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  14. <title>Cool, Feminine, and Comfortable </title>
  15. <description>What brands make comfortable closed-toe casual shoes?&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;I live in a warm climate that gets cool for a couple months at best. There is no snow or freezing temperatures. Birkenstock Gizeh is my favorite shoe. I wear it year round but at times toe exposure is not appropriate. I'm looking for a casual closed toe shoe that's not a sneaker or a boot to wear in Fall and Winter. &lt;br&gt;
  16. &lt;br&gt;
  17. I'm looking for comfort and trying to avoid anything too masculine. I would wear the closed toe Birkenstock options but one is too masculine and the other has a higher heel. &lt;br&gt;
  18. &lt;br&gt;
  19. Campers are out because they aren't really my style. I like comfortable, and slightly feminine. Some loafers are too "manly" to me. The Birkenstock Gizeh appeals for quality, stability, comfort, and the thong makes it more feminine.  Ballerina flats are hard for me because they often gape at the sides. &lt;br&gt;
  20. &lt;br&gt;
  21. What brands other than Birkenstock can I wear with casual clothes? I can spend around $150 or less. Thank you.&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
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  36. <title>What Do You Use To Store Digital Files</title>
  37. <description>Hi Folks,
  39. Quick question - what do you use to store sensitive files such as tax returns, medical records, etc.
  41. Dropbox doesn't offer encryption - I'd like a place to store the files in a safe way; also, if they can be stored online and not on my hard drive, that would safe me a lot of space.&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
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  53. <title>Why can&amp;apos;t I unfreeze one of my three credit scores?</title>
  54. <description>My wife and I need to refinance our mortgage in California. I've unfrozen my credit scores (which I froze after the big credit bureau hacks over the last several years.) The loan officer at our bank pulls my credit. Experian and TransUnion appear, but Equifax is blocked by "California legislation." I've been working on this problem for months now with no progress. Does anyone know what's happening and how to unblock this score? Thank you! Additional details about this financial mystery inside.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;No one I've spoken to at Equifax's help line knows anything about this. They can only freeze and unfreeze my score. The fourth multi-hour help line call got me a paper copy of my credit report in the mail, featuring everything EXCEPT my score which was blocked due to "California legislation" (with, of course, no further details). The sixth call got me a recommendation to stop calling and have my loan officer call their business services number with Equifax (and Credco, the bank's credit reporting agency) to sort this out. When he did so, everyone was equally baffled there, and they stalled until he had to hang up. We're at an impasse. This single score is the only thing holding everything up.&lt;br&gt;
  55. &lt;br&gt;
  56. On the FTC's Annual Credit Report site, I can see all three of my scores! But those can't be submitted to the bank's underwriters. I can see each of the times the bank has pulled my credit in that report, but no indication of why this was unsuccessful for Equifax and only Equifax. Search for Equifax blocks and the language of the block is a lot of confusing results about other credit score issues and class action lawsuits.&lt;br&gt;
  57. &lt;br&gt;
  58. Finally: we only got our mortgage last year, and all my scores came through then -- it never even came up as an issue. (We need to refinance in part to help pay for some small renovations to the house for an ailing relative to move in after a family medical problem, so the situation is growing increasingly urgent.) What could have happened in the last ten months?&lt;br&gt;
  59. &lt;br&gt;
  60. The bank we have been working with is Chase, if that makes any difference. Thanks again for any suggestions you have.&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
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  76. <title>What are kids and young adults collecting these days?</title>
  77. <description>Kids and young adults used to collect baseball cards, stamps, and coins, but have times changed? What are the "hot" things that they collect these days?&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
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  90. <title>I&amp;apos;m lighting the long way home</title>
  91. <description>How do I find a good therapist who specializes in PTSD/C-PTSD, trauma/chronic childhood trauma, as someone not at all familiar with this type of therapy, the treatment options, or the language around these issues?&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;If I'm working off a list from my insurance agency or Psychology Today and having introductory appointments or phone calls, is there a different way I should evaluate a therapist for this purpose than I would for getting a therapist for depression or just to blow off some steam? &lt;br&gt;
  92. &lt;br&gt;
  93. I live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan. I'll also take recommendations on specific therapists or organizations through which I can find therapists. I saw in another recent question about finding a therapist the suggestion to use an employee assistance program, but when I tried this for depression several years ago they were so unhelpful it actually delayed my getting adequate treatment by a month, so I'm definitely not using them again. &lt;br&gt;
  94. &lt;br&gt;
  95. Feel free to MeMail if you'd rather not leave a public response. &lt;br&gt;
  96. &lt;br&gt;
  97. Thanks.&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
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  114. <title>Italian lost and found - how to return item from Florence to Rome?</title>
  115. <description>I was in Florence this week and my bag was stolen - it only contained a sketchbook and something with my school program name. Someone messaged the school saying they found it and wanted to know if the group was still in Florence so it could be returned or picked up at a specific police station. I am in Rome now.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;The person who found it didn't seem receptive to mailing it to Rome (understandable) - is there any way to coordinate its return? Somewhere it could be dropped off in Florence to be picked up later? A prepaid mailing system? If it was in the US, I would send them a prepaid FedEx account and they would just drop it off at any location and it would magically return to me. Is there anything like that in Italy?&lt;br&gt;
  116. &lt;br&gt;
  117. Possible my only option is going back to Florence, but then where do I pick it up?&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
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  132. <title>The blue dye conspiracy</title>
  133. <description>Is the mistrust of blue dye pregnancy tests founded?&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;I've fallen into a few rabbit holes recently of looking at forums where people post photos of their pregnancy tests, including some photos where it's unclear whether the result is positive.&lt;br&gt;
  134. &lt;br&gt;
  135. Overwhelmingly it seems that there is a mistrust of blue dye tests. If someone posts a photo of a faint positive on a Clearblue test, they are sometimes met with responses like, "I wouldn't trust it. I feel like that line is always there. Get yourself a FRER (First Response Early Result)."&lt;br&gt;
  136. &lt;br&gt;
  137. On one thread someone wrote something to the effect of, "Everyone knows that blue dye spreads more. That's just basic science!" Um, what? Is that a known scientific fact?&lt;br&gt;
  138. &lt;br&gt;
  139. So I did a bit more googling to try to find out whether any of these claims are founded. The only thing I really found was a doctor saying that blue dye tests can be less clear to people, and that evaporation lines are a grey colour. I guess that grey is not too far from blue, so maybe that's where the confusion comes in.&lt;br&gt;
  140. &lt;br&gt;
  141. Is there any actual scientific basis to claims that blue dye tests are less accurate, or is it an old wives tale?&lt;br&gt;
  142. &lt;br&gt;
  143. I'm sort of non-seriously considering whether it's a conspiracy by big pink dye.&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
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  158. <title>What is this camel statuette?</title>
  159. <description>My wife got this &lt;a href=""&gt;bronze/brass camel statuette&lt;/a&gt; at a thift store today. Can you help me learn more about it?  (more inside)&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Details: it's about 5 inches long, about the same height. It's heavy when you hold it. There is a hatch that opens to a hole - not sure what it's for. "Syria" is etched into the bottom as shown in the photos above.&lt;br&gt;
  160. &lt;br&gt;
  161. Questions: &lt;br&gt;
  162. 1. What was this used for? Could it be an inkwell? Candle holder?&lt;br&gt;
  163. 2. How can I tell if it's brass or bronze?&lt;br&gt;
  164. 3. Any way to date it?&lt;br&gt;
  165. &lt;br&gt;
  166. Thanks!&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
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  178. <title>Should I date guys who I don&amp;apos;t think are hot?</title>
  179. <description>In my search for my next long term relationship partner (f seeking m) I've noticed I'm quite particular about looks - I tend to swipe left on guys if I don't think they are "hot". My sister says I should broaden my search to include guys that seem like "nice guys" from the profile (I'm on tinder and bumble) but are maybe only "kinda cute" instead of hot. Should I?&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;I don't want to end up in a relationship with a guy who I don't see as handsome because I'm worried that if I'm not sexually attracted to him the sexual part of the relationship will not be adequately satisfying. I can see her point though, because I am 37 and have been single for 14 years (for good reasons but still), I maybe cant afford to be too fussy?? What do you think metafilter? Can sexual attraction grow if the rest is there?&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
  180. &lt;a href=""&gt;&lt;img src="" border="0"&gt;&lt;/img&gt;&lt;/a&gt;
  181. &lt;/div&gt;</description>
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  196. <title>Would you thaw and reshape Whole Foods&amp;apos; frozen pie crust? </title>
  197. <description>I am in a pinch and am considering thawing two Whole Foods pie crusts, smushing them into a ball, then rolling the dough into a circle big enough to fit my tart tin (which has a removable bottom.) The diameter of the tart tin is larger than that of the original pie shell. Experienced culinary kludgers: what would you do? I don't have a food processor and don't have time and space to make a tart shell from scratch.&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
  198. &lt;a href=""&gt;&lt;img src="" border="0"&gt;&lt;/img&gt;&lt;/a&gt;
  199. &lt;/div&gt;</description>
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  211. <title>How do I find a therapist?</title>
  212. <description>I need some kind of therapist/counselor/psychologist to deal with anxiety/worrying/catastrophizing, in Seattle.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;I don't have any particular traumas I need to work through or anything. I just have a real tendency to worry and stress about, well, everything (this is probably learned behavior to a certain degree, my mom has always been a big worrier). In the last couple of years, I've noticed that I'm becoming more prone to worry, more easily anxious about things, and a new tendency to catastrophize. The past six months have been extra stressful for Reasons, which doesn't help. It's starting to affect my mental health, physical health, and relationships, and I need to do something.&lt;br&gt;
  213. &lt;br&gt;
  214. So, two questions, I guess:&lt;br&gt;
  215. &lt;br&gt;
  216. -What kind of professional am I looking for? I've never had any kind of therapy and I don't really know the different between a therapist, a counselor, a psychologist, etc. I feel like I hear a lot about CBT, and it seems like something that might be applicable for my case, but I don't know what to look for.&lt;br&gt;
  217. &lt;br&gt;
  218. -How do I find this person? Google? Any recommendations? I don't know what, if anything, my insurance will cover, but I will look into that next week. I live in Kitsap County but work in downtown Seattle so my preference would be someone I can see during the weekday during basically a long lunch break. (Although as I said I've never done this before so I don't know if this is something where I'm not going to feel like going back to work afterwards.)&lt;br&gt;
  219. &lt;br&gt;
  220. Also, I guess just any advice in this general arena would be great. Thanks!&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
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  236. <title>Can anyone read/identify this inscribed tablet, Arabic maybe? </title>
  237. <description>This&lt;a href=""&gt; mystery museum artifact&lt;/a&gt; appears to be some kind of stone tablet with an inscription in what looks like Arabic writing??  Can anyone read this to help us identify what it might be or where it might be from?  Any clues or hints would be more information than we have now, which is absolutely nothing. (Thanks, and I know this is a longshot!)&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
  238. &lt;a href=""&gt;&lt;img src="" border="0"&gt;&lt;/img&gt;&lt;/a&gt;
  239. &lt;/div&gt;</description>
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  253. <title>6.5 month old kittens --&amp;gt; neutering --&gt; ravenous beasties</title>
  254. <description>It's been just over 3 weeks since they got neutered but the hunger shenanigans have only ramped up in the past few days. The internet says that neutering will increase appetite and decrease caloric needs. The internet also says that growth spurts in kittens might result in them being extra hungry.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;I'm so susceptible to the desperate yowling and frantic weaving in and out of my legs that I have been feeding them probably about 33% extra the last few days. Are growth spurts a thing? Will they calm down and stop demanding so much food? One is being very very demanding about it, I got gnawed on two mornings in a row as a wake up reminder. This feels like a bad trend. Of relevance perhaps is that the other human in the household is currently on a trip and they have only me for scritches and snuggles. &lt;a href=""&gt;Cat tax&lt;/a&gt; and name update hint - we named them after cultural studies scholars but I think I used one of their names as a recent password so won't write it down here.&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
  255. &lt;a href=""&gt;&lt;img src="" border="0"&gt;&lt;/img&gt;&lt;/a&gt;
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  277. <title>I hug to the right. Am I hugging wrong?</title>
  278. <description>When I give someone a hug, I instinctively lean to my right. I was recently socially shamed for doing so, and told that I was doing it wrong. My question is whether there really is a standardized convention on which way to lean when non-romantically hugging someone.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Incident: At a party recently, while saying goodnight to everyone, I tried to give my cousin a hug. I leaned to my right and she leaned to her left, causing a near face-on-face collision. Since neither of us wanted to kiss the other, we recoiled. She screamed. Confused, I screamed. After we all laughed it off, the partygoers conducted a series of experiments to discover which way they instinctively lean while hugging. Consensus: left. Everyone at the party agreed that I had made a mistake, and that leaning to one's left while hugging is what normal people do. I was laughed at. It's possible that I may be a minor character in an episode of Seinfeld.&lt;br&gt;
  279. &lt;br&gt;
  280. Full details: He/him pronouns for me. I usually hug with both of my arms at hugee's mid-upper back height, typically A-framish, or possibly bear-huggish with someone I know well. Right arm above left arm.&lt;br&gt;
  281. &lt;br&gt;
  282. I'm aware that there may be regional variations. This incident took place in Vancouver, Canada. I note that we drive on the right here.&lt;br&gt;
  283. &lt;br&gt;
  284. Secondary question: if no convention exists, what is the best way for huggers to silently agree on an alignment on the way in? First mover chooses?&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
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  302. <title>Make them worship me as a coffee pod god</title>
  303. <description>The office recently acquired a Keurig . Ok, Karen bought in an old one after our department was far from the break/coffee pot aka a flight of stars. But whatever, we've been taking turns bringing in different flavors of coffee and tea and now it's my turn.
  305. I want to impress.
  307. What coffee and/or tea pods do you suggest that will wow my co-workers?
  309. Previously we've enjoyed medium/french roast, Cafe Bustelo, Dunkin' Donuts brand and similar.&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
  310. &lt;a href=""&gt;&lt;img src="" border="0"&gt;&lt;/img&gt;&lt;/a&gt;
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  325. <item>
  326. <title>Where does the data go?</title>
  327. <description>I am learning to use Flask &lt;a href=""&gt;as you recommended&lt;/a&gt; and it's going great but I don't understand something. When I make a database instance and my Flask app sends data to it, where IS that data? My Flask app has a variety of files with file extensions unfamiliar to me, but I do not see the data that must be in one of them in any human-readable form. Please explain like I'm five. Seriously, &lt;em&gt;like I'm five&lt;/em&gt;, please.&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
  328. &lt;a href=""&gt;&lt;img src="" border="0"&gt;&lt;/img&gt;&lt;/a&gt;
  329. &lt;/div&gt;</description>
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  343. <title>Regular cold symptoms or something else?</title>
  344. <description>10 days ago I came down with a cold that started in my chest and then into my head. Along with it came an inability to stay awake. I'm still struggling with that. Is this a normal cold symptom or something else? I've never experienced it before.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;I have never had this type of cold before where I literally can't stay awake. Yesterday I felt like I was struggling to stay awake cooking. I feel drugged a lot of the time. Like someone must have slipped me something for me to be wanting to sleep so much. For only being able to wake up, maybe eat something and then fall right back to sleep. I also have absolutely no appetite. Like I'm forcing myself to get through a bowl of soup. &lt;br&gt;
  345. &lt;br&gt;
  346. Is this common with a real bad cold or did I pick up a flu? I'm asking here cause it is a big process for me making a dr appointment. And it is also something I have to save up for in order to pay for the gas to get there.&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
  347. &lt;a href=""&gt;&lt;img src="" border="0"&gt;&lt;/img&gt;&lt;/a&gt;
  348. &lt;/div&gt;</description>
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  362. <title>Help me match some burlged curtains and rods!</title>
  363. <description>We just bought a house that included some beautiful curtains and rods! Yay! Then someone broke in before we bought it and stole some of the art, and *one* of the curtains! Boo! Can you help me find this fabric and hardware?&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;We bought a house that was a former builder model, so it included lots of art and window coverings. The entire downstairs had matching curtains, including some fancy ones over the 2-story windows.&lt;br&gt;
  364. &lt;br&gt;
  365. A few days before we closed, someone (we think a contractor that had been working on the house a few weeks ago) snuck in and stole about half of the art. They also took *one* curtain and rod, which of course ruined the whole set.&lt;br&gt;
  366. &lt;br&gt;
  367. The builder was great about compensating us for the whole thing, but they weren't able to get in touch with the original designer to get a matching curtain or rod. If anyone happens to know where I might be able to find something close or identical to these pictures, I'd really appreciate it!&lt;br&gt;
  368. &lt;br&gt;
  369. &lt;a href=""&gt;Imgur album&lt;/a&gt;&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
  370. &lt;a href=""&gt;&lt;img src="" border="0"&gt;&lt;/img&gt;&lt;/a&gt;
  371. &lt;/div&gt;</description>
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  380. <item>
  381. <title>New Pixel 3a Sucking Up Data Like a Crazy Data Sucker-Upper</title>
  382. <description>I recently replaced my Samsung Galaxy 5S with a Google Pixel 3a.  The other phone on the plan is also a Galaxy 5.  My old Galaxy 5S is disconnected and off.  Up until I switched phones we were using - on average - 1200 MB data.  In the first month of the new phone, we used over 16 GB.  This is not sustainable.  Help!&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;&lt;strong&gt;Here's what I know:&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;br&gt;
  383. &lt;br&gt;
  384. * We use the Sprint Network via Ting.  Nothing has changed on that front.&lt;br&gt;
  385. &lt;br&gt;
  386. * We have Wi-Fi at home that worked perfectly with the old phones.  This new phone does not connect perfectly to it - I'll say that 75% of the time it's connected with no trouble.  25% of the time it either does not connect at all (mainly in the living room, which sounds like a "dead zone" problem to me) or it has "authentication error".  The "authentication error" messages have tapered off but I am still getting them occasionally.&lt;br&gt;
  387. &lt;br&gt;
  388. * I have Wi-Fi at work and it connects to it perfectly.  I use trusted Wi-Fi networks whenever it is reasonable to do so.&lt;br&gt;
  389. &lt;br&gt;
  390. * I use my phone for internetting (chrome), playing Jetpack Joyride, getting podcasts through Pocket Casts, morning wake-up alarms through Alarm Clock Extreme, taking pictures with the camera, getting email through Gmail and work notifications through a work app (vital), GPS for driving, and Mapmyrun for mapping my runs.  I don't spend 23 hours a day streaming cat videos.  I don't have any music on my phone.  Sometimes I listen to the radio through my phone (MPR app) but I'll stop doing that.&lt;br&gt;
  391. &lt;br&gt;
  392. * I have purchased a case for it but it has not arrived.  My Pixel is currently naked.&lt;br&gt;
  393. &lt;br&gt;
  394. &lt;strong&gt;Things I have tried:&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;br&gt;
  395. &lt;br&gt;
  396. * Turning on the Data Saver option.  &lt;br&gt;
  397. &lt;br&gt;
  398. * Going through every app and disabling "Background Data: usage of mobile data in the background".  I left this option on for my work app and email.  I did this a week ago and it does not seem to be making a huge difference.  Plus, I don't want my apps to stop functioning properly. &lt;br&gt;
  399. &lt;br&gt;
  400. * Making sure that the phone is set to "download on wifi only".&lt;br&gt;
  401. &lt;br&gt;
  402. * I went to the "App Data Usage" setting to see if there was a particular app that was sucking up all the data.  It looks like Chrome (the browser) is the major culprit, followed by "Removed apps and users" (I deleted a bunch of fun but unnecessary apps), and then to a lesser extent the other apps I have.  It looked to me as if it was simply a list of apps I use in the amount that I use them (therefore, no particular one that stands out).&lt;br&gt;
  403. &lt;br&gt;
  404. * I just went into the Developer settings (oh god it was so scary) and did what these folks recommended:&lt;br&gt;
  405. &lt;br&gt;
  406. &lt;strong&gt;Q:&lt;/strong&gt; &lt;em&gt;The issue I am experiencing is, while I am connected to WiFi, my phone seems to still use mobile data.  What can I do to fix this?&lt;/em&gt;&lt;br&gt;
  407. &lt;br&gt;
  408. &lt;strong&gt;A:&lt;/strong&gt; &lt;em&gt;It looks like Google has changed the settings with a recent update, you can now disable it by enabling Developer Mode and switching "Mobile data always active" off.&lt;br&gt;
  409. &lt;br&gt;
  410. If you enable developer mode by going to Settings -&amp;gt; System -&amp;gt; About Phone, and tapping the "Build number" entry repeatedly until it is enabled. Then if you go to Settings -&amp;gt; System -&amp;gt; Developer Options -&amp;gt; Mobile Data always active (setting is under Networking near the bottom of the list) and use the switch to disable it.&lt;/em&gt;&lt;br&gt;
  411. &lt;br&gt;
  412. &lt;strong&gt;Things I am thinking about trying:&lt;br&gt;
  413. &lt;/strong&gt;&lt;br&gt;
  414. &lt;br&gt;
  415. * Getting a Wi-Fi booster so that our home network extends to the Dead Zone in the living room (on that note, does anyone know how to pick a wi-fi booster?)&lt;br&gt;
  416. &lt;br&gt;
  417. * Resetting the Router to see if that helps with the occasional "authentication error"s&lt;br&gt;
  418. &lt;br&gt;
  419. * Flushing my Pixel 3a down the toilet and going back to the Galaxy 5S, which is still limping along but it's better than spending hundreds of dollars a month on data.  Any thoughts about why a brand new phone gets shittier wi-fi coverage than my 5-year-old phone?&lt;br&gt;
  420. &lt;br&gt;
  421. Any thoughts?  I am terrified at the thought of spending THIS MUCH on data every month.  Herr Duck's Galaxy 5 is also on its last legs and he was considering a Pixel 3a as well, but is holding off until we figure out what the problem is.&lt;div class="feedflare"&gt;
  422. &lt;a href=""&gt;&lt;img src="" border="0"&gt;&lt;/img&gt;&lt;/a&gt;
  423. &lt;/div&gt;</description>
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