f12fdf1" data-pdf-url="">
  595.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download HFA_2011_Economic_Fisheries_No.pdf</a>
  596.        </div>
  597. </div>]]>
  598.    </content>
  599.    <author>
  600.      <name/>
  601.    </author>
  602.  </entry>
  603.  <entry>
  604.    <id>,2013:Post/572671</id>
  605.    <published>2011-11-04T17:04:03Z</published>
  606.    <updated>2018-01-15T11:46:22Z</updated>
  607.    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  608.    <title>Agassiz Harrison Observer Advertisment - Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, Saturday November 19, Sts'ailes Lhawathet Lalem</title>
  609.    <content type="html">
  610.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_913886" data-box-session-id="49956d5f74a04fe491a2cdfb7a72a8ce" data-pdf-url="">
  611.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download BaldEagleFestival-2x6REV_Obser.pdf</a>
  612.        </div>
  613. <p></p><div class="WordSection1">
  614. <p class="MsoNormal">Hello All,</p>
  615. <p class="MsoNormal">Here is the agenda for the event, come on out and have some fun.</p>
  616. <p class="MsoNormal">Artisan tables still available – no fees.</p>
  617. <p class="MsoNormal">Note the GPS location to help everyone find where the action will be.</p>
  618. <p class="MsoNormal">Great lunch options too!</p>
  619. <p class="MsoNormal">Hot coffee and tea, etc all day.</p>
  620. <p></p>
  621. <p class="MsoNormal"><u><span>G</span></u><span>ilakas'la!</span></p>
  622. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Paula</span></p>
  623. <p></p>
  624. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Paula Cranmer-Underhill</span></p>
  625. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Tourism Officer</span></p>
  626. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Sts'ailes Development Corporation</span></p>
  627. <p class="MsoNormal"><span><a href=""></a> </span></p>
  628. </div></div>]]>
  629.    </content>
  630.    <author>
  631.      <name/>
  632.    </author>
  633.  </entry>
  634.  <entry>
  635.    <id>,2013:Post/572687</id>
  636.    <published>2011-11-02T19:43:10Z</published>
  637.    <updated>2018-01-15T11:46:34Z</updated>
  638.    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  639.    <title>Chilliwack Chiefs First Nation Night - Saturday November 12, 2011 - Sts'ailes Youth and FVBald Eagle Festival Fundraiser, featuring Sts'ailes culture in pre-game, opening ceremonies, intermission and on concourse...and Bald Eagle Festival Nov. 19 at S</title>
  640.    <content type="html">
  641.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body">        <div class="posthaven-file posthaven-file-document posthaven-file-state-processed" id="posthaven_document_913916" data-box-session-id="b4fbefd563f14295a69c9fa0a064b186" data-pdf-url="">
  642.           <a class="posthaven-file-download" download href="">Download Reminder_Chilliwack_Chiefs_Fir.pdf</a>
  643.        </div>
  644. <p></p><div class="WordSection1">
  645. <p class="MsoNormal">Hello All,</p>
  646. <p class="MsoNormal">Reminder to buy your tickets.</p>
  647. <p class="MsoNormal">$3 of every ticket goes to the Sts’ailes Youth,</p>
  648. <p class="MsoNormal">50/50 on game day split between Sts’ailes Youth and FVBEF.</p>
  649. <p class="MsoNormal">Got art or a business / organization to promote?</p>
  650. <p class="MsoNormal">Tables: Sell or buy 6 tickets ($48) get a table on the concourse.  (You can share space, but only one table space/ 2 chairs provided, must have entry ticket for vendors).</p>
  651. <p></p>
  652. <p class="MsoNormal">Remember the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival follows on the 19<sup>th</sup> at Sts’ailes Lhawathet Lalem, doors open at 9:30, activities from 10am – 4pm.</p>
  653. <p class="MsoNormal">For full details and agenda, see:</p>
  654. <p class="MsoNormal"><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p>
  655. <p></p>
  656. <p class="MsoNormal">FREE table space at Eagle Fest, call me to arrange.  Must bring your own table covers and set up.</p>
  657. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Sorry, forgot the attachment, hope this works!</span></p>
  658. <p></p>
  659. <p class="MsoNormal"><u><span>G</span></u><span>ilakas'la!</span></p>
  660. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Paula</span></p>
  661. <p></p>
  662. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Paula Cranmer-Underhill</span></p>
  663. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Tourism Officer</span></p>
  664. <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Sts'ailes Development Corporation</span></p>
  665. </div></div>]]>
  666.    </content>
  667.    <author>
  668.      <name/>
  669.    </author>
  670.  </entry>
  671.  <entry>
  672.    <id>,2013:Post/572712</id>
  673.    <published>2011-11-02T17:56:05Z</published>
  674.    <updated>2013-11-18T17:43:08Z</updated>
  675.    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href=""/>
  676.    <title>Chilliwack Chiefs First Nation Night - Saturday November 12, 2011 - Sts'ailes Youth and FVBald Eagle Festival Fundraiser, featuring Sts'ailes culture in pre-game, opening ceremonies, intermission and on concourse...and Bald Eagle Festival Nov. 19 at SLL..</title>
  677.    <content type="html">
  678.      <![CDATA[<div class="posthaven-post-body"><p>Hello All,</p><p>Reminder to buy your tickets.</p><p>$3 of every ticket goes to the Sts’ailes Youth,</p><p>50/50 on game day split between Sts’ailes Youth and FVBEF.</p><p>Got art or a business / organization to promote?</p><p>Tables: Sell or buy 6 tickets ($48) get a table on the concourse.  (You can share space, but only one table space/ 2 chairs provided, must have entry ticket for vendors).</p><p></p><p>Remember the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival follows on the 19<sup>th</sup> at Sts’ailes Lhawathet Lalem, doors open at 9:30, activities from 10am – 4pm.</p><p>For full details and agenda, see:</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p></p><p>FREE table space at Eagle Fest, call me to arrange.  Must bring your own table covers and set up.</p><p></p><p></p><p><span>G</span><span>ilakas'la!</span></p><p><span>Paula</span></p><p><span></span></p><p><span>Paula Cranmer-Underhill</span></p><p><span>Tourism Officer</span></p><p><span>Sts'ailes Development Corporation</span></p></div>]]>
  679.    </content>
  680.    <author>
  681.      <name/>
  682.    </author>
  683.  </entry>
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