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  1. <rss version="2.0"><channel><ttl>60</ttl><title>DealBook</title><link></link><description /><copyright>Copyright 2019 The New York Times Company</copyright><language>en-us</language><item><title>RICO Offers a Powerful Tool to Punish Executives for the Opioid Crisis</title><link></link><description>The conviction of leaders at Insys on racketeering charges was a significant step toward imposing substantial penalties on corporate officials for contributing to a national epidemic.</description><author>By Peter J. Henning</author><pubDate>Thu, 23 May 2019 21:41:16 GMT</pubDate></item><item><title>Chip Makers Are Punished as the Trade War Drags On</title><link></link><description>Shares of Qualcomm, Nvidia and other American chip makers have tumbled as the companies find themselves at the center of the dispute between the U.S. and China.</description><author>By Stephen Grocer</author><pubDate>Thu, 23 May 2019 17:48:45 GMT</pubDate></item><item><title>T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Wins Approval of F.C.C. Chairman</title><link></link><description>Ajit Pai said the companies had secured his support by making what he called &#8220;significant commitments&#8221; to expand rural broadband service, build a robust 5G network and sell off Boost Mobile.</description><author>By Edmund Lee</author><pubDate>Mon, 20 May 2019 13:38:58 GMT</pubDate></item><item><title>Review: &#8216;Power Trip&#8217; Ably Guides Us Through the History of Energy</title><link></link><description>Michael E. Webber&#8217;s new book examines humanity&#8217;s relationship to energy over time and how each transition affected not just what we produce but how we live.</description><author>By Jonathan A. Knee</author><pubDate>Fri, 17 May 2019 18:20:39 GMT</pubDate></item><item><title>Facebook&#8217;s A.I. Whiz Now Faces the Task of Cleaning It Up. Sometimes That Brings Him to Tears.</title><link></link><description>Facebook has heralded artificial intelligence as a solution to its toxic content problems. Mike Schroepfer, its chief technology officer, says it won&#8217;t solve everything.</description><author>By Cade Metz and Mike Isaac</author><pubDate>Fri, 17 May 2019 13:03:59 GMT</pubDate></item><item><title>Amazon to Invest in Deliveroo, a Rival to Uber in Food Delivery</title><link></link><description>The $575 million investment strengthens one of the biggest overseas rivals to Uber&#8217;s food-delivery division, which the ride-hailing company considers a key business.</description><author>By Michael J. de la Merced</author><pubDate>Fri, 17 May 2019 12:41:31 GMT</pubDate></item><item><title>Luckin Coffee, Chinese Rival to Starbucks, Jumps in Its U.S. Trading Debut</title><link></link><description>The successful initial public offering by the rising coffee company bucks the recent trend of weakness among tech start-ups in China.</description><author>By Alexandra Stevenson</author><pubDate>Fri, 17 May 2019 09:27:31 GMT</pubDate></item><item><title>Pinterest Posts Narrower Loss, but Falls Short of Wall St. Estimates</title><link></link><description>The digital pinboard company&#8217;s stock price tumbled in after-hours trading after its first earnings report as a public company.</description><author>By Erin Griffith</author><pubDate>Thu, 16 May 2019 22:24:10 GMT</pubDate></item><item><title>Europe Fines 5 Banks $1.2 Billion for Their Roles in Foreign Exchange Cartels</title><link></link><description>Traders at Barclays, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and the Royal Bank of Scotland engaged in anti-competitive behavior, the European Commission found.</description><author>By Amie Tsang</author><pubDate>Thu, 16 May 2019 17:32:55 GMT</pubDate></item><item><title>How the Promise of a $120 Billion Uber I.P.O. Evaporated</title><link></link><description>Uber&#8217;s offering was supposed to be a crowning moment for the ride-hailing company. But it suffered setback after setback and ultimately resulted in pointed questions for all involved.</description><author>By Mike Isaac, Michael J. de la Merced and Andrew Ross Sorkin</author><pubDate>Wed, 15 May 2019 22:57:06 GMT</pubDate></item></channel></rss>
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