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  52.            <ul class="global-nav-upper-links" data-metrics-module="lln-srchbarlnks">
  54. <li>
  55. <a href="" data-metrics-link="wrx">Find Lowest Drug Prices</a>
  56. </li>
  57.            </ul>
  58.            <ul class="global-nav-links-container"><li class="global-nav-links-link" data-metrics-module="hicb1">
  59.  <a href="" class="global-nav-links-title global-nav-hide-tablet" data-metrics-link="tab">Health<br>A-Z</a>
  60.  <a class="global-nav-links-mobile-title global-nav-hide-desktop" data-toggle-selector=".global-nav-megamenu" data-toggle-relation="sibling" data-toggle-mask="global-nav-secondary-mask" data-toggle-metrics="hicb1_xpnd,hicb1_cls" data-toggle-size="1024">Health A-Z</a>
  61.  <div class="global-nav-megamenu">
  62.    <a class="global-nav-close-secondary-menu global-nav-hide-desktop" data-toggle-alias=".global-nav-secondary-mask">
  63.    </a>
  64.    <a href="" class="global-nav-mobile-link global-nav-hide-desktop">Health A-Z</a>
  65.    <div class="global-nav-megamenu-container">
  66.      <div class="row">
  67.        <div class="col-8 content-2-col">
  68.          <h3>Common Conditions</h3>
  69.          <ul class="global-nav-megamenu-section" data-metrics-section="1" data-metrics-sel="li">
  70.            <li itemprop="url">
  71.              <a href="" itemprop="name">ADD/ADHD</a>
  72.            </li>
  73.            <li itemprop="url">
  74.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Allergies</a>
  75.            </li>
  76.            <li itemprop="url">
  77.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Arthritis</a>
  78.            </li>
  79.            <li itemprop="url">
  80.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Cancer</a>
  81.            </li>
  82.            <li itemprop="url">
  83.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Cold, Flu &amp; Cough</a>
  84.            </li>
  85.            <li itemprop="url">
  86.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Depression</a>
  87.            </li>
  88.            <li itemprop="url">
  89.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Diabetes</a>
  90.            </li>
  91.            <li itemprop="url">
  92.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Eye Health</a>
  93.            </li>
  94.            <li itemprop="url">
  95.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Heart Disease</a>
  96.            </li>
  97.            <li itemprop="url">
  98.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Lung Disease</a>
  99.            </li>
  100.            <li itemprop="url">
  101.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Orthopedics</a>
  102.            </li>
  103.            <li itemprop="url">
  104.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Pain Management</a>
  105.            </li>
  106.            <li itemprop="url">
  107.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Sexual Conditions</a>
  108.            </li>
  109.            <li itemprop="url">
  110.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Skin Problems</a>
  111.            </li>
  112.            <li itemprop="url">
  113.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Sleep Disorders</a>
  114.            </li>
  115.            <li class="global-nav-view-all">
  116.              <a href="" data-metrics-link="more">View All</a>
  117.            </li>
  118.          </ul>
  119.        </div>
  120.        <div class="col-4">
  121.          <h3>Resources</h3>
  122.          <ul class="global-nav-megamenu-section" data-metrics-section="2" data-metrics-sel="li">
  124.            <li itemprop="url">
  125.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Questions &amp; Answers</a>
  126.            </li>
  127.            <li itemprop="url">
  128.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Insurance Guide</a>
  129.            </li>
  130.            <li itemprop="url">
  131.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Find a Doctor</a>
  132.            </li>
  133.            <li itemprop="url">
  134.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Children's Conditions A-Z</a>
  135.            </li>
  136.            <li itemprop="url">
  137.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Surgeries and Procedures A-Z</a>
  138.            </li>
  139.          </ul>
  140.        </div>
  141.      </div>
  142.      <div class="row">
  143.      <ul class="global-nav-featured-topics" data-metrics-sel="li" data-metrics-section="ftrd" data-link="hicb1">
  144.  <h4>Featured Topics</h4>
  145.  <li>
  146.    <a href="">
  147.      <img src="genericvigrarja/110x70_generic_migraine_woman_2_other.jpg" alt="generic viagra woman with migraine" width="110" height="70">
  148.    </a>
  149.    <span class="global-nav-featured-topics-type">Slideshow</span>
  150.    <a href="">Get Help for Migraine Relief</a>
  151.  </li>
  152.  <li>
  153.    <a href="">
  154.      <img src="genericvigrarja/110x70_all_about_joints_rmq.jpg" alt="generic viagra knee joint illustration" width="110" height="70">
  155.    </a>
  156.    <span class="global-nav-featured-topics-type">Slideshow</span>
  157.    <a href="">Things That Can Hurt Your Joints</a>
  158.  </li>
  159. </ul></div>
  160.    </div>
  161.  </div>
  162. </li><li class="global-nav-links-link" data-metrics-module="hicb2">
  163.  <a href="" class="global-nav-links-title global-nav-hide-tablet" data-metrics-link="tab">Drugs &amp;<br> Supplements</a>
  164.  <a class="global-nav-links-mobile-title global-nav-hide-desktop" data-toggle-selector=".global-nav-megamenu" data-toggle-relation="sibling" data-toggle-mask="global-nav-secondary-mask" data-toggle-metrics="hicb2_xpnd,hicb2_cls" data-toggle-size="1024">Drugs &amp; Supplements</a>
  165.  <div class="global-nav-megamenu">
  166.    <a class="global-nav-close-secondary-menu global-nav-hide-desktop" data-toggle-alias=".global-nav-secondary-mask">
  167.    </a>
  168.    <a href="" class="global-nav-mobile-link global-nav-hide-desktop">Drugs &amp; Supplements</a>
  169.    <div class="global-nav-megamenu-container">
  170.      <div class="row">
  171.        <div class="col-4">
  172.          <h3>Find &amp; Review</h3>
  173.          <ul class="global-nav-megamenu-section" data-metrics-section="1" data-metrics-sel="li">
  174.            <li itemprop="url">
  175.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Drugs</a>
  176.            </li>
  177.            <li itemprop="url">
  178.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Supplements</a>
  179.            </li>
  180.          </ul>
  181.        </div>
  182.        <div class="col-4">
  183.          <h3>Tools</h3>
  184.          <ul class="global-nav-megamenu-section" data-metrics-section="2" data-metrics-sel="li">
  185.            <li itemprop="url">
  186.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Manage Your Medications</a>
  187.            </li>
  188.            <li itemprop="url">
  189.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Pill Identifier</a>
  190.            </li>
  191.            <li itemprop="url">
  192.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Check for Interactions</a>
  193.            </li>
  194.          </ul>
  195.        </div>
  196.        <div class="col-4">
  197.          <h3>Drug Basics &amp; Safety</h3>
  198.          <ul class="global-nav-megamenu-section" data-metrics-section="3" data-metrics-sel="li">
  199.            <li itemprop="url">
  200.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Commonly Abused Drugs</a>
  201.            </li>
  202.            <li itemprop="url">
  203.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Taking Meds When Pregnant</a>
  204.            </li>
  205.          </ul>
  206.        </div>
  207.      </div>
  208.      <div class="row">
  209.      <ul class="global-nav-featured-topics" data-metrics-sel="li" data-metrics-section="ftrd" data-link="hicb2">
  210.  <h4>Featured Topics</h4>
  211.  <li>
  212.    <a href="">
  213.      <img src="genericvigrarja/110x70_vitamins_alt11_other.jpg" alt="generic viagra assorted vitamins" width="110" height="70">
  214.    </a>
  215.    <span class="global-nav-featured-topics-type">Slideshow</span>
  216.    <a href="">Vitamins You Need as You Age</a>
  217.  </li>
  218.  <li>
  219.    <a href="">
  220.      <img src="genericvigrarja/110x70_probiotcs_rmq.jpg" alt="generic viagra berry and yogurt on spoon" width="110" height="70">
  221.    </a>
  222.    <span class="global-nav-featured-topics-type">Slideshow</span>
  223.    <a href="">Supplements for Better Digestion</a>
  224.  </li>
  225. </ul></div>
  226.    </div>
  227.  </div>
  228. </li><li class="global-nav-links-link" data-metrics-module="hicb3">
  229.  <a href="" class="global-nav-links-title global-nav-hide-tablet" data-metrics-link="tab">Living <br> Healthy</a>
  230.  <a class="global-nav-links-mobile-title global-nav-hide-desktop" data-toggle-selector=".global-nav-megamenu" data-toggle-relation="sibling" data-toggle-mask="global-nav-secondary-mask" data-toggle-metrics="hicb3_xpnd,hicb3_cls" data-toggle-size="1024">Living Healthy</a>
  231.  <div class="global-nav-megamenu">
  232.    <a class="global-nav-close-secondary-menu global-nav-hide-desktop" data-toggle-alias=".global-nav-secondary-mask">
  233.    </a>
  234.    <a href="" class="global-nav-mobile-link global-nav-hide-desktop">Living Healthy</a>
  235.    <div class="global-nav-megamenu-container">
  236.      <div class="row">
  237.        <div class="col-4">
  238.          <h3>Diet, Food &amp; Fitness</h3>
  239.          <ul class="global-nav-megamenu-section" data-metrics-section="1" data-metrics-sel="li">
  240.            <li itemprop="url">
  241.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Diet &amp; Weight Management</a>
  242.            </li>
  243.            <li itemprop="url">
  244.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Weight Loss &amp; Obesity</a>
  245.            </li>
  246.            <li itemprop="url">
  247.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Food &amp; Recipes</a>
  248.            </li>
  249.            <li itemprop="url">
  250.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Fitness &amp; Exercise</a>
  251.            </li>
  252.          </ul>
  253.        </div>
  254.        <div class="col-4">
  255.          <h3>Beauty &amp; Balance</h3>
  256.          <ul class="global-nav-megamenu-section" data-metrics-section="2" data-metrics-sel="li">
  257.            <li itemprop="url">
  258.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Healthy Beauty</a>
  259.            </li>
  260.            <li itemprop="url">
  261.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Health &amp; Balance</a>
  262.            </li>
  263.            <li itemprop="url">
  264.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Sex &amp; Relationships</a>
  265.            </li>
  266.            <li itemprop="url">
  267.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Oral Care</a>
  268.            </li>
  269.          </ul>
  270.        </div>
  271.        <div class="col-4">
  272.          <h3>Living Well</h3>
  273.          <ul class="global-nav-megamenu-section" data-metrics-section="3" data-metrics-sel="li">
  274.            <li itemprop="url">
  275.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Women's Health</a>
  276.            </li>
  277.            <li itemprop="url">
  278.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Men's Health</a>
  279.            </li>
  280.            <li itemprop="url">
  281.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Aging Well</a>
  282.            </li>
  283.            <li itemprop="url">
  284.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Healthy Sleep</a>
  285.            </li>
  287.          </ul>
  288.        </div>
  289.      </div>
  290.      <div class="row">
  291.      <ul class="global-nav-featured-topics" data-metrics-sel="li" data-metrics-section="ftrd" data-link="hicb3">
  292.  <h4>Featured Topics</h4>
  293.  <li>
  294.    <a href="">
  295.      <img src="genericvigrarja/110x70_which_has_more_fat_slideshow.jpg" alt="generic viagra doughnut and avocado" width="110" height="70">
  296.    </a>
  297.    <span class="global-nav-featured-topics-type">Slideshow</span>
  298.    <a href="">Which Food Has More Saturated Fat?</a>
  299.  </li>
  300.  <li>
  301.    <a href="">
  302.      <img src="genericvigrarja/405rmq_thinkstock_woman_walking_sneakers.jpg" alt="generic viagra walking sneakers" width="110" height="70">
  303.    </a>
  304.    <span class="global-nav-featured-topics-type">Quiz</span>
  305.    <a href="">Do You Know the Benefits of Walking?</a>
  306.  </li>
  307. </ul></div>
  308.    </div>
  309.  </div>
  310. </li><li class="global-nav-links-link" data-metrics-module="hicb4">
  311.  <a href="" class="global-nav-links-title global-nav-hide-tablet" data-metrics-link="tab">Family &amp;<br> Pregnancy</a>
  312.  <a class="global-nav-links-mobile-title global-nav-hide-desktop" data-toggle-selector=".global-nav-megamenu" data-toggle-relation="sibling" data-toggle-mask="global-nav-secondary-mask" data-toggle-metrics="hicb4_xpnd,hicb4_cls" data-toggle-size="1024">Family &amp; Pregnancy</a>
  313.  <div class="global-nav-megamenu">
  314.    <a class="global-nav-close-secondary-menu global-nav-hide-desktop" data-toggle-alias=".global-nav-secondary-mask">
  315.    </a>
  316.    <a href="" class="global-nav-mobile-link global-nav-hide-desktop">Family &amp; Pregnancy</a>
  317.    <div class="global-nav-megamenu-container">
  318.      <div class="row">
  319.        <div class="col-4">
  320.          <h3>All About Pregnancy</h3>
  321.          <ul class="global-nav-megamenu-section" data-metrics-section="1" data-metrics-sel="li">
  322.            <li itemprop="url">
  323.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Getting Pregnant</a>
  324.            </li>
  325.            <li itemprop="url">
  326.              <a href="" itemprop="name">First Trimester</a>
  327.            </li>
  328.            <li itemprop="url">
  329.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Second Trimester</a>
  330.            </li>
  331.            <li itemprop="url">
  332.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Third Trimester</a>
  333.            </li>
  334.            <li class="global-nav-view-all">
  335.              <a href="" data-metrics-link="more">View All</a>
  336.            </li>
  337.          </ul>
  338.        </div>
  339.        <div class="col-4">
  340.          <h3>Parenting Guide</h3>
  341.          <ul class="global-nav-megamenu-section" data-metrics-section="2" data-metrics-sel="li">
  342.            <li itemprop="url">
  343.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Newborn &amp; Baby</a>
  344.            </li>
  345.            <li itemprop="url">
  346.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Children's Health</a>
  347.            </li>
  348.            <li itemprop="url">
  349.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Children's Vaccines</a>
  350.            </li>
  351.            <li itemprop="url">
  352.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Raising Fit Kids</a>
  353.            </li>
  354.            <li class="global-nav-view-all">
  355.              <a href="" data-metrics-link="more">View All</a>
  356.            </li>
  357.          </ul>
  358.        </div>
  359.        <div class="col-4">
  360.          <h3>Pet Care Essentials</h3>
  361.          <ul class="global-nav-megamenu-section" data-metrics-section="3" data-metrics-sel="li">
  363.          </ul>
  364.        </div>
  365.      </div>
  366.      <div class="row">
  367.      <ul class="global-nav-featured-topics" data-metrics-sel="li" data-metrics-section="ftrd" data-link="hicb4">
  368.  <h4>Featured Topics</h4>
  369.  <li>
  370.    <a href="">
  371.      <img src="genericvigrarja/thinkstock_rf_apple_slices_and_peanut_butter.jpg" alt="generic viagra apple slices and peanut butter" width="110" height="70">
  372.    </a>
  373.    <span class="global-nav-featured-topics-type">Slideshow</span>
  374.    <a href="">Smart Snacks When You're Pregnant</a>
  375.  </li>
  376.  <li>
  377.    <a href="">
  378.      <img src="genericvigrarja/getty_rf_photo_of_mother_helping_daughter_with_homework.jpg" alt="generic viagra little girl doing homework" width="110" height="70">
  379.    </a>
  380.    <span class="global-nav-featured-topics-type">Quiz</span>
  381.    <a href="">How Can You Avoid Homework Stress?</a>
  382.  </li>
  383. </ul></div>
  384.    </div>
  385.  </div>
  386. </li><li class="global-nav-links-link" data-metrics-module="hicb5">
  387.  <a href="" class="global-nav-links-title global-nav-hide-tablet" data-metrics-link="tab">News &amp;<br> Experts</a>
  388.  <a class="global-nav-links-mobile-title global-nav-hide-desktop" data-toggle-selector=".global-nav-megamenu" data-toggle-relation="sibling" data-toggle-mask="global-nav-secondary-mask" data-toggle-metrics="hicb5_xpnd,hicb5_cls" data-toggle-size="1024">News &amp; Experts</a>
  389.  <div class="global-nav-megamenu">
  390.    <a class="global-nav-close-secondary-menu global-nav-hide-desktop" data-toggle-alias=".global-nav-secondary-mask">
  391.    </a>
  392.    <a href="" class="global-nav-mobile-link global-nav-hide-desktop">News &amp; Experts</a>
  393.    <div class="global-nav-megamenu-container">
  394.      <div class="row">
  395.        <div class="col-8">
  396.          <h3>Health News</h3>
  397.          <ul class="global-nav-megamenu-section" data-metrics-section="1" data-metrics-sel="li">
  398.            <li itemprop="url">
  399.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Medicare for All: What Does This Mean?</a>
  400.            </li>
  401.            <li itemprop="url">
  402.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Having Trouble Falling and Staying Asleep?</a>
  403.            </li>
  404.            <li itemprop="url">
  405.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Rates of Anal Cancer On the Rise</a>
  406.            </li>
  407.            <li itemprop="url">
  408.              <a href="" itemprop="name">New Lung Illness Tied to Vaping</a>
  409.            </li>
  410.            <li itemprop="url">
  411.              <a href="" itemprop="name">Is There a Safer Way to Sterilize Medical Equipment?</a>
  412.            </li>
  413.          </ul>
  414.        </div>
  415.        <div class="col-4">
  416.          <h3>Experts &amp; Community</h3>
  417.          <ul class="global-nav-megamenu-section" data-metrics-section="2" data-metrics-sel="li">
  419.            <li itemprop="url">
  420.              <a href="" itemprop="name">News Center</a>
  421.            </li>
  422.          </ul>
  423.        </div>
  424.      </div>
  425.      <div class="row">
  426.      <ul class="global-nav-featured-topics" data-metrics-sel="li" data-metrics-section="ftrd" data-link="hicb5">
  427.  <h4>Featured Topics</h4>
  428.  <li>
  429.    <a href="">
  430.      <img src="genericvigrarja/650x350_sleep_special_report_man.jpg" alt="generic viagra photo of man sitting on edge of bed" width="110" height="70">
  431.    </a>
  432.    <span class="global-nav-featured-topics-type">genericvigrarja.comInvestigates</span>
  433.    <a href="">Why Can't We Sleep?</a>
  434.  </li>
  435. >
  436. </ul></div>
  437.    </div>
  438.  </div>
  439. </li><!-- repo: module-html-shared/[email protected]2 - Package Version: 1.12.1 - 2019-02-01 11:18 am - User: Mary Brewer -->
  440. <li class="global-nav-links-link global-nav-hide-desktop" data-metrics-module="hicb6"><a class="global-nav-links-mobile-title no-caret" data-metrics-link="tab" href="">Mobile Apps</a></li><li class="global-nav-links-link global-nav-hide-desktop" data-metrics-module="nl-mast"><a class="global-nav-links-mobile-title no-caret" href="" data-metrics-link="sub" data-metrics-type="ad-hoc">Subscriptions</a></li>
  441. </ul></div>
  442. <div class="global-nav-right-container"><ul class="global-nav-upper-reg-links"><li class="global-nav-sign-in global-nav-hide-mobile" data-metrics-module=""><a href=";returl=" data-metrics-link="reg-login">Sign In</a></li><li class="global-nav-subscribe" data-metrics-module="nl-mast"><a class="button" href="" data-metrics-type="ad-hoc" data-metrics-link="sub">Subscribe</a></li><li class="global-nav-profile-menu global-nav-hide-mobile"><span class="global-nav-profile-text" data-toggle-relation="parent" data-toggle-selector=".global-nav-profile-menu" data-toggle-metrics="ov-mymd_xpnd,ov-mymd_cls">My Profile</span><ul data-metrics-module="ov-mymd"><li><a data-metrics-link="mt" href="">My Tools</a></li><li><a data-metrics-link="mybkmrk" href=""> Pages</a></li><li><a data-metrics-link="ma" href="">My Account</a></li><li><a data-metrics-link="so" href="" class="global-nav-sign-out button">Sign Out</a></li></ul></li></ul><div class="global-nav-search-container"><form id="global-nav-search-form" action="/search/search_results/default.aspx" data-metrics-module="srch-bar"><input title="generic viagra Enter search terms" required="" aria-label="Enter search terms" autocomplete="off" id="global-nav-search" class="typeahead-search" type="text" name="query" placeholder="Search"> <button aria-label="Search" type="submit" class="global-nav-search-submit" data-metrics-link="submit"></button><ul class="global-nav-search-list typeahead-output"></ul></form></div></div>
  443. </div><div class="global-sharebar-container"><div class="global-sharebar-wrapper"><div class="global-sharebar-plugin"><div class="plugin plugin-socialshare" data-metrics-module="sharebar-m"><a class="plugin-socialshare-link plugin-socialshare-facebook" data-metrics-link="face" data-metrics-type="ad-hoc" data-sharetype="facebook" href="" title="generic viagra Share on Facebook"><span class="visually-hidden">Share on Facebook</span></a><a class="plugin-socialshare-link plugin-socialshare-twitter" data-metrics-link="twit" data-metrics-type="ad-hoc" data-sharetype="twitter" href="" title="generic viagra Share on Twitter"><span class="visually-hidden">Share on Twitter</span></a><a class="plugin-socialshare-link plugin-socialshare-pinterest" data-metrics-link="pin" data-metrics-type="ad-hoc" data-sharetype="pinterest" href="" title="generic viagra Share on Pinterest"><span class="visually-hidden">Share on Pinterest</span></a></div></div><span class="share-title">Low Testosterone and Your Sex Drive</span><div class="global-nav-subscribe" data-metrics-module="nl-mast"><a class="button" href="" data-metrics-type="ad-hoc" data-metrics-link="sub">Subscribe</a></div><div class="global-nav-search-container"><form id="global-nav-sharebar-search-form" action="/search/search_results/default.aspx" data-metrics-module="srch-bar" _lpchecked="1"><input required="" aria-label="Enter search terms" autocomplete="off" id="global-nav-sharebar-search" class="typeahead-search" type="text" name="query" placeholder="Search"><button aria-label="Search" type="submit" class="global-nav-search-submit" data-metrics-link="submit"></button><ul class="global-nav-search-list typeahead-output"></ul></form></div></div></div></nav></div></header>
  444. <div class="container global-container-1" tabindex="-1" data-js="global-container-1"><div id="ContentPane10" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><script>
  445.                    var priTopId='3637', secTopId='1687';
  446.                </script>
  447. <div id="ads2-pos-101-ad-banner" class="module ad ad-101" data-is-mobile="false" data-targets="{'art':'091e9c5e8020f390','cc':'16','env':'&amp;env=0','hcent':'1076','leaf':'&amp;leaf=','mcent':'','mic':'','pt':'3637','sec':'1687','pug':'','scent':'','tmg':'','tug':'','uri':'%2fmen%2fhow-low-testosterone-can-affect-your-sex-drive','rd':'1'}" data-block-codes="_testdrug_testono_i10_gen1_diet1_h16_e1_f52_sex2_" data-pos="101" data-sizes="[[728,90],[970, 90],[970,250]]">
  448. </div></div></div>
  449. <main id="global-main" role="main" tabindex="-1" data-js="global-main">
  450. <div class="main-container main-container-1" tabindex="-1" data-js="main-container-1"><div id="ContentPane19" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><aside class="module module-topic-directory-navigation module-dyn-tdgd" data-metrics-module="dyn-tdgd">
  451.  <header class="module-header">
  452.    <h3>
  453.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="title">Testosterone Home</a>
  454.    </h3>
  455.  </header>
  456.  <ul>
  457.    <li>
  458.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="1">Medical Reference</a>
  459.    </li>
  460.    <li>
  461.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="2">Features</a>
  462.    </li>
  463.    <li>
  464.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="3">Video</a>
  465.    </li>
  466.    <li>
  467.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="4">Slideshows &amp; Images</a>
  468.    </li>
  469.    <li>
  470.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="5">Quizzes</a>
  471.    </li>
  472.    <li>
  473.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="6">Health Tools</a>
  474.    </li>
  475.    <li>
  476.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="7">News Archive</a>
  477.    </li>
  478.  </ul>
  479. </aside></div><div id="ContentPane21" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><div class="module module-lln-ctrcnav" data-metrics-module="lln-ctrcnav">
  480.  <h3>
  481.    <a href="" data-metrics-link="header">Men's Health Resources</a>
  482.  </h3>
  483.  <ul>
  484.    <li>
  485.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="1">News</a>
  486.    </li>
  487.    <li>
  488.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="2">Reference</a>
  489.    </li>
  490.    <li>
  491.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="3">Slideshows</a>
  492.    </li>
  493.    <li>
  494.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="4">Quizzes</a>
  495.    </li>
  496.    <li>
  497.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="5">Videos</a>
  498.    </li>
  499.    <li>
  500.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="6">Questions &amp; Answers</a>
  501.    </li>
  502.    <li>
  503.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="7">Message Board</a>
  504.    </li>
  505.    <li>
  506.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="8">Subscribe to Newsletters</a>
  507.    </li>
  508.  </ul>
  509. </div></div><div id="ContentPane23" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><aside class="module guide-navigation" data-metrics-module="gd-fullgd" role="complementary">
  510.  <header class="module-header">
  511.    <h3>
  512.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="1">Men's Health Guide</a>
  513.    </h3>
  514.  </header>
  515.  <ul>
  516.    <li>
  517.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="2">Diet and Fitness</a>
  518.    </li>
  519.    <li>
  520.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="3">Sex</a>
  521.    </li>
  522.    <li>
  523.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="4">Health Concerns</a>
  524.    </li>
  525.    <li>
  526.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="5">Look Your Best</a>
  527.    </li>
  528.  </ul>
  529. </aside><!-- No Shared module mapped for widget Id:091e9c5e813ec92a DM category:091e9c5e812c5798 Channel:1076 Program: --></div><div id="ContentPane25" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><div class="module module-lln-rltdto" data-metrics-module="lln-rltdto">
  530.  <h3>
  531.    <a href="" data-metrics-link="header">Related to Men's Health</a>
  532.  </h3>
  533.  <ul>
  534.    <li>
  535.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="1">Enlarged Prostate</a>
  536.    </li>
  537.    <li>
  538.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="2">Erectile Dysfunction</a>
  539.    </li>
  540.    <li>
  541.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="3">Flat Abs Exercises</a>
  542.    </li>
  543.    <li>
  544.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="4">Hair Loss</a>
  545.    </li>
  546.    <li>
  547.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="5">Manage Your Migraine</a>
  548.    </li>
  549.    <li>
  550.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="6">Prostate Cancer</a>
  551.    </li>
  552.    <li>
  553.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="7">Sexual Conditions</a>
  554.    </li>
  555.    <li>
  556.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="8">Strength Training</a>
  557.    </li>
  558.    <li>
  559.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="9">More Related Topics</a>
  560.    </li>
  561.  </ul>
  562. </div></div><div id="ContentPane27" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><script>
  563.                    var priTopId='3637', secTopId='1687';
  564.                </script>
  565. <div id="ads2-pos-113-ad-left" class="module ad ad-113" data-is-mobile="false" data-targets="{'art':'091e9c5e8020f390','cc':'16','env':'&amp;env=0','hcent':'1076','leaf':'&amp;leaf=','mcent':'','mic':'','pt':'3637','sec':'1687','pug':'','scent':'','tmg':'','tug':'','uri':'%2fmen%2fhow-low-testosterone-can-affect-your-sex-drive','rd':'1'}" data-block-codes="_testdrug_testono_i10_gen1_diet1_h16_e1_f52_sex2_" data-pos="113" data-sizes="[160,600]">
  566. </div></div></div>
  567. <div id="main-container" class="main-container main-container-2" tabindex="-1" data-js="main-container-2"><div id="ContentPane28" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><div class="breadcrumb">
  568.  <ul data-metrics-module="brdcrmb" itemscope="" itemtype="">
  569.    <li itemscope="" itemtype="" itemprop="itemListElement">
  570.      <a itemprop="item" href="" data-metrics-link="">
  571.        <span itemprop="name">Men's Health</span>
  572.      </a>
  573.      <meta itemprop="position" content="1">
  574.    </li>
  575.    <li itemscope="" itemtype="" itemprop="itemListElement">
  576.      <a itemprop="item" href="" data-metrics-link="">
  577.        <span itemprop="name">Reference</span>
  578.      </a>
  579.      <meta itemprop="position" content="2">
  580.    </li>
  581.  </ul>
  582. </div><div class="left-nav-toggle" data-toggle-selector=".main-container-1" data-toggle-mask="left-nav-mask" data-toggle-metrics="lln-icon_xpnd,lln-icon_cls"></div><!-- No Shared module mapped for widget Id:091e9c5e81437ec0 DM category:091e9c5e813fe38a Channel:1076 Program: --><a class="webmd-promo-driver" href="" data-metrics-module="top-driver" data-metrics-link="">
  583.  <figure class="webmd-promo-driver-img">
  584.    <img src="genericvigrarja/target_icon.png" alt="generic viagra ">
  585.  </figure>
  586.  <header>
  587.    <h4 class="webmd-promo-driver-title">Overactive Bladder Assessment: Could You Live Better?</h4>
  588.  </header>
  589. </a></div><div id="ContentPane29" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><!-- No Shared module mapped for widget Id:091e9c5e813fd2d4 DM category:091e9c5e812c55e9 Channel:1076 Program: --></div><div id="ContentPane30" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><script>
  590. window.videoMap = {
  591.          inArtVideo: {
  592. enableMobile: false, /* If falsy, videos wont load on that device */
  593. enableTablet: false,
  594. enableDesktop: true
  595.          }
  600. }
  601. </script><script>
  603. window.videoSpecialTopics = [
  604. 1629,
  605. 1662,
  606. 1667,
  607. 1678,
  608. 1688,
  609. 1822,
  610. 1827,
  611. 1830,
  612. 1834,
  613. 1835,
  614. 3052,
  615. 3553,
  616. 3554,
  617. 3556,
  618. 3557,
  619. 3629,
  620. 3630,
  621. 3641,
  622. 3645,
  623. 4030,
  624. 4051,
  625. 4054,
  626. 4223
  627. ]
  628. </script>
  629. <article class="article" data-page="1">
  630.  <script type="application/ld+json">
  631. {
  632. "@context": "",
  633. "@type": "Medical",
  634. "mainEntityOfPage": "",
  635. "lastReviewed": "03/31/2019 12:00:00",
  636. "reviewedBy": {
  637. "@type": "Person",
  638. "name": "Jennifer  Robinson"
  639. },
  640. "about": "Low Testosterone",
  641. "datePublished": "07/03/2008 00:00:00",
  642. "headline": "Low Testosterone and Sex Drive",
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  685.        <a href="#1-2" data-link="1-2" data-metrics-link="cwnav-art_2">Testosterone and the Causes of Low Libido</a>
  686.      </li>
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  688.        <a href="#1-3" data-link="1-3" data-metrics-link="cwnav-art_3">Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction</a>
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  695.        <p>
  696.          <a href="" data-metrics-link="" data-crosslink-type="article">Testosterone</a> isn't the only fuel for a man's <a href="" data-metrics-link="" data-crosslink-type="article">sex drive</a> and performance. But <a href="" data-metrics-link="" data-crosslink-type="article">low testosterone</a> can reduce your ability to have satisfying <a href="" data-metrics-link="" data-crosslink-type="article">sex</a>. Lack of <a href="" data-metrics-link="" data-crosslink-type="slideshow">sex drive</a> and <a href="" data-metrics-link="" data-crosslink-type="article">erectile dysfunction</a> are sexual problems that can result from <a href="" data-metrics-link="" data-crosslink-type="slideshow">low testosterone</a>. If <a href="" data-metrics-link="" data-crosslink-type="tools">low testosterone</a> is the cause, treating it can help.</p>
  697.      </section>
  698.      <section>
  699.     <p>The Relationship Between Erectile Capacities And Hypertensions</p>
  700. <p>Many key points are discussed in this article:</p>
  701. <p> - The plant is a flowering tree that grows in China and has grown in South East Asia<br>
  702.  - The same thing is said by the FDA to help with erectile dysfunction<br>
  703.  - The growth of the leaves and roots will be used for the purpose of the treatment of the penis<br>
  704.  - Levitra is a <a href="" data-metrics-link="" data-crosslink-type="article">Generic Viagra</a> and is a drug that is used to help treat erectile dysfunction </p>
  705. <p>More On Seeds</p>
  706. <p>The leaves are woody and aromatic. The plant is harvested and used as a replacement for the leaves. Additionally, the leaves are used to produce the paste. The seeds are harvested and then sorted. The leaves are then sorted and then washed with the essential oil. The seeds are then crushed and stored in the form of a poultice. </p>
  707. <p>The seeds are harvested and stored in the shade. The plants are used to produce the seeds. At the same time, the plants are used in the production of plant-based fertilizers. They are used in the form of plants, flowers, and leaves. </p>
  708. <p>More About Tree</p>
  709. <p>The plant is a flowering tree that viagra generic
  710. is grown in the northern part of the South East. The tree is grown in the desert and grows in the South East. The plant has a tree that has a long history of its growing and its maturity:</p>
  711. <p> - has a long history of harvesting and planting<br>
  712.  - grows in the same direction<br>
  713.  - of the plant is the most common fruit </p>
  714. <p>The plant is a shrub that grows in northern Asia. It has been cultivated in China and has been used for centuries for the medicinal and healing purposes of the plant. It is used in the healing of wounds and bruises. </p>
  715. <p>Medicine</p>
  716. <p>The bark of the tree is used as a medicine for wounds and bruises. The leaves are used as a medicine for treating wounds and insect stings. The tree is a plant which is used as a medicine for the healing of wounds. The bark is used as a medicine for treating colds and dysentery. It is essential and effective medicine used in treating ear infections. Also, it is a good anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. </p>
  717. <p>The bark of the plant is used as a natural remedy for wounds and bruises:</p>
  718. <p> - It is a powerful antiseptic and is useful in treating wounds and insect bites<br>
  719.  - It is used to treat the pain of sprains and scrapes<br>
  720.  - It is an effective remedy for wounds and boils<br>
  721.  - Turmeric is a good home remedy for treating skin disorders<br>
  722.  - Turmeric is an effective anti-oxidant and is used to reduce inflammation and swelling </p>
  723. <p>The herb is a great source of vitamins and minerals. It is a natural herb that is used to treat the diseases of the heart. Also, it is used to promote the healing of the heart and other organs of the body. </p>
  724. <p>More About Roots</p>
  725. <p>The plant is harvested and dried in the shade. The leaves are harvested and dried. The roots are harvested and stored in the shade. The plant is grown in the deserts of the North and South Africa. The roots are harvested and ripened in the form generic viagra online
  726. buy generic viagra online
  727. of a dried berry. The seeds are dried and then sorted. </p>
  728. <p>Butea Superba is a native plant in the southern parts of Africa and is used for cosmetic purposes. It is a powerful plant that is used in the world as a natural remedy for tooth loss. The plant is a tree and is harvested and placed in the form of a paste. Plus, the plant is used to cure wounds and insect bites. It is used to cure wounds and bruises. The plant is used as a medicine for treating wounds and bruises. </p>
  729. <p>Anti-inflammatory</p>
  730. <p>Thyme is an important ingredient in the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. It is a natural anti-oxidant and is known to be beneficial in treating colds and coughs. Additionally, it is a potent anti-oxidant and is effective in treating colds and flu. </p>
  731. <p>A great way to get the most of these benefits is by using the right kind of medicine. It is a medicine that is used to treat erectile dysfunction and other related diseases. Plus, it is used to treat diseases like heart problems, strokes, hypertension, and epilepsy. </p>
  732. <p>More About Main Purpose</p>
  733. <p>The main purpose of this drug is to increase the production of nitric oxide in the blood. This substance is also known to have a strong effect on the sexual drive and erectile capacity. The active component of horny goat weed is known to inhibit the production of nitric oxide in the blood. It is known as Sildenafil, which is a drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. </p>
  734. <p>The growth of the roots and the leaves are used to reduce the pain and discomfort of the penis. The plant is a weed, which has been used for centuries for treating various health conditions. It is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. It is also used to increase libido and erectile dysfunction. The most common side effect of the use of Levitra is the increase in blood circulation to the penis. It is a natural medicine that is taken to treat impotence. </p>
  735. <p>The first step is to find out what is the most important thing you can do to help you deal with your situation. The next step is to viagra generic name
  736. does generic viagra work
  737. find a way to deal with your fears and anxieties. </p>
  738. <p>The main purpose of this treatment is to prevent the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. It is a common and effective way to increase the sexual stamina of men. At the same time, it is a boon for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. </p>
  739. <p>Levitra is a PDE5 enzyme which is responsible for the flow of blood to the penis. CGMP permits blood to fill up the penis. CGMP is the main reason why erections are so much better. The CGMP is a powerful lubricant that helps to keep the blood flow in the erectile tissues to the penis. It helps to reduce the blood flow to the erectile tissue. The prostate is a powerful lubricant that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. </p>
  740.      </section>
  741.      <section>
  742.        <h2 id="1-3">Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction</h2>
  743.      <p>Blood Vessels</p>
  744. <p>Thus, the blood flow to the penile muscle ceases to be enough to pump up the penis. The blood flow to the penile muscles is increased by the stimulation of the penis. Also, the blood vessels in the penile area are blocked by the erection. The penis is then stretched to the penile shaft and the erection is smooth. </p>
  745. <p>The CGMP then stops the erection from getting into the penis. This allows the erection to flow more smoothly and thus reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction. The blood flow is an important factor in the erection and erectile function. It is also responsible for the development of the erectile power of the male. </p>
  746. <p>Levitra is a brand new pill that is used to help men get rid of the problem. It is a pill that is taken by the person who is suffering from sexual impotence. </p>
  747. <p>The pill is taken with a combination of two different forms of Levitra. The main purpose of this medicine is to increase the blood circulation to the penis. Additionally, the pill is taken by the doctor to get rid of the excess blood. The main reason for this is the lack of the blood flow to the penile region. This is the reason is there a generic viagra
  748. best place to buy generic viagra online
  749. why the erection is so difficult to perform. </p>
  750. <p>The most common side effect of Sildenafil is the ability to get rid of the erection:</p>
  751. <p> - This is a common problem among people who are suffering from impotence<br>
  752.  - This is due to the fact that the person is suffering from erectile dysfunction<br>
  753.  - This is a problem which is due to the lack of erection<br>
  754.  - It is a problem which is caused by the lack of erection and sexual dysfunction<br>
  755.  - Levitra is a medicine which is used to cure erectile dysfunction </p>
  756. <p>Horny goat weed is a natural herbal remedy for male and female libido:</p>
  757. <p> - used to treat sexual debility and erectile problems<br>
  758.  - also known to be beneficial for the male and reproductive organs<br>
  759.  - a good herbal medicine for treating male reproductive disorders<br>
  760.  - a natural cure for weak erection problems and is prescribed for treating male reproductive disorders </p>
  761. <p>L-Butea Superba is a plant that is used in the United States as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce the inflammation and pain of the penis. What is the best herbal penis enlargement cream? Penis enhancement pills are available in the market for penile enlargement. These are devices that are applied to the male penis to help in penile enhancement. The most common side-effects of the penis enlargement pill are penile erection, ejaculation sensation, and erectile dysfunction. </p>
  762.      </section>
  763.    <div class="bottom-ad-override" style="display: none;"></div></div>
  764.    <div class="article-page inactive-page" data-page="2">
  765.      <h4 class="continue-reading">Continued</h4>
  766.      <section>
  767.       <p>More About Active Ingredient</p>
  768. <p>Horny goat weed increases the potency of the active ingredient in the herb. It increases the production of the female sex drive. Furthermore, horny goat leaf extract increases the production of nitric oxide which is a great boon for women who are suffering from high blood pressure. It increases the production of nitric oxide generic viagra reviews
  769. generic for viagra
  770. when will generic viagra be available
  771. which is a great boon for women who are interested in improving their blood pressure. The benefits of the horny goat weed capsules are high in the herbal formula that is used in the treatment of various ailments. It is a potent herbal remedy for treating reproductive disorders like spermatorrhea and nightfall. </p>
  772. <p>The first step in the treatment of the male organ health is to take a look at the ingredients of the product. The second step is to find out what is right for you. The third thing you should do is to start with a good health and healthy body. A great way to get the right health care is to start with a healthy lifestyle. It is important to keep in mind that a great way to get rid of unwanted body fat is to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. The following paragraphs will have to list some of the most popular weight loss methods. <br>
  773. </p>
  774. <p>Are Purposes, Failures, And Impotences Significant?</p>
  775. <p>In this article, we discuss many points. The bark of the plant is used as a medicine for treating wounds and bruises. Moreover, The same thing applies to the male organ. </p>
  776. <p>The plant grows in the middle of the trees and stems from the leaves. The leaves are then sorted and dried. The seeds are then dried and then crushed. The leaves are then crushed and allowed to cool. The seeds are then crushed and then allowed to ripen. The seeds are also used to make the paste. </p>
  777. <p>More About Plants</p>
  778. <p>The seeds are used to produce the plant. The plants are also used as a fertilizer. Plants are also known to be used as a fertilizer. Additionally, plants are used to treat insects and fungi. They are used to clean the water and keep it from drying out. The common type of insect repellent is a synthetic substance. </p>
  779.     <p>The roots of the plant are used in the treatment of wounds and insect bites. The bark and roots of the plant are used as a medicine for treating wounds and bruises. The medicinal properties of this herb are useful in treating arthritis. It is a powerful herbal medicine that can be used to treat various diseases. In addition, it is used to reduce the pain and stiffness of joints. </p>
  780. <p>The plant is used as a medicine for curing wounds and insect bites:</p>
  781. <p> - It is used in the healing of wounds and bruises<br>
  782.  - It is a powerful antibiotic and can be used to treat colds and flu<br>
  783.  - It is used to relieve the pain of colds and coughs<br>
  784.  - The medicine is used to treat the pain and inflammation of the joints<br>
  785.  - It is an effective medicine for treating the pain and inflammation of the joints </p>
  786. <p>The plant is a flowering generic viagra names
  787. is there a generic for viagra
  788. cheap generic viagra
  789. herb that is used in the world as a natural tonic for the body. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is used to treat the disorders of the heart and lungs. Furthermore, it is a natural herb that is used to treat colds and coughs. </p>
  790. <p>Butea Superba is a native herb in Europe and is used in cosmetic and hair products. It is a plant that is used in the treatment of various diseases and disorders. Plus, it is used to treat diseases such as arthritis and cardiovascular disorders. The plant is a seed that has been used for hundreds of years to treat various diseases and ailments. It is used in the medicine and in the treatment of wounds and gums. Additionally, it is used in the treatment of various ailments such as heart problems, diabetes, and hypertension. </p>
  791. <p>The plant is harvested and processed in the early stages of the disease. The roots of the plants are harvested and dried. Also, the plant is harvested and used in the early stages of the disease. The plants are used in the treatment of the disease. The plant is used to kill the disease. The leaves are used to cure the disease. </p>
  792. <p>Treatment</p>
  793. <p>Pueraria Mirifica is a natural herb that is used in the treatment of breast cancer. It is a natural herb that has been used for centuries for the treatment of prostate enlargement. The herbal plant is a natural remedy for prostate enlargement. It is a natural herb that has been used for centuries for the healing of prostate problems. </p>
  794. <p>The most effective way to get a man to be in a safe and healthy way is to use the penis. What is a good penis enlargement pill? There are a number of penis enlargement products available to men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. These are the most effective and natural ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction. What are the benefits of using natural male penis enlargement devices? The penis can be easily damaged by the use of a lubricant. </p>
  795. <p>More About Roots</p>
  796. <p>The plant grows in the area of the Pueraria Mirifica leaf. Plus, the plant is harvested and processed from the roots of the leaves. The leaf is used to extract the seeds. The stem is a seed that grows in the region of the South. The seeds when does viagra go generic
  797. generic viagra canada
  798. canadian pharmacy generic viagra
  799. generic viagra india
  800. are harvested before the leaves are dried and then allowed to oxidize. The stem is then placed in the seeds and then dried. </p>
  801. <p>The most common side effects of Viagra are the increase in blood pressure, heart attack, and strokes. In addition, the most common side effect of this medication is the lack of erection and sexual desire. Viagra is a drug that is approved by the FDA for treating erectile dysfunction. It is used to reduce the pain and swelling of the penis. </p>
  802. <p>Herbal Remedy</p>
  803. <p>Ginkgo biloba is a natural herbal supplement that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a natural herb that has been used for centuries for the Viagra-related impotence. Additionally, it is a good natural impotence remedy. Ginkgo biloba is a natural herbal supplement that is used for treating high blood pressure. It is a potent herbal remedy that has been approved by FDA for treating the conditions of the male reproductive system. </p>
  804. <p>PDE5 works to release CGMP, which is a chemical that is produced by the body. This CGMP is made up of a blood-vessel called the tunica albuginea. It is a substance that is produced by the body by the blood and by the CGMP. Additionally, it is responsible for the production of the enzyme called PDE5. The CGMP is made up of the fatty cells in the corpora, and the blood vessels are pumped together. The tunica albuginea helps dilate the blood vessels in the penis. </p>
  805. <p>The horny plant is also used for the enhancement of libido and sexual performance. It is a natural androgenic agent that is used in the treatment of various types of male impotence. The natural cure for impotence is the use of Viagra. It is an effective herbal medicine for men who are suffering from impotence or sexual dysfunction. </p>
  806. <p>Device</p>
  807. <p>The most effective way to reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse is to use a device that is inserted into the uterus. This is the most effective method of using a device that is inserted into the uterus. Additionally, this is a method buy generic viagra
  808. generic name for viagra
  809. when will viagra be generic
  810. generic viagra review
  811. when will viagra go generic
  812. that is inserted into the vagina to help the woman's reproductive system to function properly. The device is designed to be used for the purpose of the stimulation of the female reproductive organs. This is the technique of using the device to stimulate the sperm to produce a more powerful effect. </p>
  813. <p>The effects of this hormone are the same as the testosterone level in the female body. The hormone in the pituitary gland is the main regulator of the body's production of testosterone. This gland is responsible for the development of the male hormone testosterone. The pituitary regulates the testosterone production in the human. It is the most important part of the human growth hormone. </p>
  814. <p>Key Point: The most common side effect of the use of this type of medicine is the ability to heal the wounds. </p>
  815. <p>The main reason for this is the fact that it is a natural and safe way to increase the sexual power of the male. It is a natural drug that is approved by the FDA and is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, it is a potent drug that is approved by the FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug is used to increase the testosterone production in the male reproductive system. It is used to help men who are suffering from sexual impotence. The drug is used to help men who are suffering from erectile problems. </p>
  816. <p>The problem is that men who are in the middle of the andropausal stage are more likely to suffer from this condition. This is because the men who are in the andropausal times have a lot of difficulty in dealing with their problems. The most common problem is that men who are in the middle of the night are more likely to have a relationship with their spouses. They may have difficulty in finding the best mate for their partner. Furthermore, they may be surprised to know that the most common cause of male sexual dysfunction is the inability to sleep. The most common cause of erectile failure is the inability to perform the sexual activity. </p>
  817. <p>The treatment for impotence is to be taken a few days before the surgery. The surgery is done by a doctor or urologist. The doctor will then decide to use an urologist to determine the type of prostate cancer. The prostate cancer treatment is a simple and effective way to cure the problem. The doctor will be able to determine the best treatment for the prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is a common disease that affects men over 58 years old. </p>
  818. <p>More About Stress</p>
  819. <p>The psychological causes of anxiety can be attributed to the lack of physical activity. The most common cause of anxiety is the lack of adequate exercise and a low stress diet. At the same time, the most important factor in preventing or managing stress is to avoid eating too much. Stress is a major factor in the development of anxiety disorders. It is a common problem that can be caused by a lot of stress. It can be a stressful event, or a family situation. </p>
  820. <p>The most effective way to increase testosterone levels is by using horny goat weed. It is used to treat male reproductive problems and impotence. It is also a safe and effective way to boost testosterone levels. </p>
  821. <p>In summary, there were a variety of topics discussed in this article. In the beginning, we discussed how the plant is a weed which grows in the deserts of the Himalayas, the stem of the Dragon. In addition, the active ingredient in the tablet is Sildenafil, which is a powerful extract from the plant. <br>
  822. </p> </section>
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  829.          <h4 data-toggle-selector=".sources" data-toggle-relation="parent">Sources</h4>
  830.          <div class="page-source-wrapper">
  831.            <p>SOURCES:</p>
  832.            <p>University of Virginia Health system: "Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence."</p>
  833.          </div>
  834.        </span>
  835.        <span class="copyright">© 2019, LLC. All rights reserved.</span>
  836.      </footer>
  837.    </div>
  838.    <script data-cfasync="false" src="/cdn-cgi/scripts/5c5dd728/cloudflare-static/email-decode.min.js"></script><script>
  839. $(document).ready(function() {
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  841. var aspcaLogo;
  842. // if article has an image in first paragraph
  843. if ($firstArtImg.length > 0) {
  844. aspcaLogo = $firstArtImg.attr('src').indexOf('163x68_aspca_reference');
  845. // if image is ASPCA logo
  846. if (aspcaLogo !== -1) {
  847. $firstArtImg.hide();
  848. }
  849. }  
  850. });
  851. </script>
  852.  </div>
  853.  <script type="text/javascript">
  854. (function(){
  855. // Set PG=1 in the first Ad Call
  856. webmd.ads2.setPageTarget('pg', 1);
  858. // Some test Topic Id's & Buisness Ref for testing moving the ad higher into page 1
  859. var moveAdTopicIds = [], // Place in Topic Ids  in the array example: ['1234','5678']
  860. moveAdBuisRef = ['Feature','Medical Reference','News'],
  861. moveAdAfter = 1; // Number of which node to place the ad after
  863. // If we only have 1 page in the article we place the Ad on the top of the footer
  864. if($('.article-page').length === 1){
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  867. // If we match both our test Topic Ids and Buisness Ref we want to place the ad in the middle of page 1
  868. if($.inArray(window.s_topic, moveAdTopicIds) > -1 && $.inArray(window.s_business_reference, moveAdBuisRef) > -1){
  869. // The logic below reads count all nodes in page 1. Exclude the footer,ol,ul and table elements. Use the varible
  870. // moveAdAfter to know which node to place the Ad container after.
  871. window.placeAd = function(pn) {
  872. var nodeTags = ['p', 'h3','aside', 'ul'],
  873. nodes,
  874. target;
  876. nodes = $('.article-page:nth-child(' + pn + ')').find(nodeTags.join()).not('p:empty').not('footer *').not('ol *, ul *, table *');
  878. //target = nodes.eq(Math.floor(nodes.length / 2));
  879. target = nodes.eq(moveAdAfter);
  881. $('<div class="bottom-ad-override"></div>').insertAfter(target);
  882. }
  883. // Currently passing in 1 to move the Ad in to page 1
  884. window.placeAd(1);
  885. } else {
  886. // This is the default location on the bottom of page 1
  887. $('.article-page:nth-child(1)').append('<div class="bottom-ad-override"></div>');
  888. }
  889. }
  890. })();
  891. $(function(){
  892. // Create a new conatiner where we will make our lazy load Ad call if the reach the footer section of the article
  893. $('.main-container-3').prepend('<div id="ads2-pos-2026-ad-right-replacement" class="module ad ad-2026"></div>');
  894. });
  895. </script>
  896.  <script type="text/javascript">
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  898. require(['webmd.pagination/1/webmd.pagination'],function(webmd_pagination){
  899. genericvigrarja.com_pagination.init();
  900. });
  901. });
  902. </script>
  903.  <p id="paginglabel" class="visually-hidden">Pagination</p>
  904.  <ul class="pagination" role="navigation" aria-labelledby="paginglabel" data-metrics-module="pagenum-art"><li class="page active" data-page="1">1</li><li class="page" data-page="2"><a href="#" data-link="2" title="generic viagra Page 2" data-metrics-link="pagenum-art_2">2</a></li><span class="controls"><li class="view-all"><a href="#" data-link="all" data-metrics-link="pagenum-art_view">View All</a></li><li class="previous disabled"><a title="generic viagra Previous Page" data-metrics-link="pagenum-art_prev"><span class="visually-hidden">Previous Page</span></a> </li><li class="next"><a href="#" data-link="2" title="generic viagra Next Page" data-metrics-link="pagenum-art_next"><span class="visually-hidden">Next Page</span></a> </li></span></ul>
  905. </article><div class="medianet-ctr" id="540688367"></div></div><div id="ContentPane34" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><aside class="module module-top-picks module-lln-toppks dfp-native" id="lln-toppks" data-metrics-module="lln-toppks" role="complementary">
  906.  <header>
  907.    <h3>Top Picks</h3>
  908.  </header>
  909.  <ul>
  910.    <li id="dfp_slot_tp1">
  911.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="1">Treating RA With Biologics</a>
  912.    </li>
  913.    <li id="dfp_slot_tp2">
  914.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="2">Manage Your Migraine</a>
  915.    </li>
  916.    <li id="dfp_slot_tp3">
  917.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="3">Your Guide to Understanding Medicare</a>
  918.    </li>
  919.    <li id="dfp_slot_tp4">
  920.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="4">Are You Ready to Quit Smoking?</a>
  921.    </li>
  922.    <li id="dfp_slot_tp5">
  923.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="5">Dry, Itchy Skin? Here's Why</a>
  924.    </li>
  925.    <li id="dfp_slot_tp6">
  926.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="6">How One Woman Manages Her MS</a>
  927.    </li>
  928.  </ul>
  929. </aside><!--Topic Directory Related Articles Module-->
  930. <aside class="module module-dynamic-related-articles module-lln-tdrelcon" data-metrics-module="lln-tdrelcon" role="complementary">
  931.  <header>
  932.    <h3>further reading</h3>
  933.  </header>
  934.  <ul>
  935.    <li>
  936.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="1">Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Low Testosterone</a>
  937.    </li>
  938.    <li>
  939.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="2">Slideshow: Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone</a>
  940.    </li>
  941.    <li>
  942.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="3">Is Low Testosterone Affecting Your Life?</a>
  943.    </li>
  944.    <li>
  945.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="4">The Truth About Testosterone Quiz:  Low Testosterone and Aging in Men</a>
  946.    </li>
  947.    <li>
  948.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="5">Could Your Man Have Low Testosterone?</a>
  949.    </li>
  950.    <li>
  951.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="6">How Low Testosterone Affects Your Health</a>
  952.    </li>
  953.    <li>
  954.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="7">Low Testosterone Explained</a>
  955.    </li>
  956.    <li>
  957.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="all">Testosterone Topics</a>
  958.    </li>
  959.  </ul>
  960. </aside></div><div id="ContentPane36" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><script>
  961.                    var priTopId='3637', secTopId='1687';
  962.                </script>
  964. <script>
  965.                        (function () {
  966.                        window.placeICM = function(pn) {
  967.                                var nodeTags = ['p:not(:empty)', 'h3','aside', 'ul'],
  968.                                    excludeTags = ['embeded_module *', 'footer *', 'ol *', 'ul *', 'table *'],
  969.                                  nodes,
  970.                                  active,
  971.                                  target;
  972.                                if ($('.ad-5000').length) {
  973.                                  if ($('.active-page').length){
  974.                                        active = $('.active-page');
  975.                                        if (active.length > 1) {
  976.                                                nodes = $(active.eq(pn -1)).find(nodeTags.join()).not(excludeTags.join());
  977.                                        } else {
  978.                                            nodes = $('.active-page').find(nodeTags.join()).not(excludeTags.join());
  979.                                        }
  980.                                  } else {
  981.                                    nodes = $('.article-page:nth-child(' + pn + ')').find(nodeTags.join()).not(excludeTags.join());
  982.                                  }
  984.                                  target = nodes.eq(nodes.length - Math.floor(nodes.length / 4) - 1);
  985.                                  if (s_publication_source.indexOf("Healthwise") === -1) {
  986.                                    $('.ad-5000').insertAfter(target);
  987.                                  }
  988.                                }
  989.                              }
  990.                        window.placeICM(1)
  991.                    })();
  994.                         </script><script>
  995.                    var priTopId='3637', secTopId='1687';
  996.                </script>
  997. <div id="ads2-pos-5001-ad-cw2-icm" class="module ad ad-5001" data-is-mobile="false" data-targets="{'art':'091e9c5e8020f390','cc':'16','env':'&amp;env=0','hcent':'1076','leaf':'&amp;leaf=','mcent':'','mic':'','pt':'3637','sec':'1687','pug':'','scent':'','tmg':'','tug':'','uri':'%2fmen%2fhow-low-testosterone-can-affect-your-sex-drive','rd':'1'}" data-block-codes="_testdrug_testono_i10_gen1_diet1_h16_e1_f52_sex2_" data-pos="5001" data-sizes="[1,2]">
  998. </div></div></div>
  999. <div class="main-container main-container-3" tabindex="-1" data-js="main-container-3"><div id="ads2-pos-2026-ad-right-replacement" class="module ad ad-2026"></div><div id="ContentPane37" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><!-- No Shared module mapped for widget Id:091e9c5e81437ec1 DM category:091e9c5e813fe389 Channel:1076 Program: --><aside class="module module-unified-right-rail module-ed-urr dfp-native" id="ed-urr" data-metrics-module="ed-urr" role="complementary">
  1000.  <header>
  1001.    <h3>Today</h3>
  1002.  </header>
  1003.  <div class="unified_right_inner_v2_rdr">
  1004.    <div class="entry_fmt" id="dfp_slot_tow1">
  1005.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="1othr">
  1006.        <img src="genericvigrarja/650x350_men_skin_care_quiz.jpg" alt="generic viagra man washing face">
  1007.        <h4>Skin Care Myths</h4>
  1008.        <p>11 things every man should stop believing.</p>
  1009.      </a>
  1010.    </div>
  1011.    <div class="entry_fmt entry_fmt_st">
  1012.      <div id="ads2-pos-921-ad-right" class="ad-no-css ad-921" data-pos="921" data-sizes="[[1, 7]]" data-scp="{'strnativekey':'xP8Dby8p66dX1vZpKKVKX4fu'}">
  1013.      </div>
  1014.    </div>
  1015.    <script>
  1016. if($('#ads2-pos-921-ad-right').length > 0 && $('.ad').first().data('is-mobile') === true) {
  1017. $('#ads2-pos-921-ad-right').removeClass('ad-921').addClass('ad-1921').attr('id', 'ads2-pos-1921-ad-right').data('pos', '1921');
  1018. }
  1019. </script>
  1020.    <div class="entry_fmt" id="dfp_slot_tow2">
  1021.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="2othr">
  1022.        <img src="genericvigrarja/110x70_colorectal_cancer_plan_after_diagnosis_ref_guide.jpg" alt="generic viagra portrait of man">
  1023.        <h4>Low Testosterone</h4>
  1024.        <p>What it means for your overall health.</p>
  1025.      </a>
  1026.    </div>
  1027.    <div class="entry_fmt" id="dfp_slot_tow3">
  1028.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="3othr">
  1029.        <img src="genericvigrarja/webmd_photo_of_muscular_man_in_gym.jpg" alt="generic viagra Reflection in mirror of man lifting weights">
  1030.        <h4>Muscle Moves</h4>
  1031.        <p>Your guide to sculpted shoulders, better biceps, and more.</p>
  1032.      </a>
  1033.    </div>
  1034.    <div class="entry_fmt" id="dfp_slot_tow4">
  1035.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="4othr">
  1036.        <img src="genericvigrarja/110x70_prostate_cancer_diet_video.jpg" alt="generic viagra ">
  1037.        <h4>Your Prostate Over 40</h4>
  1038.        <p>What you need to know.</p>
  1039.      </a>
  1040.    </div>
  1041.  </div>
  1042. </aside><!-- No Shared module mapped for widget Id:091e9c5e81695234 DM category:091e9c5e81673cc6 Channel:1076 Program: --></div><div id="ContentPane38" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><script>
  1043.                    var priTopId='3637', secTopId='1687';
  1044.                </script>
  1045. <div id="ads2-pos-121-ad-right" class="module ad ad-121" data-is-mobile="false" data-targets="{'art':'091e9c5e8020f390','cc':'16','env':'&amp;env=0','hcent':'1076','leaf':'&amp;leaf=','mcent':'','mic':'','pt':'3637','sec':'1687','pug':'','scent':'','tmg':'','tug':'','uri':'%2fmen%2fhow-low-testosterone-can-affect-your-sex-drive','rd':'1'}" data-block-codes="_testdrug_testono_i10_gen1_diet1_h16_e1_f52_sex2_" data-pos="121" data-sizes="[[300,250],[300, 600],[300,1050]]">
  1046. </div></div><div id="ContentPane40" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><aside class="module module-unified-right-rail module-ed-rcmmnddforyou dfp-native" id="ed-rcmmnddforyou" data-metrics-module="ed-rcmmnddforyou" role="complementary">
  1047.  <header>
  1048.    <h3>Recommended for You</h3>
  1049.  </header>
  1050.  <div class="unified_right_inner_rdr">
  1051.    <div class="entry_fmt" id="dfp_slot_tow1">
  1052.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="1ss">
  1053.        <img src="genericvigrarja/69x75_thumbnail_food_men_10_foods_boost_male_health.jpg" alt="generic viagra Food Men 10 Foods Boost Male Health">
  1054.        <span class="asset-type">Slideshow</span>
  1055.        <h4>22 Super Foods for Men</h4>
  1056.      </a>
  1057.    </div>
  1058.    <div class="entry_fmt" id="dfp_slot_tow2">
  1059.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="2rmq">
  1060.        <img src="genericvigrarja/69x75_bedroom_worries_rmq.jpg" alt="generic viagra Thoughtful man sitting on bed">
  1061.        <span class="asset-type">Quiz</span>
  1062.        <h4>Men's Biggest Bedroom Worries</h4>
  1063.      </a>
  1064.    </div>
  1065.    <div class="entry_fmt" id="dfp_slot_tow3">
  1066.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="3ss">
  1067.        <img src="genericvigrarja/69x75_screening_tests_for_men_slideshow.jpg" alt="generic viagra Man taking blood pressure">
  1068.        <span class="asset-type">Slideshow</span>
  1069.        <h4>9 Tests Men Should Never Ignore</h4>
  1070.      </a>
  1071.    </div>
  1072.    <div class="entry_fmt" id="dfp_slot_tow4">
  1073.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="4ss">
  1074.        <img src="genericvigrarja/69x75_vaccines_for_college_students_mini_qa_01.jpg" alt="generic viagra doctor holding syringe">
  1075.        <span class="asset-type">Slideshow</span>
  1076.        <h4>Vaccines: Are Yours Up-to-Date?</h4>
  1077.      </a>
  1078.    </div>
  1079.    <div class="entry_fmt" id="dfp_slot_tow5">
  1080.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="5rmq">
  1081.        <img src="genericvigrarja/69x75_thumbnail_condom_quiz.jpg" alt="generic viagra Condom Quiz">
  1082.        <span class="asset-type">Quiz</span>
  1083.        <h4>Condoms: How Much Do You Know?</h4>
  1084.      </a>
  1085.    </div>
  1086.    <div class="entry_fmt" id="dfp_slot_tow6">
  1087.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="6ss">
  1088.        <img src="genericvigrarja/69x75_thumbnail_angry_couple_in_bed.jpg" alt="generic viagra thumbnail_angry_couple_in_bed">
  1089.        <span class="asset-type">Slideshow</span>
  1090.        <h4>13 Sex-Drive Killers</h4>
  1091.      </a>
  1092.    </div>
  1093.    <div class="entry_fmt" id="dfp_slot_tow7">
  1094.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="7rmq">
  1095.        <img src="genericvigrarja/69x75_mens_health_rmq.htm" alt="generic viagra man running">
  1096.        <span class="asset-type">Quiz</span>
  1097.        <h4>Biggest Man Myths Debunked</h4>
  1098.      </a>
  1099.    </div>
  1100.    <div class="entry_fmt" id="dfp_slot_tow8">
  1101.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="8vid">
  1102.        <img src="genericvigrarja/69x75_partners_erectile_dysfunction__features.jpg" alt="generic viagra older couple in bed">
  1103.        <span class="asset-type">Video</span>
  1104.        <h4>Talk with Your Doc About ED</h4>
  1105.      </a>
  1106.    </div>
  1107.  </div>
  1108. </aside></div><div id="ContentPane41" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><script>
  1109.                    var priTopId='3637', secTopId='1687';
  1110.                </script>
  1111. <div id="ads2-pos-137-pos-137" class="module ad ad-137" data-is-mobile="false" data-targets="{'art':'091e9c5e8020f390','cc':'16','env':'&amp;env=0','hcent':'1076','leaf':'&amp;leaf=','mcent':'','mic':'','pt':'3637','sec':'1687','pug':'','scent':'','tmg':'','tug':'','uri':'%2fmen%2fhow-low-testosterone-can-affect-your-sex-drive','rd':'1'}" data-block-codes="_testdrug_testono_i10_gen1_diet1_h16_e1_f52_sex2_" data-pos="137" data-sizes="[[300,250],[300, 251],[300, 600]]">
  1112. </div></div><div id="ContentPane42" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><aside class="module module-tools-and-resources module-lln-toolsres" id="lln-toolsres" data-metrics-module="lln-toolsres" role="complementary" style="display: block;">
  1114.                <script>
  1115.                        // Removes Popular Tools & Resources OAS from TOC pages or
  1116.                        // where is followed by "news-features"
  1117.                        // Create array(s) of the ID's to add the Tools module to
  1118.                        var s_topic = s_topic || "",
  1119.                         s_business_reference = s_business_reference || "",
  1120.                         s_publication_source = s_publication_source ||"",
  1121.                         s_channel_health = s_channel_health || "",
  1122.                         cssBlockOverride = [
  1123.                         'Glossary',
  1124.                         'Nav - A-Z page',
  1125.                         'genericvigrarja.comImage Collection'
  1126.                         ],
  1127.                         sTopicException = ['7002','7006','7019','7022','7023','7024']; // Exceptions we want to show
  1129.                        // if the publication source (s_publication_source) or
  1130.                        // the business reference (s_business_reference) isn't in the array or
  1131.                        // the channel (s_channel_health) is equal to 'Health Insurance and Medicare'
  1132.                        if ( cssBlockOverride.indexOf(s_publication_source) === -1 ||  cssBlockOverride.indexOf(s_business_reference) === -1 || s_channel_health === 'Health Insurance and Medicare') {
  1133.                         // if the Topic ID's (s_topic ID) first number is not 7 or
  1134.                         // the Topic ID (s_topic ID) is included in the sTopicException array and
  1135.                         // the business reference (s_business_reference) is not in the cssBlockOverride Array
  1136.                         if ((s_topic.substring(0, 1) !== "7" || sTopicException.indexOf(s_topic) >= 0) && cssBlockOverride.indexOf(s_business_reference) === -1) {
  1137.                         $('.module-tools-and-resources').css('display', 'block');
  1138.                         webmd.oas = window.webmd.oas || {};
  1139.                         webmd.oas.mapping = window.webmd.oas.mapping || {};
  1140.                         webmd.oas.mapping['oas_tools_and_resources'] = ['x56', 'x57', 'x58', 'x59', 'x60', 'x61'];
  1141.                         }
  1142.                        }
  1143.                </script>
  1145.            <header><h3>Tools &amp; Resources</h3></header><ul><li id="x56"><a href="" data-metrics-link="1">Are You Ready to Quit Smoking?</a></li><li id="x57"><a href="" data-metrics-link="2">Low Libido Equals Low T?</a></li><li id="x58"><a href="" data-metrics-link="3">Talk with Your Doc About ED</a></li><li id="x59"><a href="" data-metrics-link="4">Best Food for Your Teeth</a></li><li id="x60"><a href="" data-metrics-link="5">Subtle Symptoms of Low T</a></li><li id="x61"><a href="" data-metrics-link="6">Tips for Living Better With Migraine</a></li></ul><script class="oas_template" id="oas_tools_and_resources" type="text/html"><a class="{type_prefix}{type}" data-metrics-link="{link_position}" href="{href}">{alt}{i_tag}</a></script></aside>
  1147.                <script>
  1148.                    if (window.$) {
  1149.                     $(function () {
  1150.                     // produce array from value(s) of 'secTopId'
  1151.                     var mySplitResultsecTopId = secTopId.split("|");
  1153.                     // Hides the Pop Tools list on pages with a sensitive secondary topic id.
  1154.                     $.each(mySplitResultsecTopId, function (i, item) {
  1155.                     item = item.toString();
  1156.                     if (item.substring(0,1) === '7' && $.inArray(item, sTopicException) === -1) {
  1157.                     $('.module-tools-and-resources').hide();
  1158.                     }
  1159.                     });
  1161.                     // Hides the Pop Tools list on Actionset Pages
  1162.                     if ($('.actionset').length > 0) {
  1163.                     $('.module-tools-and-resources').hide();
  1164.                     }
  1165.                     });
  1166.                    }
  1167.                </script>
  1169.        </div><div id="ContentPane43" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><!-- No Shared module mapped for widget Id:091e9c5e813ece18 DM category:091e9c5e8147333f Channel:1076 Program: --></div><div id="ContentPane44" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><div id="newsletter-mapping-center" class="module nls-module"><div class="wrapper">
  1170. <div class="nls-header"><header><h3>Subscribe Newsletters</h3></header></div>
  1171. <div class="nls-content">
  1172. <form method="POST" class="nls-form" action="#" novalidate="novalidate">
  1173. <div class="validationWrapper"><div class="checkbox-container clearfix"><fieldset><legend class="visually-hidden">Select your newsletters:</legend><label><input type="checkbox" name="nls" class="multi-checkbox" value="960">Food &amp; Fitness</label><label><input type="checkbox" name="nls" class="multi-checkbox" value="35">Women's Health</label><label><input type="checkbox" name="nls" class="multi-checkbox" value="26">Men's Health</label><label><input type="checkbox" name="nls" class="multi-checkbox" value="962">Good Health</label></fieldset></div></div>
  1174. <div class="input-container">
  1175. <div class="email-container validationWrapper">
  1176. <label for="nls-email" class="visually-hidden">Enter email address:</label><input id="nls-email" type="email" class="nls-email placeholder" name="email" autocapitalize="off" autocorrect="off" placeholder="Enter email address" value="Enter email address"> <button name="nl-submit" formnovalidate="" class="" type="submit">Subscribe</button>
  1177. <div class="clearfix"></div></div>
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  1179. <div class="privacy-disclaimer"><em>By clicking "Submit," I agree to <a href="" class="newsletter-terms" target="_blank">Terms and Conditions</a> and <a href="" class="newsletter-privacy" target="_blank">Privacy Policy</a>. I also agree to receive emails and I understand that I may opt out subscriptions at any time.</em></div></form>
  1180. </div>
  1181. </div></div>
  1182. </div></div>
  1183. </main>
  1184. <div class="container global-container-2" tabindex="-1" data-js="global-container-2"><div id="ContentPane46" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><!-- No Shared module mapped for widget Id:091e9c5e81d31510 DM category:091e9c5e81d1bb40 Channel:1076 Program: --></div><div id="ContentPane47" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><script>
  1185.                    var priTopId='3637', secTopId='1687';
  1186.                </script>
  1187. <div id="ads2-pos-922-ad-footer" class="module ad ad-922" data-is-mobile="false" data-targets="{'art':'091e9c5e8020f390','cc':'16','env':'&amp;env=0','hcent':'1076','leaf':'&amp;leaf=','mcent':'','mic':'','pt':'3637','sec':'1687','pug':'','scent':'','tmg':'','tug':'','uri':'%2fmen%2fhow-low-testosterone-can-affect-your-sex-drive','rd':'1'}" data-block-codes="_testdrug_testono_i10_gen1_diet1_h16_e1_f52_sex2_" data-pos="922" data-sizes="[1,8]">
  1188. </div></div><div id="ContentPane50" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><div class="module module-f-hs" data-metrics-module="f-hs">
  1189.  <h3>Health Solutions</h3>
  1190.  <ul>
  1191.    <li>
  1192.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="1">Easy Glucose Monitoring</a>
  1193.    </li>
  1194.    <li>
  1195.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="2">CAR T Cell Therapy</a>
  1196.    </li>
  1197.    <li>
  1198.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="3">Got BPH Symptoms?</a>
  1199.    </li>
  1200.    <li>
  1201.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="4">Myths About Epilepsy</a>
  1202.    </li>
  1203.    <li>
  1204.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="5">Treatments for Psoriasis</a>
  1205.    </li>
  1206.    <li>
  1207.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="6">Life With MS</a>
  1208.    </li>
  1209.    <li>
  1210.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="7">Benefits of Quitting Smoking</a>
  1211.    </li>
  1212.    <li>
  1213.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="8">Is My Penis Normal?</a>
  1214.    </li>
  1215.    <li>
  1216.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="9">Diagnosing Colorectal Cancer</a>
  1217.    </li>
  1218.    <li>
  1219.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="10">Heart Care You Need</a>
  1220.    </li>
  1221.    <li>
  1222.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="11">Innovative Cancer Care</a>
  1223.    </li>
  1224.    <li>
  1225.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="12">Prep for Oral Surgery</a>
  1226.    </li>
  1227.    <li>
  1228.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="13">Epilepsy Explained</a>
  1229.    </li>
  1230.    <li>
  1231.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="14">At Home Health Care</a>
  1232.    </li>
  1233.    <li>
  1234.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="15">Germ-Proof Your Home</a>
  1235.    </li>
  1236.    <li>
  1237.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="16">Bent Fingers?</a>
  1238.    </li>
  1239.  </ul>
  1240. </div><div class="module module-f-idc" data-metrics-module="f-idc">
  1241.  <h3>More</h3>
  1242.  <ul>
  1243.    <li>
  1244.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="1">MS: Tools to Keep Your Mind Sharp</a>
  1245.    </li>
  1246.    <li>
  1247.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="2">Live Better With MS Assessment</a>
  1248.    </li>
  1249.    <li>
  1250.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="3">What Is Endometriosis?</a>
  1251.    </li>
  1252.    <li>
  1253.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="4">­Life With Migraine</a>
  1254.    </li>
  1255.    <li>
  1256.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="5">First Psoriatic Arthritis Flare</a>
  1257.    </li>
  1258.    <li>
  1259.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="6">A Personal Story of RA</a>
  1260.    </li>
  1261.    <li>
  1262.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="7">Beat Crohn's Flares</a>
  1263.    </li>
  1264.    <li>
  1265.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="8">How Migraines Affect The Body</a>
  1266.    </li>
  1267.    <li>
  1268.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="9">Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer</a>
  1269.    </li>
  1270.    <li>
  1271.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="10">Routine Checkups You Shouldn't Miss</a>
  1272.    </li>
  1273.    <li>
  1274.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="11">Have Hives? Things You Need to Know</a>
  1275.    </li>
  1276.    <li>
  1277.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="12">Living With Hep C</a>
  1278.    </li>
  1279.    <li>
  1280.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="13">Stress and Psoriasis</a>
  1281.    </li>
  1282.    <li>
  1283.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="14">Finding the Best MS Care Team</a>
  1284.    </li>
  1285.    <li>
  1286.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="15">What's New in Psoriasis Research</a>
  1287.    </li>
  1288.    <li>
  1289.      <a href="" data-metrics-link="16">Where Breast Cancer Spreads</a>
  1290.    </li>
  1291.  </ul>
  1292. </div></div></div>
  1293. <footer role="contentinfo" tabindex="-1" data-js="global-footer"><div id="ContentPane55" class="pane" tabindex="-1"><nav aria-label="Footer Menu">
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  1297.        <img src="genericvigrarja/webmd_logo.svg" alt="generic viagra Logo" title="generic Better information. Better health." class="global-footer-logo" width="110" height="26">
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