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  4.    <title>Apress :: The Expert's Voice</title>
  5.    <link></link>
  6.    <description>Welcome to Books for Professionals, by Professionals(TM)...with what
  7.      the professional needs to know(TM)</description>
  8.    <item>
  9.      <title>Excel 2007: Beyond the Manual</title>
  10.      <link></link>
  11.      <description>&lt;p&gt;&lt;i&gt;Excel 2007: Beyond the Manual&lt;/i&gt;
  12.        will introduce those who are already familiar with Excel basics to more advanced features,
  13.        like consolidation, what-if analysis, PivotTables, sorting and filtering, and some commonly
  14.        used functions. You'll learn how to maximize your efficiency at producing
  15.        professional-looking spreadsheets and charts and become competent at analyzing data using a
  16.        variety of tools. The book includes practical examples to illustrate advanced
  17.        features.&lt;/p&gt;</description>
  18.    </item>
  19.    <item>
  20.      <title>Word 2007: Beyond the Manual</title>
  21.      <link></link>
  22.      <description>&lt;p&gt;&lt;i&gt;Word 2007: Beyond the Manual&lt;/i&gt;
  23.        focuses on new features of Word 2007 as well as older features that were once less
  24.        accessible than they are now. This book also makes a point to include examples of practical
  25.        applications for all the new features. The book assumes familiarity with Word 2003 or
  26.        earlier versions, so you can focus on becoming a confident 2007
  27.      user.&lt;/p&gt;</description>
  28.    </item>
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